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A mixture of modelling clay and perfectly humid sand! Can both be made into hard clumps and run through your fingers - and it never dries!

Zen-Sand - Zen Sand Natural
Zen Sand Natural
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What is this?

Amusing toy for all ages!

written by Daniel_81, 12/07/15

Was a bit skeptical to purchase this product, but changed to a certain degree view once I had sand in his hand .... it feels like "wet sand" if I should describe the consistency / dough for ... Read more

Really good

written by Nicolai , 20/07/15

The sand is really relaxing to the touch and it's just like in the video and it dries never out !! Really great product worth every penny. Can definitely recommend this !! :)

Perfect indoor leksand

written by Yes, 13/08/15

Great fun for both big and small that make mini sand castle indoors. And very easy to clean as the sand grains stick together.


written by Minus, 17/08/15

The sand was sent as a gift to a little girl. Delivery is perfectly OK and gift much appreciated! The (sand) had been on any events and set off much creativity. I got a photo of the creation that my l... Read more

A Christmas gift for summer

written by Silvia, 27/11/15

It's fun to play in the beach sand. When fall and winter, children can still have almost the same feeling as playing in real sand. That it came with small molds was an added plus. Was a bit skepti... Read more

Zen Sand

written by Solle, 01/12/15

Works very well, not sticky or wet. Was fun for young and old :-) Recommended as Christmas.

funny :)

written by Suzi, 03/12/15

My daughter 3 enjoyed the veldigt well. Do like real sand. Funny consistency. Some crumbling the expected, then flash quickly some spills but otherwise it was super! ! :) Fun to play with for a cheap ... Read more

fight Fun

written by Miriam, 07/12/15

I have wanted me to sand long and this disappointed Absolutely not! Fight Fun to play with, many opportunities and ways to 'use' it. Very fun!

For anyone who wants to again wake the child in yourself :)

written by Joana, 09/12/15

Some time ago I saw this "magic sand" in a video and was fascinated. When he was now offered as Deal of the week, I had to strike. I am really excited! It is to have a great feeling sand run... Read more

The runner

written by Martin, 13/12/15

Brilliant fun for all. After the adults had abated, were allowed to play with it on the child's birthday and the children.

Absolutely amazing fun!

written by Sarro, 28/12/15

This is something that my kids LOVED !! But so did all the adults played with it. Absolutely amazing sand for both large and small :)


written by Øyvind Gravdahl, 28/12/15

A few months ago I bought Zen Sand to myself and it was really cool. It feels strange and fun to fiddle with, for example if you sit and look on youtube or a movie. The small figures supplied can crea... Read more

Really great

written by Parapent, 07/01/16

Since even the dad starts again to play with sand! This is really fun and the consistency is just amazing! Great indoor sand!


written by Trill, 07/03/16

Bought 3 packs of Zen Sand (conceived as a gift to our grandchildren). BUT as the real grandparents who we are, we had the test sand first! So one package was ours. Blast, strange consistency, mixing ... Read more


written by Tessan jan, 12/12/16

Much appreciated by both adults and children! A little different! Incredible texture! Could make shapes, but that it fell apart! Relaxing simply moving and pouring sand! Soft and nice

5 molds and 4 Figure parts

written by Darken, 19/12/16

Have a pot at work, does not cause contamination and are easy to clean up. Figure parts resoundingly I, but the molds are good with small cots at the bottom, which makes it easy to get the sand out of... Read more

Nice toy!

written by Tanja74, 13/03/17

My little son is absolutely thrilled by this spell sand. tilt to boring rainy days on a large baking sheet and loskneten :-)

Super Sand

written by TA, 15/05/17

I have tried a number of different varieties on the market. This is by far the best. The granddaughter loves it. 3 -5 years old.

Give me more!

written by Vican, 09/09/17

After thinking about for several years, I bought a can for my niece - ended up playing with it almost more than she. ;) Sooo fun and almost enchanting! Must be experienced!

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