Christmas gifts for children

It can be tricky buying Christmas presents for children as they’re not really bothered about how you’re supposed to behave in social situations. Was it a boring Christmas present? Then you can forget any fake gratitude – their focus has already shifted to the next present!

If your Christmas presents for children are to be a success, you need to buy something they really WANT. And that’s just the kind of thing we sell – fun, crazy and cool Christmas presents for children that are guaranteed to hit the mark!

Khet Laser Game 2.0

Silicone Baby Bib

Mermaid Blanket


Gummy Bear Lamp

3Doodler Start

Veggie Shapers

Money Gift Box

3Doodler Start Plastic


Rubik's Cube

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball


Pin Art Desk Toy

Balloon Lamp

Lumibrix light

Beardo Kids

Stylophone Beatbox

Flash Roller

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring


Cubebot Wooden Robot


Fidget Cube

Chocolate Bar Maker

Useless Box Kit

Thinking Putty


Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks



Block Tape for LEGO


Gummy Candy Maker


Donut Pool Float

Unicorn Slippers

Fidget Stick

DIY Straws

Tetris Lamp

Kigurumi Pika

Snowball Maker

Swan Pool Float

Pocket Hammock

Mini Fridge

Jumping Ball

Money Maze Box

Flamingo Pool Float

Aussie Cans


Mystic 8 Ball

WowWee MiP Robot

Fidget Spinner

Penguin Trap Game

Huge Balloons

Rubik's Speed Cube

Egg Cuber

Giant Microbes

Volkswagen Cool Bag

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