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Here you go, all our cool gadgets and cool stuff in one place. I am pretty sure we have a gadget for you, which could be cool, fun, sexy, unusual, practical, romantic, or just crazy, no matter who you are or where you live. You can of course decide to give it to someone else because on CoolStuff you will find some of the best Christmas gifts and birthday gifts online. We ship our stuff worldwide and remember that we offer 90 day return policy & 2 years warranty. Now, I want you to go on, don't mind me anymore, just browse away!

Love Is Art Kit

The Small Viking Axe Game


CGear Sand-free Mat


Hand Candle

Scrubba Wash Bag

Wicked Wedge

3 Man Chess

Mermaid Blanket

House Clock

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets


Color My Bath

Hashtag Mug

Flash Roller

Tie Flask

Cat Window Bed

Wallet Ninja

CoolStuff Batteries


Unicorn Teapot

Zen-Sand Jumbo

Snowball Maker

Squishable Sushi Softie


Beer Belt

Buddha Board

Mystic 8 Ball

Tassen Emotion Teapots


The Good Book

F*ck Off Mug

Anti-Slip Pad

Cacoon Hammock

Scratch Map XL

Notepad Mug

Speed Chess


Potty Piano



Pocket Hammock

Zepp Football Sensor

Lume Cube

Veggie Twister

Sky Lanterns

Geek Mug

Fidget Cube

3D Puzzle Safe