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Neck Massager from Zenkuru®

Here comes the relaxation that we tensely been waiting for! This massage machine feels just like a real massage and it kneads your neck muscles deeply and carefully as it warms you. It works just as well for your back and neck as for the rest of your body!

Neck Massager from Zenkuru®  - Neck Massager from Zenkuru® (EU Plug)
Neck Massager from Zenkuru® (EU Plug)
84 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Neck Massager from Zenkuru®  - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?


written by Lene, 31/01/17

Super easy and very quick trade. Cool place to shop - funny and utterly dispensable things, but also exciting and useful things on the website.

There you go

written by MB , 01/06/17

Thought it was too wide to really reach the neck Feels a bit clumsy if you say so. But if you get it right after many attempts, it feels completely fine. Would I recommend it? Well ... no, I would not... Read more

Good but few features.

written by Roger, 06/06/17

The lady likes it but would have been a little more program. The best part is that I do not have to work so much now.

Superb massage!

written by Elin, 09/06/17

Knows really well and you can choose how hard to pull the handle yourself. Feels good that it will last for a long time. One can use it all over the body. I'm very happy and use it every day.

Nack massage

written by Kenneth, 09/06/17

Good product, a little too hard, but nice. Helps my neck at least. . ...... ..........................

zenkuru neck massage

written by jocke, 19/06/17

No, totally useless .. Well, think, but unfortunately, very damn it hurts. Difficult to fit in so it's useful. A masseuse is probably better to spend money on.

Worth all the money

written by Jonas, 20/06/17

All I regret is that I did not buy it earlier. It is in good quality and there are many options for moving it around the body. Lots of power in the massage. Can definitely be recommended.

Fantastic invention :-)

written by Louise, 19/08/17

Provides good neck massage. Have a presumption that the reason for my migraine stems from tension in the neck. Works until now

Fantastic product

written by Torben, 04/09/17

Great experience, can be used on the whole body. Easy to use and nice relaxing with the good "handles". Can only be recommended.

as expected

written by vero, 20/10/17

have a different kind but without the handles, so this one thought it might be better. could be a bit wider but it hits a lot of my wounded points. and because of the handles it can be used for a long... Read more


written by JJ, 02/11/17

I wish that it reached the shoulders, it just massaged the neck (partial head) IF that's what you're looking for, buy it! However, for my part, it gets 4 out of 10. It's a bit clumsy, you ... Read more

Surely good for the one it suits.

written by Mia, 09/12/17

It works as described, but I have a fairly short neck and it causes the two top bullets to end at the bottom of the skull (aaaau!) And it does not fit on the neck itself. In addition, it does not emit... Read more

Very pleasantly surprised

written by Alexia Dahl, 24/12/17

I had my skepticism, could a massage machine make a difference at all? The answer is YES and to the extent that it is really good and effective, I use it like daily and now I have used it 3 times ther... Read more

Has helped in less than 24 hours

written by Kasper, 09/01/18

Yes, the headline says almost itself. But I got this today. And I need it 2x 15 minutes today. The first time I used it, I was terribly hurt because I was terribly excited and it explains that the mac... Read more

Made only for those with a thin neck

written by Andy, 05/02/18

The device works well, the only problem is that where you should place your neck at the neck massage is too tight so you end up sitting in a strange position for that massage.


written by Bettina, 30/03/18

Absolutely amazing massage. Nice to sit on the couch and relax with a nice massage.


written by Svend Erik Winterfeldt, 20/04/18

The product I bought is ok. Actually cheaper than those I meet in the markets. No problems with delivery

Very heavy

written by Berit Rasmussen , 11/09/18

Have used it a couple of times 10 days ago. Have had a bad nose ever since, worse than before use, so do not dare to use it again for the time being. Also, it seems very heavy.

Pretty good

written by Annelise , 04/10/18

I'm sure to reduce the shortcomings in my neck I've been going for too long - I can feel it now after spending it a couple of weeks. The first week, however, I would just get used to how to tr... Read more

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