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Body Pillow from Zenkuru®

Get a really good night's sleep with a big U-shaped pillow! The Zenkuru Body Pillow has a curved inner side and provides support for the neck, back, stomach and legs. It’s easy to find a comfortable sleeping position, and you avoid having to wake up with the covers all bunched up between the knees! The pillow measures 140 x 80 x 20 cm and comes with a pillow case that can be machine-washed.

Body Pillow from Zenkuru® - Body Pillow from Zenkuru®
Body Pillow from Zenkuru®
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Body Pillow from Zenkuru® - Body Pillow Case from Zenkuru®
Body Pillow Case from Zenkuru®
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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79 reviews

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Best purchase so far

written by Cia, 04/01/18

Best buy I made. Has hit the blackboard in the ski slope and did not manage to lie on his back. It hurts when I'm on the side. But this pillow makes me sleep all night because I do not load the bl... Read more


written by Sussi, 05/01/18

Simply absolutely wonderful! Incredibly soft, comfortable and formable. Super Quality. No other pillows are needed! Evil neck is just a memory and my knees no longer need to bump against each other wh... Read more

not delivered

written by Monika, 07/01/18

The body shot is awkward but amazing! The extra case, which I paid for, has not been delivered.

Best Buy Ever

written by Erik Ax, 09/01/18

I'm sleeping like a king right now! To those who like to sleep on the side with a pillow between the legs. In the past I had a too thick pillow but it's PERFECT! Have had it for a week and can... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Linda Tveisme, 10/01/18

Fast delivery and pillow are just like the description. A lovely pillow. JAg is very pleased with my product and the fast delivery. Thanks!!!

body Pillow

written by Ellinor, 10/01/18

Can not imagine one night without this! I am so surprised to be satisfied ... sooo nice! Now I have ordered one more, because my son who has difficulty sleeping also wants to have. :-)

Good but worse than expected

written by Sanna, 11/01/18

The pillow is nice to have, but I wish it had been as fluffy as the ad and the weary. It could also be a bit longer for people longer than 170 cm. Otherwise better than without.

World's best

written by Carina, 11/01/18

This pillow is absolutely amazingly restful to lie on it. It is worth every penny has slept like a princess since it came home.

Full Body Pillow

written by Sesliina, 11/01/18

A dream pillow for a sleeping person who does not always know where he is and is changing all the time. Nice to be in any position!


written by Mona, 11/01/18

I've been waiting for this! Ingeniously !! Good and soft pillow! It's not too high, but maybe misses a little more "air" in it ?? Use it every night and the kids love to lie on it! G... Read more

Bamse Hug

written by Anna, 12/01/18

The pillow is divine! It is made of good quality, full body size, fluffy but not very thin but with substance. Can be combined with the usual pillows if you want to read or fool with the laptops. The ... Read more

Shaggy body pad

written by Rune, 14/01/18

Fast delivery of the item. The pillow needs some time to lie due to vacuum packing. I shook it occasionally, it was ready after a few hours. The pillow is very good for me with muscle pain, good suppo... Read more

The top

written by Sandra, 15/01/18

My husband is very pleased with the pillow! Fits him perfectly. Instead of getting lost in the rug, he now has his pillow.

Great pillow

written by Schmidt, 18/01/18

I love to go to bed in the evenings now is a great pillow, in my opinion it could be a bit more crowded but that's probably just my feeling. Nevertheless I sleep since I have the pillow very well.... Read more

To sleep well

written by Renate Löhr, 19/01/18

I am very satisfied with the Seitenschläferkissen.Für someone who likes to fall asleep at the side it is the right one. I have arthrosis in my knees, and sleep painlessly with the pillow between my kn... Read more

written by Carina, 25/01/18

Super good herd. So much like a princess


written by Carina W, 27/01/18

Happy with the body shot but it would have been a bit thicker and softer. Love you standing and "waving the package on the dock" ha ha ha. Buying more goods from you. Very good service and f... Read more

Super Pillow

written by Ida, 28/01/18

It's not as fluffy and thick as in the picture but it's great to sleep with! A bit well high price but it feels worth it when you sleep well! Maybe had a different cover, too, it does not feel... Read more

body Pillow

written by Mimmi, 02/02/18

Super pleased with the pillow and great delivery

Good but not fluffy enough as in the picture

written by Sonny, 04/02/18

Super nice pillow to sleep with but it's not as fluffy as you advertise. Also saw today that the seam has risen on one side. Another quality on fabrics would have been better, this one has already... Read more

Good but

written by Carina L, 11/02/18

Very nice and comfortable, but the inner pillow exploded after a short time in some places. Very annoying!

Lousy quality, cheap materials, flat, hard, weary pillow,

written by Karoline , 18/02/18

Contains the same as extremely cheap pillows: water. Water sting out of seams that break up. The outside cover is synthetic, easily stained and can only be washed at max. 30 degrees. Muffin for too mu... Read more


written by Sontann, 05/03/18

Nice pillow but it's not like the picture you show. Still flat in some places. Noppers very fast and the stitches have dropped in 3 different places. Better quality on the pillow case

Sleep tight!

written by GO, 12/04/18

Wonderful pillow that helps my evil back and neck to get support where needed. Really recommended for a good sleep.

