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Wacky Pillows

Finally something more fun than white bags of cloth to stop cotton inside - the wacky pillows are here to stay!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Cuddly and cool

written by Cecilia, 13/05/13

Really cuddly pillow, you get a little hungry to eat it. The cat, however, stole the o have it lying area, he seems to thrive well on it :)

Low pressure on the tape

written by Allie, 16/08/13

The pillow was big and soft but the pressure was not good. Bleached and dust with threads in the pressure on both sides. I sent back the tape, very disappointed.

Vaguely pressure - Sushi

written by PAPPA, 05/01/14

Fun idea but pressure could clearly be of better quality. It is both unclear and pale. My partner, who works as a sushi chef, first asked what it represented.

Delicious equal to and eat! <3

written by Rarity, 08/01/14

Super good quality, just what I had expected;) Incredibly realisktik! You become totally ditty ik ?? ;)

Very satisfied

written by Sophia, 02/02/14

I have the cushion ordered as a gift for Christmas. Although the package arrived on time, I have not been able to pick it up at the post office and it was sent back. I then just turned me by mail to t... Read more

funny, but not great

written by Maltin, 23/05/14

The cushion is funny and cute. However, it is not cheap for the size and quality.

Not good

written by Buhl , 04/12/14

Was sku 't quite happy for thought they were in a different form so do a little disappointed, but never mind once in a while, it seems that sku have been some more pictures of them from forskællig... Read more

dog Pillow

written by Kersti, 04/12/14

I am very pleased with the speed of delivery you give. Moreover, I am happy with the product I ordered. The fulfill expectation. Please Kersti

A little flat

written by Ka, 26/12/14

The cushion heritage little flat in it - thought it was larger - but the recipient was enormously pleased, and it is really nice printed, and acts as fine enough quality

For kuddling?

written by cybill, 26/12/14

pillow is nice and big but not very cozy. as it was but intended for a nostalgia-lovers, it is absolutely okay. the delivery was carried out in practical vakumverpackung.

not particularly wertig

written by conny, 19/01/15

have feverishly awaiting the pillow with great anticipation and was disappointed with the delivery: The pad is quite small and only suitable for use - after just one week, the cushion filling clenches... Read more

crazy pillows

written by ICH, 03/02/15

Am fully satisfied with everything. full conformity to my ideas the cushions. Orders definitely be back with you.

Great Item, Great Deal!

written by Nickel, 19/08/15

Great pillows, good dealers and fast shipping, top all - highly recommended! more I do not :)

Great Item, Great Deal!

written by Nickel, 20/08/15

Great pillows, good dealers and fast shipping, top all - highly recommended! more I do not :)

Wrinkled and skinny poodle

written by Päivi, 18/12/15

Poodle Pillow is indeed sweet, but I could not introduce it without makeovers. Toppings were a bit miserable, and quite wrinkled fabric. Had to solve one corner of the open, remove all the stuffing, i... Read more

Bad, bad, bad dog

written by Stephen Nicholas, 22/12/15

Was very disapointed with this product so. It has no picture on the back, so is not a whole died. It comes vacume packed, so flat When It Comes, yet waiting for it to inflait and Become a cushion neve... Read more

Delightful design pillow

written by Kjerstin Kjeverud, 27/04/16

This delightful TV pillow was herlih; design that back in the 80s 90s and perfect to have the sofa, where one has a flat!

Funny "spare" TV!

written by Sabine K., 25/09/16

The pillow is great. I have given it away and that was very happy, he now has a "TV". It can be seen immediately, is intended to represent the items a TV. I would always buy again, even for ... Read more

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