Christmas gifts for her

Christmas gifts for her, that special person that you care for and love. As you can see we have plenty of gift ideas that hopefully will suit the woman you are planning to give a Christmas present to. In the bottom of this page we list all of our Christmas categories, Merry Christmas to you dear visitor!

Remember that we have 2 years warranty and a 90 day return policy if you change your mind, and we offer fast delivery – all to guarantee your Christmas shopping for her will be as secure and convenient as possible!

Vooni® CityRocker



Retro Letter Board

Squishable Pineapple Softie


Shark Pet Bed

Powerball Gyro Ball


Gun Alarm Clock

Towel Dress 2.0

Licki Cat Brush

Undies for Two

Squishable Hot Dog Softie


Floaty Pants

Foot Hammock

BioLite CampStove 2

Wicked Wedge


Guzzlers Wine Rack

Slackers Zipline

Cozy Llama Bouquet

Gin & Tonic Pong

Rubik's Cube

Sneaker Slippers

Squishable Hamburger Softie


Cinema Light Box

Prosecco Pong

Dog Washer 360

Pineapple Peeler

Pillow Speakers

Smiley Pillow

Batter Dispenser

Smart Self-Watering

Skull Wineglass

Jumbo Playing Cards

Cozy Cat Bouquet

Vooni® Boombox

Squishable Pizza Softie


Mystic 8 Ball

Cake Candelabra

Mini Fridge

Scratch Night View

Embroidery Kit

Fidget Cube

Cozy Teddy Bouquet

Spikeball Game

Rubik's Cube 360

ArcSpark USB Lighter


Mood Book Lamp

Nutella 3 kg Bucket

Squishable Sushi Softie


Trolley Bags


Tassen Emotion Vase

Magisso Cake Server

Jumbo Squishies


Poo Head Game

Horror Masks