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Waspinator Wasp Deterrent

Don’t kill wasps in a wasp trap, deter them instead. Waspinator Wasp Deterrent looks like a wasp nest and uses the territorial behaviour of wasps to keep them at bay. No poison, no mess, no killing.

Waspinator Wasp Deterrent - Waspinator Wasp Deterrent
Waspinator Wasp Deterrent
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What is this?

Actually works!

written by Angelica, 14/06/16

Be very skeptical of this, but have tried to hang it up on the patio where we have problems with wasps. Noticing after only a few weeks when they come near to the father away again ill quickly and do ... Read more

Other I bought ...

written by L, 17/06/16

Does a bell, chasing away the wasps so we can finally be alone :) This is the second I bought when I also bought one for a friend suffering from an extreme phobia wasp ^^

Possibly lion scare

written by Danne, 05/08/16

It will not work even close. Only yesterday, three wasps visiting and landed on it ... But we may not have territorial wasps here I have not seen any lions.


written by Vinnie, 08/09/16

Waspinator The function Remember to buy balloons for Waspinator But I have now just spent a football out in the garden

Very very disappointed

written by Marie, 15/09/16

I bought the product with a hope that I would get rid of the evil animals who are always trying to kill me, but after a few days, they found that vepseskremselet was not so creepy after all. Now they ... Read more


written by Getingfobi, 01/05/17

Has given away to the daughter and friend. Both have wasp phobia, but is now able to sit outside and eat !!!!

Bigger than I thought

written by Carina, 16/05/17

Got these yesterday and fought over how big they were. Much bigger than the getpower we got help to remove from Anticimex. For a few years we have been bothered by goats who live in our house but this... Read more

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