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Vooni® 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Seven ports, seven switches - one USB hub. For those who want to sharpen their USB use to the max. Transfer using USB 3.0 (computer-ese for "amazingly fast").

Vooni® 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub - Vooni 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (EU Plug)
Vooni 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (EU Plug)
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19 reviews

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What is this?

Did not work

written by RB, 13/04/15

Plugged it in and it was picked up, but did not operate. Tried to find a driver yourself, but found none

Worth crowns!

written by Frederic, 13/04/15

Ever after, and indeed, expectation. Handier size than the pictures suggest and easy to hide away, or paste (stick), for example the back of the desktop monitor.

Top Product!

written by Sarah, 19/05/15

Easy to use, convenient and practical! Allows to have multiple things plugged in at the same time and you do not change all the time!

fun little USB 7 Ports

written by adam kr, 01/06/15

7 USB ports it works great good and everything went just fine. will buy a lot of things to come.

Works properly

written by Kai, 04/03/16

This seems to funke properly. Do not quite understand why there is an on / off switch for each USB input but but

Pass hub!

written by Mcdouglas, 01/04/16

A perfect hub, with 7 "controllable" in-outputs. Good price, but a bit plasticky ... Before all the gadgets are so new that the USB 3.0 version will be fully utilized, can I just give marks ... Read more

No problem

written by HL, 04/04/16

Worked quickly and easily. Paid in advance and picked up at our local post office for SMS notifications.

Vooni USB Hub 7 Ports

written by Ove, 06/04/16

Very good product fast-user-could not think of anything negative to say undtagen price to ache a bit high.

Hub USB3

written by Lasse S, 11/04/16

Fast delivery and good treatment of Coolstuff. The product I bought was more than helpful and fulfilled all my wishes. Is strongly recommended.

Vooni when the ports are not enough!

written by flax, 15/04/16

Vooni USB hub is what you need when USB ports are not enough. Recommended warmly. It is one of the most essential gadgets for a geek like me.


written by Ørnulf, 17/06/16

Good if you need USB port with switch. Have only used it for hard drives, not charging merger. OK on hard drives without power. Works properly. Some hard switches. Can anfefales.

Fairly good

written by Therese, 20/09/16

Great with many USB socket but less good that it needs both a power cord and a USB cable to the computer, then the reason I bought it was to get rid of cords.

Vooni USB Hub 7 Ports

written by ööö, 10/10/16

works as expected ............................................... .................................................. .................................................. ................................... Read more

Consumer Electronics

written by Lennart, 24/10/16

The product meets my expectations and I use it daily. However, I think I'll decide how much to write. It is not the quantity that determines the quality

My computer refuse to start when this USB hub is plugged ...

written by Peter, 25/11/16

My computer refuse to start when this USB hub is plugged in and so gave my wireless headset noise from during the time it was plugged into this USB Hub! Do not dare use it more when it feels insecure ... Read more

Short lifespan

written by Martin J, 11/02/17

I really looked forward to using this Vooni 7-port USB hub, since I have been looking for such a long time. The work also in the beginning, but after a month or so, so it does not run anymore. Is real... Read more

Vooni USB hub 7 ports

written by Nils Haugen, 16/10/17

Hi, I would like to tell you about my purchase of this excellent USB hub. I work a lot with photo and have three external backup hard disks. With the Vooni 7 port USB hub, I let go and plug in and out... Read more

Decorated after just a few weeks.

written by berenstain, 02/01/18

The quality seems to be nothing further. It only took a month before the first USB socket died. Or it's not the socket that actually dies, but the on / off button that seems to be nailed to it so ... Read more

Good Hub

written by Peter, 15/01/18

This hub works very well. The switch for each port is perfect. Attach double-sided tape to the table

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