Wonderful friend awaiting ....

written by Magnus, 13/04/18

... on my specials. However, have not tested it with a co-op at the same time but feel like good quality. Not too thin and not too thick. :-)

body Pillow

written by Wikan, 20/04/18

My daughter has a lot of pain and is sleeping awfully and has long awake moments at night! She got a body shot of us and she says she has great help from this. She uses it even during the day when she... Read more

It's not the same, poisonous as in the picture but it's a nice pillow

written by Marie, 23/04/18

The pillow is really nice to sleep, good on my head, I have a good sleep, and I have a problem with the neck and shoulders, so I can warmly recommend this pillow. I'm very pleased, with a pillow, ... Read more

Side sleeper pillow

written by Angie, 24/04/18

I have the pillow now 2 weeks and am very satisfied, I slept from the first night on wonderful and can recommend it to anyone ... I even had to order one for my girlfriend ... the support between the ... Read more


written by Kristina, 24/04/18

Not as fluffy as the picture showed. Does not help much. Go around in bed. One of life's bargains!

A dream, I am sleeping deeply relaxed again

written by Christine , 26/04/18

The best purchase for a long time. All tensions are gone, I sleep again deeply and start every day full of new energies. My husband said that it resembles a nursing pillow


written by Eva, 27/04/18

The cover folds directly with rubber threads that stand out and rolls, not good, would like to advertise, I bought 1 extra but they barely use unpleasant use.

Bad quality 'on the cover.

written by BK, 03/05/18

Nice with a pillow left between the knees and under the arm. Could have been a bit longer though. Unfortunately, the area where the head is flattened becomes quite fast. Have therefore had to complete... Read more


written by Ninni, 04/05/18

Sliding on the bed underlay should be anti-slip on one side also on the pillowcases. Otherwise very satisfied- supports good and comfortable


written by cebe, 07/05/18

This product was just right and have given me a good night's sleep, I have also loaned it to our grandchild, who even sleeps like a princess on this pillow

Awesome body shot!

written by Madeleine, 07/05/18

A top-notch body shot that really matched my expectations! Highly recommended for those who have a problem with the back at night!

Sleeping well

written by Kerstin, 08/05/18

I let the pillow lie for a couple of days with the hope that it would "fluff" up as much as in the picture, but it did not. Nevertheless, I think the function of the pillow works very well. ... Read more

Body Pillow.

written by Margareta, 08/05/18

I'm very happy with the body shot. The protection over the pillow is soft and nice, but something that I do not like is that it was nasty directly.

body Pillow

written by Evalin, 11/05/18

Lovely pillow. Just what I needed! An "all-in-one" pillow that gives the support I want instead of as before 3 pcs moving as you move. As a stock! B

What I thought ..

written by Emma, 12/05/18

The pillow is nice to have as I had paid for. But I wish that it had been as fluffy as in the advertisement and bearing. Then I really can feel top satisfied. And the quality of the case was not good ... Read more

Zenkuru body shot

written by Pia i Malmö, 14/05/18

This pillow has replaced 6 separate pillows! Slipper moved around pillows at night which made it possible to sleep better. Had a more filling in the pillow (the picture on the pillow in the ad is misl... Read more

Worth buying!

written by Mickiz, 14/05/18

Carelessness minus the pillow lightly and there are no more colors to choose from than white, but it plays a very small role in the context because it's the absolute best pillow ever! I use it whe... Read more


written by Nicklas, 21/05/18

I thought I would have the pillow for myself but the kids beat it home. The smallest uses it as a pillow in front of television when playing video games. Recommended!


written by Raili, 21/05/18

I ordered two body pillows and after use, both say; should have been much earlier. The nights are perfectly healed and because of the pain you do not have to rotate the position to look for, the pillo... Read more

Zenkuru Body shot

written by lena Lindahl, 24/05/18

Sent after a Zenkuru body shot o Was a little hesitant because you can not try it o late leave o you can understand but God so pleased I was not sleeped so nice for a long time o also think it's c... Read more

It's the best!

written by Ingel, 06/06/18

A highly appreciated gift for my sister who has fibromyalgia. You can put it right where you feel it is necessary.


written by Paula, 11/06/18

Really nice! Fits both the sofa and the bed. Very happy with this pillow! Fast delivery and well packaged

Can this pillow at all be described with words ?!

written by Katrine Brogaard , 16/06/18

See you .. It's not just that the hundred percent simulate the girlfriend you do not have on a cold and wet Sunday evening; it's also that with its soft shape and fit it's a wet dream for ... Read more

0% satisfied

written by Josie, 17/06/18

It looks fluffier and bigger than it is in reality. Can not sleep with this pillow, I experience the uncomfortable.

body Pillow

written by Mia, 20/06/18

Thought it would be a bit better, so that you could adjust the position at the neck. Thought it was very low. The cover is of poor quality and has already begun to cheer up.

Zenkuru body shot

written by A-L, 03/07/18

I'm 100% satisfied with this amazing body shot because I have a lot of problems with pain problems.

