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Shiatsu Foot Massager from Zenkuru®

Treat your feet to a wonderfully soothing massage. Shiatsu Foot Massager has three pre-set programs that improve the blood circulation in the feet and help you to feel livelier, healthier and happier.

Shiatsu Foot Massager from Zenkuru® - Shiatsu Foot Massager from Zenkuru® (EU Plug)
Shiatsu Foot Massager from Zenkuru® (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Shiatsu Foot Massager from Zenkuru® - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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52 reviews

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What is this?

It does wonders

written by Anette, 11/04/16

I have found the perfect machine that I probably will never want to be without. It has several different programs and intensity that allows you to both enjoy and get chunkier massage. One tip is to fi... Read more

Oh my God !

written by MB , 10/08/16

Troubled queue, what an incredible relaxation, it's like walking on clouds late. I work in the shop and walk and stand every day. And almost always have sore feet and is always tired feet. And go ... Read more

Best bargain!

written by Ralle, 16/08/16

Bought massage because I have had pain in the feet and can say that it has helped my feet really good! Beyond expectation. At first, before I knew myself to the product they felt like it would squeeze... Read more

My partner is really pleased!

written by Madde, 22/08/16

Bought this foot massage for my partner of 40 years presented. Had not that high expectations for it, but my boyfriend LOVES it! He was so happy and think it's really comfortable. He often has pai... Read more


written by Angela, 02/09/16

Really good! Better than my sister Me Time for this squeeze even the heels! Would highly recommend this :)

amazing product

written by Cd, 23/09/16

I'm super happy with the product despite the fact that there are some things that can be improved! 1) There seems to be something a little wrong with the product, probably only my copy - does not ... Read more

Suits some better than others.

written by Steffe, 26/09/16

I think fotmassaören the teams are very good, the air cushions keep the feet in place and squeeze the right places. The rollers in the bottom massaging founded over both the heel and foot pad. However... Read more

Foot massage

written by Erika, 08/10/16

In desperation when I bought this from and to suffer from heel spurs. It recommended among others then massage. I was skeptical but desperate! Now I use it daily and have almost gotten rid of the pain... Read more

Super good!

written by Nathalie, 19/12/16

Bought this for my girlfriend who always says he has sore feet after long hours standing at work. He has now used it daily since he received it and says he has gotten much better. There are several se... Read more

Great experience

written by Henrik, 23/12/16

Absolutely wonderful massage that really ensures that the whole foot will be massaged. Feels fantastic during both, but especially after the massage. Good that there are several settings to choose fro... Read more

proper foot massage

written by Anna, 24/12/16

A hearty kneading of the feet where one can choose between three different intensities, are also three modes you can choose in between and if you want heat. Worked well on wider feet with size 42 like... Read more

Absolutely wonderful!

written by Janne, 25/12/16

The rub and knead really good and you Kaner really well afterwards. Unfortunately, it was bruksanvinsningen really bad! Does anything about what the buttons do. There are a number of programs, but the... Read more

Magic machine!

written by C Lundberg , 20/04/17

Fast and good delivery and magical machine. Took a foot bath and then drove two "modes" for each other! Fantastic nice and feet feel like new despite varicose veins and heel spurs. Already l... Read more

Had to send it in return!

written by Anne, 01/05/17

I had terrible pain in the feet of this. Is very unhappy and had to send the returned product. What made me even more unhappy except that it was about to crush my feet, where I had to pay for the ship... Read more

Phew !!

written by Nam, 01/05/17

Really nice and helped a lot with my dear feet.


written by Andreas, 03/05/17

If you play sports as much as I do, then this absolutely superb. I had not realized how feet should be felt until I drove a few rounds of this machine. The only thing disturbing in that it did not alr... Read more

Best Purchase

written by Marie, 04/05/17

Gave this to myself in gift and is incredibly pleased. It has several different modes and will be used a lot! Genuine massage for the whole foot. Highly recommended!

Foot massage

written by Aj, 31/05/17

It squeezes my feet if I'm driving anything but the lowest setting, but my partner thinks it's nice and it's not too tight. But we both like it

Good foot massage!

written by Hanna, 07/06/17

Bought this to my partner who often has a pain in my feet after work. He has very bony feet, so it hurts, even if you drive on the mildest programs. But he may not be so painful either ... we think it... Read more


written by Cornelia, 07/06/17

The first time I order a gadget online, and I'm sold! An absolutely wonderful relaxing appliance. The ears hard but perfect for my feet at the lowest strength.

Foot massage

written by Monica , 07/08/17

Fantastic, exceeding all expectations. Used by me and my partner every day. Absolutely no purchase to regret.

foot massage

written by Putte :), 07/08/17

For those who long for foot massage, stop thinking, it's magical. is available for all feet and hardness on the massage. Each program is 15 min, one should not be long, but one wants to. ENJOY !

Good machine

written by Nathalie, 11/08/17

Good machine i use diligently but the bigger the feet you have the more beautiful it is. They could have loosened the program selection a bit better and maybe have programs that you could modify but a... Read more

Zenkuru foot massage

written by Helene, 25/08/17

Perfect gift for tired feet. Everybody should have one. I did not think a foot massage would make as big a difference as this one.

