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Vooni® Video Grabber

Easiest way to save video treasures in the attic! Digitises your video tapes straight onto a memory card. You don't even need a computer.

Vooni® Video Grabber - Vooni Video Grabber 2.0 (EU Plug)
Vooni Video Grabber 2.0 (EU Plug)
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

Vooni® Video Grabber - Kingston 32GB microSDHC Class 10
Kingston 32GB microSDHC Class 10
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Vooni® Video Grabber - Transcend Micro SDHC Class 10 U1 32GB
Transcend Micro SDHC Class 10 U1 32GB
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Vooni® Video Grabber - LEXAR 32GB 300X SDMHC W/ ADP CL 10
1 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Vooni® Video Grabber - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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49 reviews

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Good but could have been better

written by Benny, 28/12/14

Handy, easily and then avoid a lot of book of record on your computer, just plug RCA cable in Vooni Video Grabber and press the rec. In this way, this product is good but has its faults, the one I wou... Read more


written by Torill, 02/01/15

Finally I get digitized our footage from the old camcorder! Vooni Video Grabber is easy to use, and the recordings will be good :) Transfer to PC is also very easy. It takes time, but this may be fine... Read more

Vooni Video Grabber

written by juan, 05/01/15

Video Grabber fiungerer excellent to convert old analog videotapes to digital format on a memory chip. The assumption is that you have access to the "old" avspiller- equipment for these cass... Read more

Clearly worth buying for those who want to save their video collection

written by Christian L, 06/01/15

Does exactly what it promises. Have played by some old tapes and it works superbly. The picture was good, and the sound was much better and clearer than I had anticipated, the framerate was also stabl... Read more

Worked surprisingly well

written by MissSophie, 06/01/15

I was a bit skeptical when I ordered "video grabber" since it did not have any reviews yet, but took a chance. Have had some bad experiences with other solutions. When we received it seemed ... Read more


written by Helgi, 08/01/15

Have not seen anything like it. this I have been waiting for for 25 years. Now all my vhs. movies on a hard drive. thanks for a great service Helgi

Over all expectations ...

written by JWX, 12/01/15

After two weeks of use viser it that 'Vooni Video Grabber' is excellent for transferring old VHS and Video8 analog cassettes. Can not but be 100% satisfied. Worth every penny ...

Very friendly and good result

written by Trond, 23/01/15

When I booked this there was little to find on web of reviewing, but I took a chance. That I regret not! This is a very user-friendly case, and picture / sound is better than what I expected of such a... Read more

Video Grabber.

written by Flintstone54, 27/01/15

This was a fine product to help to transfer old VHS movies etc. Lousy manual and it does not work on all VHS players. When I first got it started was the very good. Sent mail to support before I got i... Read more

Easy, mobile video digitizer

written by Arska, 03/02/15

Massive compact camera size (just the traditional C-cassette walkman smaller) videodigitoija converting old analog video video files. Good picture quality VGA resolution which is quite adequate pictur... Read more


written by Kjell, 06/02/15

Finally it seems that, after having exchanged 3 pieces. It was most sansyelig nothing wrong in the first 2, everybody seemed the video camera but not on vhs player, and it was not so strange when I fi... Read more

Happy but

written by Henry L., 16/02/15

There were a few notches projections, and digital "distortion" in the film. It's not fast, but some fits and starts it happens. Perhaps to be expected, but it is not like that of the sou... Read more

Simple and easy devices that provide great results.

written by Åge Jensen, 16/02/15

Direct from the camcorder everything seemed sublime and simple, but however I struggled to get up both audio and video from my Grundig video recorder. When I got bought me a new scart socket on Clas O... Read more

Vooni Video Grabber

written by Geir Westheim, 19/02/15

Got first a product that was possible to turn on. Reporting this and got stamped packing slip sent to return the item. After about 1 week the new item received. Works like crazy. Only fault is that th... Read more


written by Hugo, 26/02/15

Having long been looking for a product to help me with my tapes from the "old days", I came across Vooni`n completely random. Booking went smoothly after I had seen the demo. The equipment c... Read more

New life

written by Gamla videoband, 05/03/15

Quick response on shipping. Vooni video grabber was incredible smooth, it has saved many hours of video from becoming unusable. The top gadget.


written by svein, 20/03/15

Copying films, but the quality is very poor. In addition, the sound is completely wrong. The film picks while the sound continues at the same pace. After 10 minutes is the picture 20 to 30 seconds for... Read more

Unfortunately, a pure disappointment

written by Henrik, 30/03/15

When I got home product showed that scart socket did not work. I borrowed a VHS video from a good friend where you could use the RFC cables directly, but there was something wrong with the unit so the... Read more

film digitization

written by Rolf , 14/04/15

Works bra.Litt starting difficulties with poor reaction of the keys at the beginning, but eventually it goes completely greit.Min new pc with wind.8.1 could not find the driver so I can not load with ... Read more

Vonnie Video Grabber

written by Per, 11/05/15

We purchased this product as a test, and we were surprising quality. The product is absolutely fine and we use the weather today in the work ..

Vooni Video Grabber

written by Arnus, 20/05/15

Seemed exceptional. Very easy to operate. Simply follow the instructions. Looking forward to seeing the old movies again.

