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Vipukirves Leveraxe

An ingenious patented axe of Finnish design. Makes use of the laws of physics to shape logs right from the very first chop - and much safer to use than conventional axes. It doesn't get much sharper than this!

Vipukirves Leveraxe - Vipukirves Leveraxe
Vipukirves Leveraxe
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good Splitting

written by Antti Lappalainen, 30/03/15

trees fission Vipukirves in my opinion, is better than the traditional halkaisukirveet, or a wedge. I think Vipukirves is also more ergonomic than a traditional ax.

genial ax

written by Anne, 25/01/16

It works just as well as you see it in videos on it. It's just a very brilliant ax. Very easy to use. Remember to find an old tire that still burn the piece in, then it goes like a breeze. I can h... Read more

Different than expected

written by Hacker, 12/03/17

After I admired in various videos on the net playfully easy way how to chop thick stems in zero-Come-Nix into kindling with this ax, I ordered the Leveraxe here. What surprised me the price which low ... Read more

Brekkstangøks Vipukirves

written by ReidarK, 31/03/17

Ax Ahar revolutionized woodcutting. Totally awesome. Uses less effort and cleaves more at the same time. Seems as though the quality of the ax also is very good.


written by JScha, 13/04/18

Hi, I'm excited .... is great in the hand and does as in the many videos their service ... It takes a bit until you have the hang of it, but then ... Runs like sliced ​​bread ... Lg

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