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iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Get your very own automatic dog ball thrower and make your dog ecstatic with joy! Place a ball inside and let your iFetch throw it a distance of three, six or nine metres.

iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower - iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower (EU plug)
iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower (EU plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower - iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower (UK plug)
iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower (UK plug)
4 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower - Extra Balls (5-pack)
Extra Balls (5-pack)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower - C Batteries 2-pack
C Batteries 2-pack
93 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Thrower - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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40 reviews

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What is this?

Super good product

written by Merete Hansen, 07/07/14

We seem to ifetch is a super smart invention. Our dog is totally crazy about it. It could play with it all day ..

Super cool!

written by Freaky86, 01/09/14

This is must for your dog! Genial case that getting your pet to have fun :) This case makes it more exciting, the actual sound of the machine makes react my dog ​​on it creates a kind of excitement fo... Read more

funny play

written by Marie, 05/09/14

Ifetch is a fun toy for both dog and owner. Do you think you likevell need to accept that it will take some time and patience to teach your dog to drop the ball in the machine, but it's like that ... Read more

iFetch kind cannon

written by jb, 12/09/14

Hello Incredible fast delivery for 24 timmar.Zimba a Jack Russel is totally crazy in this leksak.Det took up to an hour ago did she kind cannon.

Funny toy to the dog!

written by Maria, 25/09/14

iFetchen works well, but wished that there was cable to connect plug sockets and not just battery power.

good thing

written by Ville, 01/12/14

Very good thing. Three modes, three balls, only to drive. HOWEVER, one thing that is not evident in the product description is that the machine makes a "murrande" sound when the ball goes in... Read more

Fetch kind cannon

written by Silvia Nunez, 03/12/14

fast delivery, no problems, but no balls at all, how will I be able to test the machine, the purchase is that it comes with three bollar.och I found no ???????????? what am I doing now?


written by Deva, 08/12/14

Great device. One of our dogs hypnotized it virtually and chasing the ball happy afterwards. Got that hoodwink him he has not yet. The other situation is averse to the noise against which catapulted t... Read more


written by joachim, 08/12/14

Device: Function super, only balls are too small for large dogs. PSU is too! The dog must be performed in the game to the unit zoom. First, just play with the ball, so the dog loses the fear of device... Read more

iFetch - the world's best dogs!

written by Ilana, 12/12/14

I bought iFetchin pallofriikille jack russel for. This invention is one of the best in this century. The dog learned to day operation and playing now controlled about 3 hours a day alone. While it is ... Read more

As-Cool !!

written by muffen_99, 26/12/14

Do not know which one of us had the most fun with this thing - me or the dogs ?? A really fun throwing machine - is to recommend buying the 5st extra balls, especially if you use full-strength roll!

"IFetch Apportiermaschine - The Original"

written by Chris, 05/01/15

A great fun for dogs and humans! Especially in the dark season a good job for inside the apartment or house. We are very satisfied, though still the Apportiermaschine is very reasonably intense!

Great Winter employment

written by I.L, 06/01/15

My little Jack Russel finds this ball machine great. He has learned, when I set up the machine, set the ball to the emergency eject hole, waiting for the the ball flies, brings the ball and the game s... Read more

The dog afraid of it

written by Josef, 14/01/15

Our dog is frightened by the sound it makes when it fires. Sounds like an engine that turns on and off. Sure, she brings the ball once it has been pushed out but she does not go near the gun and leave... Read more


written by Terrirn Totte, 04/02/15

Thank you dad for buying this. The world's most fun thing to play with. And to learn to load it himself was soon made.

fun and games

written by Annelie/Adore, 09/03/15

Works bet. better than I thought. Ev little less because of the sound it emits ... but, the dog gets used to. Rekomenderas


written by Werner, 13/03/15

cool device, the dog is excited !!!!!!!!!!!! If he still throws the ball itself purely ............. The offer was pricewise the reason to buy, 160 euros I would not for raushauen ..... Greeting W.

