Christmas gifts for inlaws

So you're looking for Christmas gifts for your in-laws huh? I know how that feel, Tom Cruise and his Mission: Impossible is nothing compared to this..but CoolStuff to the rescue! We have loads of funny, unusual, practical and quirky products that are perfect as a Christmas present and that will make you the best daughter-in-law or son-in-law in history, or well for the evening at least. Have a good browse!

Need some more help do you? Fear not! Use our Christmas Gift Generator where you can enter interests, price range, age and the generator will work its magic and provide you with some neat gift ideas!

Frameo Digital Photo Frame


Giant Wine Glass

Tassen Emotion Cups

Ice Ball Maker

Wicked Wedge

Buddha Board

TrackR Bravo

Brass Knuckles Mug

Wine Bottle Glass

Metal Wallet

Beer Foamer

Scratch Map XL

Potty Piano

3 Man Chess

Bike Balls

Cyber Clean

Mouse Rug

Snug Rug Outdoor

Prepara Herb Savor


Anti-Slip Pad

Camera Lens Mug

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball


Plants in a Can

Tassen Emotion Vase

Mini Fridge

Hidden Animal Mug

Bottle Light

Scratch Night View

Smart Self-Watering

SPA Jelly Bath

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Tie Flask

Minipresso NS

Wallet Ninja

Stand Out Suits


Ice Bottle Cooler

Cookie Mug

Sun Jar Solar Lamp

Microwave Pressure Cooker


Thermal Vest

Sushi Bazooka

Cork Globe


Pocket Hammock

Nessie Ladle



Cacoon Hammock

Big Enter Key

Mighty Mug Go

Trolley Bags

Beer Belt

Pineapple Peeler

Jedi Robe Deluxe

Mood Book Lamp

Twilight Bird Table

Beer Tracker

Skull Mug

Veggie Twister

Melon Slicer


Towel Twister

Wellness Foot Plasters


Hot Dog Maker

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