Best pillow

written by ED, 05/07/18

Having problems with my shoulders and arms makes me struggling to lie down. Saw advertising for this pillow and thought it might be something. Hit on, ordered on a Tuesday and the day after, I could p... Read more

Got great luck

written by Linda, 21/07/18

The pillow began to fall almost immediately. The cover has been washed as instructed, and it still broke out. Damn dirt quality on this pillow. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.


written by Ellen, 26/07/18

The pane was much flatter than it appears in the product description and gives too little support! Very disappointing. It was used only to have between the legs during the night during pregnancy.


written by Nettan, 31/07/18

Superscent pillow, just wish the cover was in other material, but could buy others in more nice material like ordinary pillowcases.

Zenkuru cushion

written by Gunn, 01/08/18

A pillow that was completely useless to my body, flat and would preferably have been longer and with some more fill in the pillow! But now I have tried it and did not like it but every taste.

Dreamland, here you come!

written by Ib, 10/08/18

When the pillow arrived, I must admit that I was a little skeptical .. But already after the first night I was spotted. It's been a long time since I've slept so well. Funny, the pillow is not... Read more

Super delicious

written by Irene Christensen, 13/08/18

Since I have so many shoulder pain it helps. I'm resting on it. And can shape the pad because it is lovely big. But still in the shoulder, but there is also an operetion for. But then I have my bi... Read more

Best sleep for a long time

written by Arctica, 13/08/18

Best buy in a long time! The pillow is just fluffy, feels like a soft hug. One tip is to put two flat pillows at the head end to lift it slightly. I lie more still and sleep deeper.

Thumbs down

written by Kglgn, 17/08/18

The pillow is not as fluffy as it looks. It is very flat. So it was a disappointment, the double had fit in the case. It suited a child better than an adult! Never worth 700kr

Nice sleeping pillow

written by Inge, 21/08/18

Very nice sleeping pillow that just supports and provides the options I need for a good night's sleep. Fine materials.

Incredibly nice but poor quality on the inside.

written by Tessan, 27/08/18

Love what the pillow makes for sleep quality and back problems. However, has noted that the inner pillow is of poor quality. Thin, almost paper-like fabric, and only a weak stitch that holds pads toge... Read more


written by Pia, 27/08/18

An excellent purchase! Fast delivery, well packaged and removable cover. The pillow is good both to sit and to lie with, it supports as it should.


written by Linda, 31/08/18

Loving the pillow, just the one I want, but two big holes under the cover pull down the score really.

Nothing I would recommend

written by Zahra, 03/09/18

The product came quickly but the pillow itself is flatter is on picture so did not really meet my expectations. And it smells very strange


written by Johanna, 03/09/18

Is super pleased with the pillow, it is very comfortable! So far better then I got home the pillow! Really recommend it!


written by Moa, 04/09/18

The pillow is great. Now you know how they feel like getting into a baby test

body Pillow

written by Wikan, 10/09/18

Very good service, nice response and patiently responding to my sms! However, I missed the discount, but it was my own fault!

body Pillow

written by Annim, 20/09/18

Did not answer my expectations. It was too low. The pictures got a different idea of ​​the height. For me a useless shopping.You should have considered a longer one.

Good buy

written by Limes, 02/10/18

The cushion supports the body well, and it keeps the posture at night. Support on top could be tighter, but otherwise I am pleased with your purchase. I recommend.


written by Sara, 02/10/18

Bad stuffing ................................................ .....................................

Zenkuru body pillow

written by Manna, 03/10/18

I have suffered from back pain for many years, and especially at night. My backbone anus and my thighs also have arterial dysplasia and vertebrae problems. Sisko hinted on this and thought that what n... Read more

Nice but worst quality

written by Marielle, 03/10/18

The pillow itself is very nice and I really love it! The pimple is, however, untrue. My first became funny after a week's use. Got a new one now after two washes have the most holes in themselves ... Read more

Good body cushion

written by Ruben, 08/10/18

Always sleep on the side and sleep much better with this body cushion. recommended

Sleeping so well

written by Familien Lund, 10/10/18

Then I managed to control the neck and back ache, and now sleep well. If you have chronic pain, I would highly recommend this pillow.

Good thinking

written by jmw, 10/10/18

Well thought about product page, but unfortunately it's too thin to provide support. Has weight the double and then it is quite thick.

Best pillow

written by Annika, 10/10/18

Best pillow I have ever wished I had bought it much earlier! Works great in the box spring bed (is not so high), cover pleasantly soft, no unpleasant odors after unpacking. Also our son (3) loves the ... Read more

Love it <3

written by Frida , 12/10/18

Love the pillow !! You are asleep as in clouds, but as said, it is difficult to put on the cover because it is so crowded!

snuggle Pillow

written by Melanie, 12/10/18

Seems it's a very nice pillow. Probably it looks more "fluffy / fuller" on the pictures. According to my love, I snore more with the pillow, but it does not care, just him

Not as in the picture

written by Sysser, 13/10/18

Received my pillow yesterday. I have slept nicely, but there is not as much fill in as in the picture so the legs do not get as much apart as they are in the picture and the back support is not as opt... Read more

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