Waterproof Cases

Use one of our three waterproof cases to take photos underwater, listen to music on the beach/in the water or store other valuable gadgets!

Waterproof Cases - Waterproof Camera Case
Waterproof Camera Case
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Waterproof Cases - General Waterproof Case
General Waterproof Case
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Waterproof Cases - Waterproof MP3 player case
Waterproof MP3 player case
98 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Waterproof Case

written by Zlatko, 24/07/13

Very fast delivery, good information about what is happening in anticipation of delivery as well as good product that came on time!


written by Miriam, 01/08/13

No complications, fast and reliable. Any time. The items were packaged well and not deviated from the description.

In dry cloths

written by Anke, 12/08/13

The bag has survived the test in the rain barrel and need not be used when paddling. Conclusion: Wonderful! Material and design correspond to our expectations, it is reliable and looks it. Hoping that... Read more

Fully satisfied!

written by Dany, 15/08/13

Super Article hällt what it promises! Likewise, super customer service! Abswolut accommodating and courteous. Can you recommend around! Thank you!

waterproof case

written by Anna Amidani Svensson, 16/08/13

I'm really happy with the water pouch. Use it when I swim and it's perfect, just need to be careful with headphones, on the other hand, I have never head under the water. There is not much mor... Read more

Love it

written by maria, 21/08/13

I was actually surprised by the product. my girlfriend and I were looking first for an underwater camera when we were on the snorkel vacation. But when we heard one of our friends you could buy a hols... Read more

Watertight! But was not that long ..

written by Evelina, 13/09/13

Buy four cases for me and my three friends to have our mobiles and wallets on our trip to Gothenburg and Liseberg. We went both Kållerado and Flume Ride many times over the weekend and their cases nev... Read more


written by ..., 25/12/13

Actually works. used it when I went to Thailand, but think they should be in any color so you do not see what is in

Top Product

written by Andreas, 07/03/14

Works great! Fits with mobile phone, some cash, debit cards and hotel key. Would recommend to travel! Works equally well on the beach as in the bathhouse.

Secure plastic bag

written by Jeanette, 02/09/14

A simple o good storage to iPhone in our case, and to avoid leaving valuables on the beach, plus it was really good and funny short in the water, above water. Tried in too, but these were fairly grain... Read more

Used on the trip

written by Jonna, 02/10/14

I ordered this to use when I go abroad and both my little camera and my mobile. System camera is too big ... but that was not the idea not to buy this to it. I can not answer how it is in use and dens... Read more

Were not watertight

written by Anna, 09/02/15

The product was unfortunately not quite tight, a few small drops came in on all occasions we used it (but without damaging the camera). We experienced the case as something clumsy (much larger than ou... Read more


written by Virre, 08/03/15

Three days of bathing in salt seas, big waves and strong currents, and so far so good. Camera, cash and cards can fit in the "general" bag.

Waterproof case for camera

written by Ewa, 09/03/15

Unfortunately, this does not fit into my camera but I ordered another waterproof bag that was great. Withstands even saltwater in an excellent manner.

Great and easy to take with ...

written by Stefan, 18/05/15

Super satisfied! Will be well used when going to the beach ... Easy to Protect what you have and track of what you put in.

Great and easy to take with ...

written by Stefan, 18/05/15

Super satisfied! Will be well used when going to the beach ... Easy to Protect what you have and track of what you put in.


written by Anton, 25/05/15

Använde ensure that kamerafodral under one besök at Liseberg. Fick fina videos från Colorado och Flumride! Have plats till 2 iphone 5 without problem.

perfect on the beach,

written by cess, 16/09/15

It will either water or sand in the case, nasty end. Yes it had around the stomach pouch and tucked in bikinis, safe and good. Avoid being worried that money and hotel key would "disappear".... Read more

Bag is good

written by KL, 21/09/15

Description of the case as well as processing, delivery and payment by the foreign suppliers have worked well.

Just great !!!

written by Bussi , 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.


written by Lotta, 04/11/15

Super Satisfied, got no water at all. Double-checked at home first, of course, but then it was just to jump into the Red Sea, and take photos and videos! Noticeable on the pictures to cell phone lay i... Read more

Really good!

written by Mathilda , 26/01/16

I'm honestly not that the case would work. It was so incredibly cheap! But I felt that I trusted coolatuffs stuff and tested even the case but went to the bathhouse with it at once. I can not thin... Read more

keeps its promises

written by ah, 17/08/16

well-sealed and can swim with and have completely underwater without mobile or money damage Keeps its promises

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