Christmas gifts for boys

What do boys really want for Christmas? We have sold gadgets and Christmas gifts on the internet since 2004, and one thing we know is what men and boys want as Christmas gifts! Is he into Star Wars? Then head over to our Star Wars Category. We have all kinds of funny, nerdy and unusual gadgets that are perfect as Christmas presents and which boys love. If I were you I would just browse away!

No luck finding the right Christmas gift? Try our Christmas Gift Generator where you can enter interests, age, price range etc. and you'll get some gift ideas!

Kinder Egg Maxi

Gigantic Teddy Bear

Poo Head Game


Slackline Kit

Fidget Stick

Star Wars Look-ALite


3Doodler Start Plastic



Fidget Spinner

Smiley Pillow

Super Retro Trio

3Doodler Start

Hidden Animal Mug

Slackers Zipline

Pin Art Desk Toy

Magic Snow

Flash Roller

Gummy Candy Maker

Zepp Football Sensor

WowWee MiP Robot


Balloon Lamp

Star Wars Metal Models


Gummy Bear Lamp

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