Food & Drinks

We have loads of cool kitchen gadgets and cool kitchen appliances. We also have some edible gifts, for example the Gigantic Chocolate Toblerone - eat it yourself (better take some time off from work) or you know, food gifts usually work out great. Have a look around and browse our cool kitchen accessories & food gadgets such as the Kitchen Safe, or our super popular Tassen Emotion Porcelain or maybe you would like Game of Thrones Tankards & Wine Glasses. You probably stopped listening to me halfway in, doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy browsing cool kitchen stuff on CoolStuff.

Beer Belt

Beer Sheriff

BioLite CampStove 2

Bottle of Death

Chow Crown Game


DIY Straws

Easy Kabob

F*ck Off Mug

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets


Geek Mug

Giant Wine Glass

Gin & Tonic Pong

Glowstone Smart Mug

Hashtag Mug

Hot Dog Maker

Ice Ball Maker

Ice Bottle Cooler

Ice Shot Glasses


Kitchen Safe

Lékué Pizza Mat

Melon Slicer

Mini Fridge

Nessie Ladle

Notepad Mug

Nutella Weekly

Prosecco Pong