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Volkswagen Camping Tent

The guaranteed festival or campsite's fun tent! Officially licensed by Volkswagen in real VW van size. Space for four adults.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

VW tent

written by Anette, 12/05/13

Fight Tough tent :) Great and romsligt and nothing Hokkus pokkus to set up :) very happy :)

World coolest tent

written by June, 27/05/13

I Digga this tent when I saw it here on And after receiving it, set it up and used it, I'm crazy it even more!

Super tent!

written by Tone, 15/07/14

Tried this past weekend. Is super happy! Excellent space, easily and set up just to get into the drawing. Definitely worth the money!

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