Very good

written by Sara, 14/03/15

My she is very happy for it. She can run after the ball for hours. It is also good to play with along with the dog. It requires little training to teach his dog to use it, but it's a good opportun... Read more

kind cannon

written by Maximus, 17/03/15

The only sad thing is that it hums quite high, especially at position 3. The dog learned to deal with it after a while. Apart from that, it is the jätteomtyckt of my dog ​​Maximus. He can play forever... Read more


written by Linda, 23/03/15

I can really recommend this product. Our dog is 9 months and how much energy any love. He realized for the first time that this toy is for me. As soon as any of us sit down at the machine, he springan... Read more

Love it

written by åshild bente sørensen , 03/06/15

This love my dogs, have both small and large dogs, four chihuahua and puppies and they love this machine, standing and waiting their turn, trained in using click and treat, a little patience, so sitti... Read more

Pallohullulle the perfect gift!

written by Em, 15/06/15

The dog will love this device! Has not yet learned to cook your own ball machine. A little rehearsing still requires :)

See Department

written by BTina und BobbyDus, 30/07/15

• Super purchase anytime • Top equipment, good workmanship • Easy handling • Mega game • Adjustable range 10, 20 and 30 feet (great for In-Outdoor) • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs The iFetch... Read more

Entertaining in moderations

written by Thomas, 31/07/15

Quite entertaining and fun invention. However, one must be obs., That dogs can be "bold-stressed", so you should not use it every day and for long periods of time. The quality does not hang ... Read more


written by Line, 31/07/15

Genial play for the smaller dogs, ball focused! My Papillon boy of almost 10 years found this was top of the box, -must practice more to put the ball up in itself, but training makes perfect. Had not ... Read more

report Cannon

written by B-M, 01/08/15

Incredibly fun toy for the dog. Sounds a bit but my dog ​​got used to the sound pretty quickly. Fun when you are on a lake and juts out into the water. Highly recommended.

iFetch Apportiermaschine

written by Martina, 03/08/15

Actually a great thing I thought. And then was it shocked how small balls. Suitable for Chihuahua and other toy breeds. But even for a normal dog in "Dachshund size" not because there is a d... Read more

Absolutely brilliant!

written by Tiril-Marie, 04/08/15

Incredibly fun toy that has become a big favorite. The dog is thrilled when this comes out, and he never tire. If your dog likes and throw the ball, it comes to love this invention! Highly recommended... Read more

Very cool!

written by Ole-Morten, 17/08/15

This cannon was as cool as it looks! When turning it on so it uses only electricity when you put a ball down, so the struggle is not so much on batteries. Meanwhile, turn it off completely if not used... Read more

Report gun iFetch

written by Ingela, 17/08/15

Giant Funny toy that activates the whole dog. The sound does not interfere at all. For my dog ​​was sound when the ball is in the position of being thrown off a signal that "was prepared soon the... Read more

Blast !!!

written by Anette, 17/08/15

Blast play, works to fight well and the dogs love it !! Easy to use since you can use the batteries if you want it with out or else there is no power. Very satisfied!


written by Sandra, 26/08/15

Super happy! Ordered ifetch and two days later I had it. Also sent mail that I received prompt response. The ifetchen is genial and dog love it! Now it remains the only teaching the dog to put the bal... Read more


written by S, 04/01/16

Good and your favorite toy pug-boys. Suitable for young people and the playfulness of the animal. The balls should be a few more.

Driller already

written by Luise, 09/03/16

The spent maybe 4-5 times and there are already some problems with it. The light does not always work, there has been a simple time where it simply would not start.

Dog fun without end

written by D. Hoffmann , 19/08/16

Our Jack Russell loves this machine. He does not get enough of it! Already on the 2nd day he had it out, as he gets the ball into the machine. A great pleasure to watch him having fun with it! Despite... Read more

Be a cannon toy .. however, the dogs were a bit afraid of the sound

written by Rosie, 16/12/16

Be a cannon toy .. however, the dogs were a bit afraid of the sound they gave .. But suppose they get used to it.

Bad balls

written by Melle, 07/04/17

The balls last for a couple of days and without extreme use. The apron cannon is highly appreciated by Melle, but very sensitive to balls that have become wet of dog saliva.

Funny ....

written by Anette, 08/05/17

Our dog is bulletproof, not sure this would work. He has not really found the ball in the funnel, but has fully understood that when ifetch "buzzes" stands in wait and waiting for the ball t... Read more

iFetch Sweepstakes

written by Tellu, 15/03/18

How are you doing without this device? The best bullshit for the dog ever. Even when you can teach yourself to put the ball on the machine :) Our dwarf hunter is eagerly awaiting the day-to-day racing... Read more


written by Ante, 18/04/18

It sounds a little while it's loading, but the dog got used to after a while, even taking the ball out of the cannon before it was taken away. Am satisfied with the product

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