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Water Balloon Launcher

Water balloons are the best when they travel really far. These catapults fire balloons off up to 90 metres!

Water Balloon Launcher - Solo
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Water Balloon Launcher - Zorbz Water Balloons 75 pcs
Zorbz Water Balloons 75 pcs
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What is this?

Oh so fun!

written by Åsa, 20/07/15

This, we have a lot of fun with. A sitting of the bowler strained his legs, one that charges the water balloon, one that must be targeted and filming it all in slow motion. Hugely enjoyable.

Jewellery fun thing

written by Kenneth, 25/11/15

A lot of laughter and fun moments, it was with this slingshot. Vattenbalonger burst before they set off others came really far. Ideal for water wars

Snake bubble for water balloons

written by Johan, 28/06/18

Really fun and balloons fly lung! Hold your hat and watch your heads! The Enmans variant is enough to shoot 30m!

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