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Wicked Wedge

Finally an easy way to get a proper back support (inflatable) for all your outdoor activities this summer. Perfect for the beach, pool, picnic, festival and campsite!

Wicked Wedge - Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Wicked Wedge - Pink
69 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Wicked Wedge - Green
2 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Wicked Wedge - Yellow
77 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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42 reviews

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What is this?

One can not call this a bath towel

written by Avelaijna, 22/05/13

Electricity bit is in suede material with plastic backing. Unfortunately, I thought this was unnecessarily expensive for the price.

What was this?

written by Pia, 23/05/13

It was the worst I have ever bought. Thought it was a great product, but there was nothing to hang on the Christmas tree. Bought two pieces one for my daughter o one for myself, I do not think I can e... Read more

relaxed beach mat

written by debi, 25/06/13

On the whole, satisfied. Btingt definitely relaxing at the lake / beach. Ligeflaeche could be larger

This perfectly okay

written by Ulrika, 28/06/13

I have had my inflated for several weeks now and it has not let out any air at all. son is in front of the TV on the floor on this, he likes it a lot. Have not used it much yet but the holiday gets it... Read more

Just must have .....

written by Snutt, 03/07/13

An incredibly nice thing to have when loaves around the world. Not taking the big space either. This is a product one "must-have" if you travel around the world, where tourism has not yet be... Read more

Very nice!

written by Tone D, 06/07/13

Works gold on all three sides. Super Easy to blow up and take down. Saves a lot of money by using this rather than sunbed;)


written by Martin, 11/07/13

Wicked Wedge is an ingenious product. Having already gotten used it a few times and can safely say that I'm going to pack it with me wherever I'm going on beach holidays. Makan for comfortable... Read more

Nice thing

written by Kerstin, 11/07/13

Have the beach mat previously been blowing only twice at home to test the operation and actually everything is super. While it takes a bit of air, but that is the effect Verntil comfortable - has such... Read more

Just as presented

written by Doreen, 24/07/13

I or we are thrilled. Just something we were looking for. The product is class and quickly assembled and disassembled. I can only recommend it.

lousy pillow

written by Peppe, 29/07/13

Coolstuff has lots of cool things, even thought this thing would be nice to andvända, but not, It is far too cross in its angle when to sit and sit on it, the tight angle allows me and my 5 mates in d... Read more

A little disappointed, but good nonetheless

written by Marit, 05/08/13

Had very high hopes for this product, but was a bit disappointed. The reason for this was that it was not as comfortable as it looks like the picture. "Substrate" supplied is just a small le... Read more

Simply SUPER !!

written by Geli, 12/09/13

As in Spain on the beach almost just not adjustable - are so shallow beds I ordered the beach mat. This laid on the couch, large towel over it and my vacation was saved. Read last without back problem... Read more

Wicked wedge

written by lena, 14/10/13

A very good and useful product. Easy to carry, also abroad. Usable both on the beach, bed (for example, reading) and sofa. Feel free to use less air in the bed and sofa.

Cool Seat beach chair

written by S. Pöttich, 24/12/13

Looking forward to the summer. Relaxed on the beach or. Outdoor pool are and chill! Fits with in any beach bag. Shipping faster .

the park!

written by ps, 23/05/14

Product ad title cheating senverran that this is not any sort of a bath towel? istuinlärpäke but that is just the same plastic material as that only parts of the inflatable. Well, let's not it sti... Read more

a must

written by Jada, 18/06/14

This here is an absolute must on the beach. Recommended. Good to sit on. A bargain! With this one need only psrasoll so you can throw down in the sun everywhere


written by Eva, 14/07/14

Sabla easy to deal with, when we need to grill etc and sitting on the ground .. Especially for cohabiting who have bad backs!

no foul Ställning on the beach more: D

written by Anna, 21/07/14

Något of mina bästa Buy någonsin.! Use it every day in fine Veret and can finally enjoy a full day at the beach without o get backache .. very good: D

inept bras

written by michael, 13/08/14

Broke the second time I used it. Not worth two pence. Was leaking, without in any way had been used hard. I wonder how you get penegene back? Bought 2 has not tested the other

Everything was great!

written by A.E., 28/12/14

The beach mat arrived on time, exactly as described and expected. We are happy to order again when cool stuff

Wicked Wedge

written by svea, 21/01/15

It is great to have at the beach when you can lie comfortably and läsa.Skön and useful inflatable pillow.

