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Underwater Light Show

Place the battery-powered, waterproof disco ball in your bath or living room and it sends its disco rays in all directions, transforming the bottom of the bathtub or living room walls and ceiling into an Ibiza nightclub.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Very funny

written by Lily, 23/09/13

I found this product was pretty good actually. Some dubious at first, since it had to be put together and the weight that keeps it right side up, not stuck in any way, but it went very smoothly. Put o... Read more

Super light show

written by Rozana , 21/10/13

Heisan it's boring to say but I lasted not happy with that, too hard to open it and of course not easy to shut recovered when I lose 2 of dei lasted fully in lakes ... But I'm very happy with ... Read more

Fantastic service!

written by Daacwe, 25/11/13

Very impressed with your awesome service !!! Will definitely buy from you again, with pleasure! It's not often you get to experience that little extra that you gave us!

Super light show

written by Robban, 23/12/13

Worked for about 2 minutes, a real junk product. The weight that comes with makes no difference. Floated around and blinked in 2 minutes. clean debris

Super Light Show

written by Marie, 24/06/14

Funny lamp to the pool with different choices of flashing light, ranging from the pulsating disco to peaceful steady. Easy to use and meets the needs of children. Fast and good delivery!

Had they worked, they had been cool

written by idnmer, 16/08/14

Dipped the water again, next time I took in use did not. Should they used a beach party I organized, how it got 250 people. It was disappointing.

Fun for kids

written by ove, 04/09/14

This was a product boys (4 and 6 years) enjoyed themselves with. Bought 2 pieces, but unfortunately lak one and was destroyed after first use. An e-mail to customer service and they sent a new one. Aw... Read more


written by molle, 30/10/14

Called in for 10 minutes, then died. Can not get to shine again. Kass. Worst toy I ever bought. !!!!!

The kids loved it but ..

written by Tez, 09/12/14

The kids loved this crazy light bath. However, leaked into the water where they will not work out and it ended after 2 times. But you wonderful service gives us a new one soon and hope they were just ... Read more

yes, disco in the bathtub

written by snusdosa, 05/01/15

Yes, for a 10-year-old so of course this is not the world's best överrasking, hard to pour a bath there in the middle of Christmas Eve to show how it looks. So pretty rating I guess I can not give... Read more

Very popular with the kids

written by Ola, 05/01/15

It has fallen / been thrown to the floor and very negligently treated the kids in the bath and keep and do their job anyway. A real workhorse that works in all situations. It shall always be with when... Read more

Bath Disco

written by Happy , 13/01/15

Hey! Like "Super light show". Bought two to give away. But now my already broken unfortunately. The green light does not work anymore. Otherwise it had received a higher grade. But the loose... Read more

Discobad's best swimming

written by Madde, 26/01/15

Fine and fun gift that I gave to several of my friends! The only problem is the small weight that sits at the bottom that seem to want to fall off all the time. Do however Limm solves the steak.

Pool ball of light

written by Harri, 09/09/15

Order and delivery was handled very well, a ten footing. The product, however did not respond within the quality odotusta.Pallon reached as soon as the first in the bath water. It oxidizes and electro... Read more

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