Christmas gifts for children

It can be tricky buying Christmas presents for children as they’re not really bothered about how you’re supposed to behave in social situations. Was it a boring Christmas present? Then you can forget any fake gratitude – their focus has already shifted to the next present!

If your Christmas presents for children are to be a success, you need to buy something they really WANT. And that’s just the kind of thing we sell – fun, crazy and cool Christmas presents for children that are guaranteed to hit the mark!

3Doodler Start


Useless Box Kit

3Doodler Start Plastic


Jumbo Squishies


Super Mario Lamp

Poo Head Game

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball


Squishable Hot Dog Softie


Thinking Putty


Flash Roller

Giant Microbes

Aussie Cans


Fidget Cube

DIY Straws

Veggie Shapers

Balloon Lamp

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Egg Cuber

Color My Bath

Gummy Candy Maker

Harry Potter Metal Models


Orb Beadiballz


Squishable Taco Softie


Beardo Kids

Chow Crown Game

Mermaid Blanket


Khet Laser Game 2.0

Squishable Pizza Softie


Pocket Hammock

Squishable Sushi Softie


Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Speed Cube

Dice Light Lamp

Snowball Maker

Orb Bubbleezz

Unicorn Slippers

Money Gift Box

Magic Toy Truck

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring


Mystic 8 Ball

Squishable Avocado Softie


Fidget Spinner

Christmas presents for Children

At this time of year, many of us are looking around for Christmas presents for Children. After all, they say that Christmas is a time for children. Isn’t it wonderful to see the gleam in their eyes after Santa has left them something under the tree? We all remember the feeling - the butterflies in the tummy we had been feeling for weeks before the big day. Do you remember as a child how right from the middle of July you planned where you would gather all you Christmas presents called your spot long before your brothers and sisters could get there first? It almost makes you want to take a time machine back to those days and experience it all over again. That would be something to ask Santa for Christmas!

Christmas presents for Children who have it all!

Nowadays, it can be a real challenge to find a Christmas present for a child who has it all. All this hysteria with a thousand Christmas presents takes off in a frenzy and eventually nobody knows who got what! Well, then you would like to find something creative or fun. Practical Christmas gifts that the children can actually use and enjoy. It doesn’t really matter whether the present is expensive or not. What is valuable is seeing how the children enjoy their Christmas presents, even long after the old dried up spruce tree has left the living room. Fortunately enough, on this page, we have gathered plenty of fun and neat Christmas gift tips that will truly make children happy.

Christmas presents for Children who don’t want anything

However, you may face the opposite problem as well. What kind of Christmas present do you get for a child who does not want anything? Maybe you get the same answer, because it’s still the thought that counts. Finding Christmas present tips for children still need not be so difficult. The Christmas gifts that children expect look different, and each of us knows his own child best. They deserve the best, after all, and that would be is a secret that only you can know. If your imagination fails you, we would be happy to try to help you find a bunch of fun and exciting Christmas presents here at CoolStuff that children love!

But it doesn’t just end here. We have plenty of Christmas present tips for children and for adults, fun Christmas gifts, smart Christmas gifts and even gifts for dogs and cats! Looing for a little more inspiration? Check out our pages for Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him, Unexpected Christmas gifts och Fun Christmas gifts.

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