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Here you go, all our cool gadgets and cool stuff in one place. I am pretty sure we have a gadget for you, which could be cool, fun, sexy, unusual, practical, romantic, or just crazy, no matter who you are or where you live. You can of course decide to give it to someone else because on CoolStuff you will find some of the best Christmas gifts and birthday gifts online. We ship our stuff worldwide and remember that we offer 90 day return policy & 2 years warranty. Now, I want you to go on, don't mind me anymore, just browse away!

Vooni® CityRocker

Kitchen Safe

Himitsu Bako Puzzle Box


Bath Basin for Adults

Tassen Emotion Cups

Tassen Emotion Mugs

3Doodler Create

Love Is Art Kit

Cork Globe


Inflatable Costumes


Cat Hat



Sneaker Slippers

Magic Toy Truck

Zink hAppy Printer

Prepara Herb Savor

Hand Candle

Ice Bottle Cooler

Poo Head Game

Vooni® TV Lighting

Aussie Cans

Big Enter Key

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball


Orb Slimiballz

Huge Pen

Garden Igloo

Magic Snow

Floaty Pants

Tie Flask

Kelvin.36 Multitool

Hot Dog Maker

Undies for Two

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Snowing Christmas Tree

Nokia Body+ Scale

Bottle Light

Doggy Bag

Zen-Sand Jumbo

Harry Potter Lamp

Message Pills

Orb Bubbleezz

Beer Sheriff

The Small Viking Axe Game


Bedlight LED Night Lighting


Jedi Robe Deluxe

Vipukirves Leveraxe

Melon Slicer

Stand Out Suits

Beard Ski Mask

Nokia Steel

Watermelon Keg

Cacoon Hammock

Towel Twister


Pooch Selfie

Pac-Man Lamp

Beardo Ski Mask HD

Hot Sauce Challenge

Cyber Clean

Skull Wineglass

Giant Microbes

Sushi Bazooka

Mermaid Blanket


Color My Bath

Vooni® Stone Power Bank


Prosecco Pong



FiberFix Repair Tape


Tree Dazzler

Scratch Map XL

Wine Bottle Glass

Ice Ball Maker