V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes Mask

Show your true colours with a Guy Fawkes mask, also known as the mask from the film V for Vendetta.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?


written by Truls, 16/05/13

This mask is very thin plastic, not hard like I've seen before but compared to the price it has most certainly is pretty good. It is a fixture at the top of the mask which is not so good but it&#3... Read more

poor quality

written by Andy, 19/05/13

I've seen similar masks and therefore assumed that the mask was in the same grade, but instead I was somewhat disappointed when I pack something thin plastic crap out who can not have cost much mo... Read more

local contraption

written by Apila, 24/05/13

The mask was not just like in the film Hugo Weaving was away, but pursue his case, and is definitely amongst the best of what the Internet (easy and cheap) to find. Mask large size surprised me, but i... Read more

Guy fawkes mask

written by Ola Frihet, 05/07/13

The mask is a simple thin, flexible plastic mask. On top is a small extension for the mask to be able to be hung on hooks. This look ridiculous and should only be cut / cut off before use - otherwise ... Read more

Not as expected

written by Simon Burkarl, 31/08/13

V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask was not as I expected. The mask is of very poor quality and so is velkroen on the tape nor durable. Where the tape is stuck on the sides, it is very vague and sits reall... Read more


written by kaaleppi, 26/10/13

I bought a Guy Fawkes mask in the hope that the price of € 15.90 should be sustainable and of good quality hard plastic products. I was wrong. The mask is so thin that only one of the harder to break ... Read more


written by Sanna Olofsson, 31/10/13

Cool and scary. The look exactly as I expected. However, the holes for the eyes very small and I have long eyelashes become jättebesvärad to lashes takes in all the time. Have done a strengthening its... Read more


written by Maskemannen, 04/12/13

I think the mask was ok for the price. Should like to wish the eyelets were larger / wider. His eyes were a little trapped. It would also have been better knit, a thicker and tighter knit. Finally, I ... Read more


written by dr Toby Talker, 02/01/14

Just cut the little plastic thing that hanger, then works out the sublime. Very cheap too. recommends.


written by J. Rasmussen, 08/03/14

My son loves the mask. Got good treatment by the deal. I can only recommend shopping with Cool Stuff.

Jubii where he decorate;)

written by Anne, 03/06/14

I'm glad my purchase ... to him who seems to elastic is too short, install a new one;) to him as annoyed over suspension, cut it off;) Have a super day


written by Antti, 25/06/14

Good quality mask, sitting on the very end of the show, and also good! It took up to rough treatment, forcing use of midsummer; D

stylish but the fit was so-so

written by Freddan, 07/10/14

His cheeks were like unfolded, as if the mask is flattened, I solved it by gently pouring the hot water that I boiled and shaping them. Be careful, however, the plastic melts easily!

Bold and reliable trading

written by Mikkel, 01/12/14

Super experience. Always reliable and safe service. Nothing to complain about. Like all the other times we have acted at the cool stuff is the goods sent and acted like agreement. We are very satisfie... Read more


written by Dessau, 16/02/15

It would have been nice if there had been it was an adult mask! Otherwise fine and fast delivery


written by Dessau, 18/02/15

It would have been nice if there had been it was an adult mask! Otherwise fine and fast delivery

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