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Vagaborn Cash Capsule

Smart water-tight container made of reinforced aluminium that you attach to your key ring. Fold up a banknote, place it into the capsule, close the lid and attach it to your key ring. This way, you always have some extra cash when you need it!

Vagaborn Cash Capsule - Vagaborn Cash Capsule
Vagaborn Cash Capsule
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What is this?

Small and fine

written by Lorina, 03/05/17

It certainly reminds to the address capsules used in dogs. Similarly, the bill capsule works. My children are thrilled. Especially when cycling.

Just for fun

written by Anne B.W., 06/07/17

Both goods are good to have at hand, like a little fun tin to spend away for a favor, to the grandchildren electricity. like. It's a little funny attention that does not have a gift status; but an... Read more

Not just for money

written by L, 20/07/17

I use this as a tablet container. That's why I do not need to mess up my bag and pockets after sharp tablet cards. Now I just need to pick up the key, so I have the medicine easily accessible and ... Read more

Vagaborn Banknote Capsule

written by Chris, 11/08/17

I am very satisfied, above all, they have changed the inner life, The first Vagaborn bill capsule where I bought, the inner life is small you get by force just a bill in.

Pretty good

written by Ninni, 03/10/17

I'm happy. I have not been able to test the water resistance, but I'm not comfortable. The note can be folded.


written by Dexter, 09/11/17

Works well and it is useful and have. It's nice to have when you're out and do not want to bring a purse, bag or wallet. An additional star for it to be attached to a keychain.

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