Easy to use

written by Marte, 27/07/15

A good solution to get transferred VHS tapes to computer files. Easy to use. Seeing that it is commented that the sound does not follow the pictures above, this can be solved by adjusting the sound in... Read more

Photo works but the sound hangs about 3 seconds after.

written by Vidar, 28/07/15

Photo works but the sound hangs about 3 seconds after. Besides sharing the file up after about 20 minutes, giving involuntary start / stop on the files. Not happy and have now returned item. Bought a ... Read more

Had I not thought

written by GrandPa Joe, 15/10/15

Hi, I was really surprised that such a small thing actually creates what is in advertising. Cable is plugged, press Start finished. I was initially skeptical that the resolution of 640x480 is edible. ... Read more

Attention in the choice of memory card

written by Eric, 19/10/15

Cunning little part. Finally I can mothball my VCR. However, I have struggled for a while with the device. Had I brought a card 64GB Samsung EVO that was formatted by us to exFAT. The device always on... Read more

Simple and easy to work with

written by Bjarne Jensen, 02/11/15

Really good service with very fast delivery. Have tested it and proper operation as described. It is recommended to read the manual a few times first - there are pitfalls. High praise for the product ... Read more

After initial difficulties all super

written by reiner, 06/11/15

Also have some struggled to get the device up and running. It always came displaying NoCard.Nach tests with multiple formatted SD card I formatted the SD card via USB connection from the PC and behold... Read more

Simple, fast and a successful outcome.

written by Ernst Yndesfal, 14/12/15

Was somewhat skeptical of this Vooni Video Grabber. Connected a AVkabel camcorder and these 3 plugs at the other end to Vooni Video Grabber. I put in a 32 Gb card In Vooni. Drove In gang.Etterpå I con... Read more


written by Kalle, 14/12/15

Ordered home a Vooni Video Grabber, however, was not the one I got home. After contact with the support I send it back and get a new one again. Once you got home a new Vooni began to test it on an old... Read more

Am satisfied

written by Haube, 31/12/15

All in all I am satisfied. Had previously cheap Grabber tried with limited success. Now the dubbing works without problems. Operation is used to, but works very well. The part is to be recommended, ev... Read more

Vooni Video Grabber

written by Janmur, 03/01/16

Hey yes now I have copied / transferred about 23 movies to memory cards and further to external hard drives in from my 2 old video cameras, Sony about 30 years old and my Canon Camera about 8 years ol... Read more


written by Fuwad, 05/01/16

Was skeptical but worked very well now have all the videos on the hard disk and my computer. Recommended product.

Vooni Video Grabber

written by RH, 14/01/16

The device displays after a short duration lack Farbstabilitaet even in preview mode. Here, a penchant for blue cast is very obvious. The device was therefore sent back with a request for conversion i... Read more

Vooni Video Grabber

written by BS, 01/03/16

My booking Vooni Video Grabber was very quickly is executed. Grabber worked perfectly, both converting my old VHS videos and my mini DV video from my Sony Handycam camera. The instructions were, howev... Read more

Poor color reproduction

written by eml, 14/04/16

The videos that were transferred with this got very faded colors. The product is therefore not recommended from my side.


written by kjell, 13/05/16

Good guidance and instruction manual. Something murky and blurry colors occasionally. Good and could see the film during copying. Something bad battery capacity must be recharged frequently. Very sati... Read more

really simple

written by Daniela, 27/08/16

This is the second Voonin I buy, because I happened to step on the first ... Love this thing is so simple that a child can handle it, and the quality will be better than I expected when I first bought... Read more

Trying out the product

written by sol, 06/10/16

I have not tested this properly yet, but does not yet straightforward out ..... Cant s something more detailed about the product before I get tested better.

video Graber

written by Taximanne, 27/01/17

Super fast Liferung. Super True. Easy to use and good quality. All this without a PC. Gladly again.

Good dings, but ...

written by Endre, 16/03/17

Grabber'n worked as it should, after I borrowed a new cable. The cable with Jack in the camcorder was in fact defective!

Smoothly and effortlessly

written by AxxT, 29/03/17

Vooni video grabber is an amazing little easy and great way to convert old video tapes from camcorders and VCRs to a hard disk. Playback file is in AVI format. What we tell you some places that sd mem... Read more

Video converter

written by Atle Stokvik, 12/05/17

Easily. Nice pursuit of gray days. Slightly sync problems with sound but no more than that it can be adjusted on PC if needed. Very easy management and easy file sharing.

OK product, lousy quality of cables

written by GM, 15/05/17

Video Grabber worked well after switching cables, supplied cables were completely miserable, bought new at Claes Ohlsson for kr. 100, and then video grabber worked well. The menus are not quite intuit... Read more

Vooni Videograbber did not work.

written by Jardar, 31/01/18

This did not charge. Had to return it. Quick service response. But it takes too much time to get a new part.

Vooni Video Grabber

written by RM, 06/02/18

Unfortunately, the product had to be returned due to quality defects. The replacement product has not arrived yet.

Vooni Video Grabber seemed ugly

written by Arnt, 08/02/18

Returned the product the day I received it. Made nice sound and did not want to capture video from my player.


written by Annika Hansen, 07/05/18

Hi. I'm not happy with Vooni Video Grabber. It's not okay, so I'll be returning it. Mvh Annika Hansen

Good and do their job.

written by Mats, 10/08/18

Easy to use, easy to get started. However, it would be good if it could convert to any format other than AVI.

Video grabber

written by Robo, 24/08/18

Have not put it in use yet as I wait for memory cards that I have ordered. So I have to try it first how it works

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