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Watermelon Keg

Fix up the coolest drinks container at the party! Scoop out a watermelon, install the watermelon keg tap, and fill with any drink of your choice and voilà - let the keg party begin! No more boring bag-in-box! Also works well on pumpkins.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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hottest summer.

written by Tina, 15/05/15

The coolest party drinkbox, will be highly appreciated at the party, beach, pool, even among children in the playground.

Large spills, great fun

written by SummerIsComing, 22/06/15

As the headline says it was messy. I tried my way and eventually made it complete. Pay attention that you double check the crane for leaking. Rinse water melon (bowl) after all the innards are removed... Read more


written by Tompa, 20/08/15

Really pleased. Felt a bit plasticky but it was alright. ... Estimated by many ...

The watermelon tap ...

written by lueki01, 16/03/16

... Arrived after pleasing short delivery time. The products supplied corresponded to what was ordered. I could not try (it lacked opportunity and watermelon), but I will try to write an update this r... Read more

Cool Party Grej

written by Gask, 17/06/16

Funny thing, but plasticky. Works as it should. Must finmixa flesh to not clog the skin.

Watermelon Keg

written by Linda, 20/06/16

Even though they mixers melon, it becomes too thick for it to flow through the tap. You can have only clear liquids in and it becomes very easy to stop the crane. So tip is to empty melon, eat it up a... Read more


written by Sk, 03/07/17

Top goods, fast delivery .. Everything supi ,, anytime again Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Watermelon keg

written by K, 05/07/17

Overworked - poured the mixed melon meat through a sieve before pouring into the melon and adding rosé wine and alcohol. Good!

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