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Waspinator Wasp Deterrent

Don’t kill wasps in a wasp trap, deter them instead. Waspinator Wasp Deterrent looks like a wasp nest and uses the territorial behaviour of wasps to keep them at bay. No poison, no mess, no killing.

Waspinator Wasp Deterrent - Waspinator Wasp Deterrent
Waspinator Wasp Deterrent
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20 reviews

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What is this?

Actually works!

written by Angelica, 14/06/16

Be very skeptical of this, but have tried to hang it up on the patio where we have problems with wasps. Noticing after only a few weeks when they come near to the father away again ill quickly and do ... Read more

Other I bought ...

written by L, 17/06/16

Does a bell, chasing away the wasps so we can finally be alone :) This is the second I bought when I also bought one for a friend suffering from an extreme phobia wasp ^^

Possibly lion scare

written by Danne, 05/08/16

It will not work even close. Only yesterday, three wasps visiting and landed on it ... But we may not have territorial wasps here I have not seen any lions.


written by Vinnie, 08/09/16

Waspinator The function Remember to buy balloons for Waspinator But I have now just spent a football out in the garden

Very very disappointed

written by Marie, 15/09/16

I bought the product with a hope that I would get rid of the evil animals who are always trying to kill me, but after a few days, they found that vepseskremselet was not so creepy after all. Now they ... Read more


written by Getingfobi, 01/05/17

Has given away to the daughter and friend. Both have wasp phobia, but is now able to sit outside and eat !!!!

Bigger than I thought

written by Carina, 16/05/17

Got these yesterday and fought over how big they were. Much bigger than the getpower we got help to remove from Anticimex. For a few years we have been bothered by goats who live in our house but this... Read more

Wasp Phobia

written by M NY, 16/06/17

Prove everything to get goats around my house, now I live in northern northern Norway so do not know than how it will work. I hope they will work as promised.

Well, do not know if it works.

written by Bernd, 14/07/17

good idea but quite big and ugly, almost like a football. Does not look like any getingbo I've seen here. If the getings care, I do not know yet, I have none this year. For that price, they would ... Read more

Fast delivery and good effect

written by Vera O, 26/07/17

We see fewer getings at our house now. We put in some plastic bags instead of a balloon that works just as well!

Do not recommend this.

written by Joel, 23/05/18

I bought 3 and gave away one, have had my two set o about a month now and unfortunately i have to say that it does not work. There have been built new goatbone with about 1-2 meters distance from the ... Read more

Unnecessary purchase!

written by Erika, 28/05/18

It was too expensive. Looks just like a camouflage sleeping bag or a sneakers bag. It does not look at all like the picture that the coolstuff shows. It does not work either, but it may depend entirel... Read more

Works for sure

written by Pia Lassen, 30/05/18

We have hung it for 14 days now and there have been no hips nearby and we usually have a visit of quite a few


written by Lina, 01/06/18

Before the goats hunt at least once a day on the balcony, now after 1 cup at the balcony we have had 4 days without hunting. However, recommends filling the inside of the coupe with plastic. Weather r... Read more

buy recommendation

written by Posa, 11/06/18

fast delivery, article looks good The wasp bug hangs in the conservatory and since then we have had wasps rest too. I would recommend the article.

Does not clear sunlight.

written by Mikael, 11/06/18

After a season they fell apart by themselves. Completely meaningless to create an outdoor product that is not UV resistant.

Does not seem to have any effect

written by Jan, 20/08/18

Waspinator is hung up, but the wasps are rather indifferent and fly around nearby and close by.

Fast delivery and fine product

written by Lars, 21/08/18

If it works or not, it must show time. Fast delivery, and reasonable price. The quality can keep hanging out in all kinds of weather.

The weed does not know

written by Kim, 04/09/18

It's not the best money I've given out. The weeds we have here do not know they have to flee when they see a scarecrow. On the other hand, we catch a plethora of soups in a 1½ liter bottle wit... Read more

Worked in a way ...

written by Mimmi, 12/10/18

Bought this at the beginning of the year and hung up on the patio where the herds usually build a living. Seen actually work at first glance. Until I discovered the goatboat a few meters away. The goa... Read more

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