World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle

No longer do you need to clutter an entire kitchen table - this puzzle is no larger than a photograph! Consists of 234 pieces that measure approximately one centimetre large. Tweezers included!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Funny thing!

written by Veronica, 08/05/14

Bought this for my sister who loves to piece, could not resist the thought of the world's smallest puzzle :) she thought it was really fun !! But she also said that the tweezers are världelös, hen... Read more

good Puzzle

written by Sisyphos , 02/06/14

Well what can I say .. en Puzzle halt. I like puzzles and so does this. Parts are easily punched and colors also okay. Whether it is really the smallest puzzle in the world although I dare to doubt, b... Read more

The smallest puzzle in the world

written by Jacky, 24/06/14

The smallest puzzle in the world was the coolest thing I've ever bought. I have the motive to me: "Little Raccoon" chosen. Very cute. 4 puzzle pieces are about the size of a dime. In the... Read more

DAs smallest puzzle in the world

written by Rene, 18/12/14

Hallole that name is fully consistent. My godchildren were thrilled. Any time.

missing piece

written by Thea, 29/12/14

Bought three different puzzles. The pieces fit poorly with each other and in one of the puzzles were missing a piece


written by Sami, 29/12/14

very good product! could have been more fires. will continue to come to buy these puzzles.


written by Linda, 01/01/15

Really nice puzzle with nice picture. Not really hard but fiddly. Good that a whole puzzle is not larger than a post card, easy to fit anywhere. Would have seen similar with more pieces.

Better than expected

written by Steven T., 05/01/15

Have it a girlfriend for Christmas the love puzzling and it has to be what you usually find mega happy because it is something totally different really commercially. The portions are really tiny and m... Read more

Fun factor

written by S.Meyer, 07/01/15

Have not managed to puzzeln it but it looks from the quality of good and after each lot of fun :-)


written by Linn , 10/01/15

Very fun and really yttepyttelitet! We used the tweezers a lot! Clearly affordable and we will buy the product more times in other subjects! Savannah animals that we have was great! Funny gift for puz... Read more

perfect fit

written by Taisia, 29/05/15

Not so difficult, tweezers are not needed, the pieces fit so well you can hitchhike throughout puzzlen when completed.

Prompt delivery, happy again

written by Manu, 19/08/15

Was intended as a birthday gift. But have opened the packaging out of curiosity. Is certainly a challenge in puzzles. Parts really tiny.

fun gift

written by Sanneyes, 25/09/15

Gave this puzzle to a friend as a birthday gift. When she whined to her previous puzzle covered the whole of her living room table was the perfect gift, she was pleasantly surprised and thought the id... Read more

There is room for

written by EQ, 27/09/15

Small children not possible dissemination of the puzzle on a table at home, but this fits in even work at your desktop;)

Basically a good idea ....

written by Lillepus1, 11/12/15

Like kids get something they have to hold on for a while. The problem here is that many pieces look very similar, and they fit indeed also several places. Thus making this puzzle game very difficult t... Read more

Mini Puzzle

written by giulianaima, 14/12/15

Funny thing, guaranteeing anything but easy! Beautiful gift idea for puzzle fans! The forceps can be disposed of but immediately.

Super joy

written by Conny, 19/12/15

I had ordered the smallest puzzle in the world to give away to huge puzzle friends. The feedback was great they was thrilled and fascinated by the mini puzzle.

fun puzzle

written by Loysan, 25/12/15

I've always wanted a puzzle with really small pieces ever since I was little. Have never found anything Forren now. I bought the puzzle with the Statue of Liberty on and I'm very happy. The pi... Read more

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