Wicked Wedge

written by Minus, 26/03/15

I use it as soft cape in the bed and it works pretty well. The air hisses out a little faster than one could expect and you get the feeling that the product could be developed to new heights. The pric... Read more

Practical attendant for the park visit

written by Eve, 19/05/15

Klein & convenient! Simple idea, which is of good use to the somewhat short sheets! It could be considered to offer Throws / Extra protective coatings additionally.

Love it!

written by Anneadel, 15/06/15

Has long considered buying this, and after I read through the reviews, I was sold. Have not tested it at the beach yet, but worked very well in the living room; P Can not wait to use it on the beach t... Read more


written by PeO, 29/06/15

Worked as intended. Thought itself its part would be a little longer. It went in more air than I thought, recommend some kind of compressor. I used it to air mattress and it worked just fine. I was be... Read more


written by Marlene, 10/07/15

This is one of the most brilliant I've ever bought! Good quality and it will constantly people asking where I got hold of it. :) Good / appropriate price too!

Perfect beach accessories!

written by Mia, 17/07/15

Wicked Wedge is perfect to take with you on the beach! That's exactly what I've been looking for! It becomes a hassle in the long run to sit without back support and chairs are so cumbersome t... Read more

Good Strande, garden, etc.

written by Lotta, 19/07/15

Good product to have on the beach or in the garden. The kids got a somde was used extensively during the lazy days in the garden and the beach. Leaned MOTR they read, eat breakfast, pencils, etc.

Relaxing on the beach

written by heddvig, 27/07/15

A good beach mattress to the beach or traveling abroad, takes up little space in your suitcase. Then it was a good price.

Super comfortable back

written by Andrea, 10/08/15

The beach mat I bought for a festival. I always get the train I have to save weight and space, then came to me this mat as a replacement for a chair just right. If no air inside them is very small fol... Read more

Practical and comfortable! - what more do you want?

written by Sarah, 15/08/15

The beach mat is very convenient !! They replaced me a deck chair, as the lake etc. She is quickly inflated and can refold so small.

Beach mat with backrest

written by Regina, 08/12/15

I have not yet been used because the beach vacation is still pending. She looks at first glance good. The rest is stable, the mat it possibly somewhat short, we will see. Definitely a more comfortable... Read more

Broke first day

written by Resande , 23/05/16

Used it on the grass, but it still went down - poor quality. Will complain the card berth.

Broke first day

written by Resande , 23/05/16

Used it on the grass, but it still went down - poor quality. Will complain the card berth.


written by Monken, 25/05/16

These were absolutely perfect for us. At last we can sit on the beach without getting a sore back. I am really pleased!

Good idea, but ...

written by Katrin, 10/06/16

Unfortunately, the inflatable member separates from the web portion, ie, the web portion torn off. At least with my Wicked Wedge. Too bad if that happened on the second day :(

Very good!

written by Knud, 09/05/17

We bought 2 pieces of Wicked Wedge beach mattresses and packed them with us on a trip to Greece. They weigh little and are easy to blow up - one should push laterally on the valve-Perfect when you wan... Read more


written by Lin, 23/06/17

We took it just before our holiday, it's easy to use and very nice to bring around. However, we have noticed that the product tends to loose a bit of air sooner if you are using it for 1-2 hours o... Read more

Love it!

written by Gunnhilde, 02/07/17

Super quality brass brass. It provides a comfortable sitting position when it is full of air and super like a pillow with less air. It's easy to carry as it quickly blows up and easy to empty for ... Read more

Genuine product!

written by Cathrine, 14/05/18

Bought two of these when we were going to use them on a beach holiday. The quality was super, even on hard little stones! The only downside was that it required some solid breath to be blown up. So yo... Read more

The top

written by Karlstad, 23/05/18

Wish everyone such a lovely and good sitting solution

Wicked Wedge Beach Mattress

written by SJØULK, 13/08/18

Even after I had made my order, I got scared when COOLSTUFF sent me the following message: And thank you! You're a professional at this - give yourself a really good high five to celebrate your am... Read more

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