Sooo nice

written by Sylvia, 27/10/17

Bought this for my mom, everyone in the family tried it. Felt super nice !! His feet felt so relaxed and soft afterwards!


written by lol, 27/10/17

I love it, worth every penny! Loves foot massage, have used it almost every day :-) My friends who are a little kitty under the feet could barely use it. Perhaps you have thought about it?


written by lol, 27/10/17

Has a terrible stiff nose. Exercises a lot, and does wonders for my neck. I have felt familiar sometimes when I work in an office. Turn on a good movie / series and sit with this one, so the evening i... Read more

Not suitable for high footrests

written by J, 14/11/17

Has high footrests and there is hardly any massage. Otherwise very hard massage which was good but do not buy if you have high arches. Hardly know of the heat in it either. It also pushes very uncomfo... Read more

Too powerful for my feet

written by Stefan, 25/11/17

It has the machine with muscles that never tire of kneading your sore waterfalls. Unfortunately, the three different massage programs are just too similar. I had asked for more variation, and especial... Read more

Foot massage

written by Joakim, 24/12/17

Hi ordered zenkuru foot massage got a cord with me. You who ordered this one have you got a cord with you?

Save your feet!

written by jöjja, 26/12/17

Very good for people with diabetes or poor blood circulation in their feet! Nice and warm. Do you know what it was like in the holy Sunday?


written by hatten, 27/12/17

Can only keep up with past reviews, no matter how good, 5 foot massages in grade :) Completion -------> Reviews must not be less than 100 characters. Please write a little more detail.

Hard but pretty

written by TezaG78, 05/01/18

It gives just the harsh massage but good the first time. Then you get the right sore in your feet so you have to wait a few days before testing again. There should be three different modes, but so far... Read more

Very happy

written by Karin, 09/01/18

Wonderful foot massage

Foot massage

written by Lisa, 09/01/18

Super pleased with fotzenkuru foot massage. Great for the feet. That's sore and tired. Really recommend it.

Beyond expectation

written by Alex, 18/01/18

Be a little skeptical at first until I still took and ordered one. I have size 42 and have run mediocrically on all the programs After testing the three programs you are completely sold! Really nice a... Read more


written by Martin, 23/01/18

I tested a foot massage at a mate and wanted to buy one myself. Just that was completely over. Tested two more before I bought this one. What makes this best is that it massages in both directions und... Read more

Foot massage

written by "Skogsflanören", 12/02/18

Have just tried the "lowest" strength, but expect to try with higher load in the future! After 15 minutes you have a lot of feet in your feet, but it feels good afterwards. It's good to ... Read more


written by Kakan, 21/02/18

The massage was very nice and I was going to keep the product. After about 10 times the rolls stopped under the feet to work. I ran on medium all the time and did not touch a single feature, because I... Read more

Foot massage

written by Lil, 01/03/18

Very good you can get calm at first because I have foot problems but I really recommend it.

Great fun

written by Anna, 09/03/18

It's a great and easy-to-use product. Massage at different speeds and intervals. A little too hard sometimes though. Had the opportunity to regulate the strength of sometimes it is on the verge of... Read more

Nice massage

written by Elisabet , 13/03/18

Beautiful with this foot massage for tired feet. Can vary strength and also have heat on. Uses this almost every day, when I have a lot of leap work. Nice and relaxing.

Knows well!

written by Nöjd, 13/03/18

Perfect for tired feet. Knows too hard at max. If you have a little smaller feet, it may be difficult to find the right position. We use them almost every day.

Zenkuru Foot Massage

written by Maria Hellqvist, 19/03/18

Absolutely wonderful to stop your feet! I always drive it twice, for the first time it feels like it's a bit hard but the second time my feet are soft and it feels wonderful!

So good!

written by Sanna, 01/04/18

I am so happy with my foot massage. The machine was as described and has good power in the massage. Very pleased!

Oh yes

written by C, 20/04/18

I had looked at this for about a year, but never got into a shot. I love (!) Foot massage so be afraid to be disappointed with the money and that it just stands and takes place. Bought it about a mont... Read more

Knows well on the waterfalls

written by PE, 02/05/18

Recommended. Good for the feet. At first I thought the strongest condition was well kneaded, but you get used to it and after a few times it's just nice


written by Daniel , 29/05/18

Very nice foot massage machine. I am pleasantly surprised. However, it is a bit violent at the feet if it is put on "hard". But otherwise very delicious. You can easily fall asleep with your... Read more


written by Mjuka fötter..., 12/06/18

Great for the feet you go as in the cloud, but do not have the maximum time per day ... the set time is 15 min each time but how many times a day can you massage your feet without the opposite effect ... Read more

Super comfortable

written by Anil, 29/06/18

Have tested the foot massage for a couple of weeks now. I think it works well on my sore and evil feet. The three different modes can be set according to how hard one wants. The foot massage "loc... Read more

Foot massage

written by Lilly, 23/08/18

I have very sensitive feet and at first it hurt. Then I managed to change the "hardness" of the massage and now it feels good, my feet are happy and when the machine turns off, I'm alway... Read more

Great for evil feet!

written by Elin, 10/10/18

A wonderful device for evil and sore feet. Just squeezes where you usually feel bad and even so you can set warmth for frozen feet. So happy with this purchase! Sit for a while and your feet feel so g... Read more

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