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Vooni® CityRocker

Living room, barbecue evening, picnic. The Vooni CityRocker mobile loudspeaker is at home anywhere and delivers crystal clear sound wherever you are.

Vooni® CityRocker - Black (EU Plug)
Black (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Vooni® CityRocker - White (EU Plug)
White (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Vooni® CityRocker - Black Cable (UK Plug)
Black Cable (UK Plug)
6 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Vooni® CityRocker - Extra Battery
Extra Battery
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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39 reviews

39 reviews in other languages

What is this?


written by Prylis, 04/06/15

Very good sound. D one would huh that's worse is that the controls are weak .. otherwise worthy of all Swedish crowns

loud enough

written by Gwaiman, 08/06/15

Okay pleased with this. Weighs a little, but I imagine that it is the battery that weighs, for this just lasts and lasts. plastic buttons etc .. but happy with the sound and volume, holds plenty for t... Read more


written by Hanzie, 09/06/15

This product fulfills many desires. Easy to operate, easy to carry and easy to pair up. This is a must if you want to take your music anywhere and with good punch. IN

Perfect for your barbecue

written by ivar, 17/06/15

This can be recommended strongly, was very surprised how good sound it had and battery capacity. It appears to be reasonably robust with the exception of buttons that possibly should have been protect... Read more


written by Hunk, 17/06/15

works perfectly well !!!! One of the most useless to have. Simply a cool box with good sound and what you need on the porch, beach or anywhere.


written by Peter Larsson, 24/06/15

The product is good and easy to take with them, sound is good, the bass could be every bit better but otherwise I am pleased and can highly recommend it.

exciting BUT

written by Bjørn Melleby, 07/07/15

Hello Has barely adopted the ordered "VOONI City Rocker" - unfortunately the quality is not particularly good. Crackling speaker when connecting external audio source or microfon. Volume / t... Read more

Vooni City Rocker

written by amcar , 13/07/15

The sound was very good and plays LOUD, so this can be recommended! Very fast delivery from I ordered until it was delivered.

Pretty good

written by Kebab, 17/07/15

It sounds pretty good. Sound quality is crisp and clear with good bass, certain to set it up slightly. It is lightweight and use. It is simple and trundle also with handle. The battery is fully charge... Read more


written by Bård, 04/08/15

Excellent sound, long battery life. nice appearance. Simple connectivity. Very satisfied so far, hope it continues

Very satisfied :-)

written by Dorota Nielsen, 03/09/15

We ordered Vooni City Rocker for our son's birthday. The product came the very next day after the order :-) So now we hear music throughout the house and the sound is really good. Our boy is very ... Read more

Vooni City Rocker

written by Björ, 08/09/15

Awesome good sound and great design, great range of the Bluetooth connection. Some plastiga and fragile slider but otherwise email me thrilled.


written by Camilla, 13/10/15

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and hen thought it had really good sound. We had one like that before we bought the Coolstuff and the man got an associated microphone. We thought it wa... Read more

The king of sound!

written by Sebastian, 24/12/15

Insanely good sound! Recommended hot! It fills the entire home, the party, with rich bass and crystal clear sound. There simply is not a better Bluetooth-compatible speaker on the market!

Drop this ...

written by Sigge, 30/12/15

if you appreciate music. Not the worst I've heard, but not far away. Playing loud but with plastikklyd. Certainly ok for teenager whose party. But what one can expect for over an tusing ...?

Vooni City Rocker

written by Elvis, 05/01/16

Well-working and clean sound. Bluethootilla also works well, and the battery lasts a long time. Easy to move the wheels below.

Super happy

written by DP, 27/01/16

It is a good product that I can take with me when I'm on the scout trip or out and act together with my scout.

Great part!

written by GBruno, 22/02/16

Works very well. Can thus connect everything: turntables, CD players, iPad, Smartphone and microphones.

