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Vagaborn Luggage Scale

Small flexible scale that weighs your luggage. Perfect to keep in your bag when you travel!

Vagaborn Luggage Scale - Vagaborn Luggage Scale
Vagaborn Luggage Scale
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33 reviews

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What is this?

Cheap and good

written by Ann Jeppesen, 20/06/13

I bought a luggage weight in Cool Stuff, the 100% corresponds to the description and works as it should. It has so many weight-opportunities and weigh down to 10g range. I am very satisfied.


written by Camilla, 21/06/13

Baggage weight weighs accurately and correctly, so very happy. Can not give the top score, for it seems it is a little bit cumbersome. And wish it rather was a hook, etc to hang luggage in, instead of... Read more

Useful for travelers

written by Bml, 24/06/13

Small and handy luggage scale that can be used before it will go away. In addition, it weighs as little as you can take it on the trip which is very good, they tend to have heavier bags on your return... Read more


written by Tone D, 06/07/13

Incredibly handy to have on the tour! Was well used before and during departure. This will be a permanent fixture in your hand luggage hereafter!

Luggage Weight

written by =o), 31/07/13

Good weight but wobbly handles. ............................... ................... .................

Best luggage wave

written by punkis, 03/12/13

Complements to this cruel luggage scale with a rope to be weighed any bag by hanging up the road toward a door. Always works. Does very well against airport. Is always on trips where I always maxes ba... Read more

5 character.

written by B.., 10/12/13

Small and practical. And very easy to operate. Seems like it should and easy to take along on vacation. More can certainly not be said for it.

Good for travel

written by Emma, 23/12/13

Bought this for my grandparents when they travel a lot, and they thought that the gift as very smart and convenient to bring along.

Good gift for father who travels a lot

written by Danekris, 27/12/13

Great gift idea for the father who travels a lot and goes up in price on extra baggage. Is incidentally also a great party trick to see who can draw the most kilos (it was me of course!) Beware, the w... Read more

Practical Household Utensil

written by Rainer Selbstschutz, 02/06/14

Am happy with the balance, you can use again and again. Good also that you go up to 40kg.

Cheap and good!

written by Stian, 05/08/14

This is the second baggage weight of this typa I've had, the first I have lost a seat. The choice was certainly easy when I needed one, this works great for a ridiculously cheap price :)

Portable Electronic Scale

written by Alle, 14/09/14

A very easy to use, easy to understand and practical way. Lightweight and that the pack. Feels good every time we are going to travel. Then we bought it, we have not had any unnecessary and expensive ... Read more

How good anywhere

written by Alex, 14/10/14

Small, flexible and works perfectly. Perfect for traveling or at home, before heading off to the airport.

Great product!

written by Alex, 28/10/14

Handy product that does not take up too much space or weigh too much in your suitcase. Perfect to bring order to avoid wasting money on to weigh the bag at the airport. Shows the weight perfectly. Eas... Read more

it just works

written by Helena, 15/12/14

Easy little cousin who gladly weigh your suitcase, kålhovder or whatever you even want to know the weight on. Super smart with strap to hook on div. Handles - good quality

Happy dad!

written by Mariana, 30/12/14

Bought this for my stepdad and he was mighty pleased. Batteries are included which is a plus! Will order from this page again. Super good!

Good and flexible itinerary

written by Marc, 16/02/15

High-quality, easy to use. fast delivery, it took one day to get it in the mailbox = SATISFIED PLEASE Coolstuff

Luggage Scale

written by Edmund, 14/04/15

Small, light, solid and practical way. I chose this model because it does not have a metal hook to hang the bag in. What does a zealous security officer about to take with a metal hook into the cabin?... Read more

Good luggage - poor to hay

written by Karin, 30/05/15

As luggage scale is probably the top, easy to weigh it and clear display. Not good as Hovag However, as I have it. There is better with analog because this digital locks at the final weight. Good when... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by lelle.printer, 02/08/15

Luggage Libra was absolutely perfect when I and my wife was out and flew low. We distributed the weight, so she did not have to pay for being overweight.

Not even open!

written by Tarne, 03/12/15

BUT, on the basis of the package appears valid, not a toy .. A fun gift idea for travelers. Supplied in a compact package.

Luggage scale

written by Mickeyjule, 17/12/15

Everything worked great ... order, delivery, weighing ... and then even the right weight. One aspect that everyone should have, of traveling and like to 'wraps' :-). I'm very satisfied.

A good tool

written by R, 01/01/16

Libra is easy to use. Leaving on a journey does not have to allot how much the bag weighs and whether your hand baggage. On the way back to check that it is not easy to become too much shoppailtua no ... Read more

Super fast and true

written by Bagagevægt, 01/02/16

I ordered as already mentioned a luggage weight, it was easy to pay, fast delivery and reliable. We look forward to using it here on February 19, we have however tested it and it works perfectly. :) I... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Tuula, 18/04/16

Luggage Libra works great and seems to be correct! It was simple to use and quickly delivered right up to the residence.

Good thing to have with them on travel

written by GRCH, 06/05/16

Luggage weight meets a great need we have had for long. At home we have struggled with a bathroom scale, abroad we had to run the risk of luggage was too heavy, which often has led us to drop some sho... Read more

Lives up to expectations

written by Poul E., 10/05/16

Purchase of digital suitcase weight. Did the product online and description fully lived up to my expectations: takes up very little, easy to handle and precise.

Fully functional

written by RaSten, 07/07/16

What weigh your hand luggage? You know after using this. It is one thing that I missed a long time, and more reliable than the spring balance we had in my childhood.


written by RdM, 24/10/16

This I have really been missing. Now I need not worry about the bag weighs too much. I can weigh and distribute the correct weight of the bags. Avoid paying overweight.

Incorrect maximum weight in the description

written by Andreas, 09/05/17

The weight goes to 40 kg, not 44 kg as it is stated in the description. Noticed after I packed up. Unfortunately, I'll have the wave of something weighing about 40 kilos. That's why I ordered ... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Linda , 16/06/17

This luggage was easy to use and showed exactly the right weight. Can really recommend it.


written by Josefin, 11/11/17

Good and outrageous. Good to change to grams from kg. Easy to take on the trip. The maker who got it is very satisfied.


written by Cecilia, 13/11/17

Perfectly smooth and very simple. Weigh home and then pack it down and bring it with you when you travel

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