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USB Light

Do you have difficulty seeing the keyboard properly while sitting at the computer in the dark? Then you need a light with an adjustable arm that plugs into your USB port!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

in the twilight...

written by Eku, 16/09/13

Good, but time will limp arm, probably a coincidence, but functional case, however. I can recommend it to others.


written by Bitte, 07/01/14

This lamp will in any case be used much at home with us. Has long lacked lighting for my pc.

USB lamp

written by Ole Briand Petersen, 08/12/14

I think light is almost useless. It gives SO little light on the keyboard, it almost does not make sense

practical and small with good light

written by YC, 29/08/15

Lights fine down at the keyboard, but it would be great with a switch on it so you can turn it off without the usb connector to pull it out

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