Value for money

written by JS, 22/02/16

Fine product ... was unfortunately delivered farther from my home than was necessary, but a good buying experience anyway, and it's not the last time I act in Cool Stuff vh Jesper

Fat design, but Bluetooth ailing

written by Lena, 31/03/16

Our daughter was super happy when she got this speaker as a birthday present. But the disappointment was great when we note that Bluetooth ailing. It is sent back. So now we are waiting to get it back... Read more

The confirmation rescued ;-))

written by Sanggaard, 02/05/16

At the last minute we found out that the place where Confirmation was to be held was without playback options for modern equipment Ipad mm Cool Stuff, had an offer on a formidable speaker on wheels th... Read more

Vooni City Rocker

written by Rebecca, 03/05/16

Super satisfied with the purchase of the speaker! Good sound, both at low and really high volume. The right size and weight of some, but it is easy to handle so you can take with them to listen. Small... Read more

Vooni City Rocker

written by Rebecca, 03/05/16

Super satisfied with the purchase of the speaker! Good sound, both at low and really high volume. The right size and weight of some, but it is easy to handle so you can take with them to listen. Small... Read more

broken scrap

written by E.Hawkins, 10/05/16

The unit arrived and you could hear already that rumbled inside something. When left behind came out that the absolutely puny fixed rear wall of the battery-chamber had dissolved and the battery was f... Read more

COOL - and very practical

written by Franz Schubert, 12/05/16

become aware through a newspaper article in Austria - ordered - and the best advice! The fact that Austria is not supplied DIRECT, should indeed change yet - but Did not want to wait that long ;-) &qu... Read more


written by Johan, 26/05/16

is definitely worth the money, I think, works both at the pole and when I pysslar in the garden. Have not had it as long as I know nothing about sustainability than

Silent with loose parts (something that has come loose inside)

written by Musikdiggare, 12/07/16

Very disappointed in this product !! It is something that has come off the SCRATCHED when moving it, and it will not sound out of it even though it is connected to Bluetooth. Not fun for 1600: - plus ... Read more

Huge sound

written by Mathias, 25/07/16

Is very pleased with Cityrockern. Better than the other options I tested. 100 watt speaker makes a difference. Nice sound o cruel base. Put on "Dark River" with Ingrosso if you want to test ... Read more

Did not work..

written by Connie, 18/08/16

After receiving two deliveries of "cityrockern" that did not work I declined a third. Same error on both devices. However, very good support and no funny business with the returns and delive... Read more

Vooni City Rocker

written by HBH, 05/09/16

Vooni City Rocker is a robust speaker system, which meets most requirements for good and melodious sound, with very good bass tone and fine treble and midrange! One can connect their smartphone, table... Read more

Wiring for 220V missing. You can use a network cable to a ALMI

written by Ole, Kbh. Gaver til Anton 9 år., 27/03/17

Ok speaker. Wiring for 220V missing. However, you can use a network cable to a desktop PC. Buttons seems a little fragile. It does not have an output volume as a real studio speakers, but ok sound and... Read more

Slow pie, by the way good!

written by Andreas, 04/05/17

The cord was broken, broken broken, but otherwise a nice player who lives up to the price. Mvh Andreas

Vonni City Rocker

written by Karsten Høgh, 15/06/17

Nice service. We ordered it in the morning and in the morning we could pick up the package so it was nice service

Great for the price

written by Michael , 10/04/18

You can probably buy something expensive that's better. But for the money, it's really good. It plays really high and is bought in to play for a party. The test in the local party must be kept... Read more

Super fed gadget this summer

written by Lucca, 07/05/18

Only minus was lack of strength at the bass. But otherwise good quality, delicious sound, and very handy. It would be good to use a more 'fixed' pocket for Ex phones but that's a minor thi... Read more

Bad buttons and controls

written by Tobbe, 07/05/18

Bad sound and bad buttons, untouched handle. Scratches very much in the sound. Bad bass. Hybrid battery life

Really good! Better than expected.

written by Fakiren Khan , 12/07/18

The noise is SO much better than I had imagined. Playing for several blocks is no problem. The sound is furthermore surprisingly clear. The battery life seems good and the Bluetooth range is approxima... Read more

Vooni® CityRocker

written by HB, 17/09/18

Hi, I have not resolved to give character but the product did not work and was sent back in original packaging.

Good quality, after the price

written by yaya, 06/10/18

The speaker is very good, has a good bass, etc. However, it laughs at AUX jacks, but the bluetooth works perfectly. Of course you can get better speakers, but at a much higher price. This is great aft... Read more

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