Christmas gifts for partner

Your partner! The person who lives with you, who can stand you although you're sometimes careless, even when you forget about grocery shopping and when you stay up way too late. Actually as you might understand, it's time to buy a fun and unexpected Christmas gift for your partner! And btw, it could be smart to buy something that you've also been wishing for since everybody knows about the principle "what's yours is also mine" which definitely applies here! So..go ahead and find that perfect Christmas present for your partner!

Love Is Art Kit

Bath Basin for Adults

24K Gold Rose

Hand Candle

Tiki Tumblers

Message Pills

Fifty Days of Play

Undies for Two

Ukkomatti 100 Flask

Sugru Repair Moldable Glue


Cacoon Hammock

Tassen Emotion Cups

3Doodler Pro Plastic


Twilight Bird Table

Bedroom Battle

Silver Rose Mini

Ice Lantern Star

LED Reflective Belt

Vooni® Boombox

Sex Dice

Dance Pole

Unicorn Teapot


Harry Potter Lamp

Magic Egg

Tassen Emotion Teapots


Clone-A-Willy Kit

Dare Duel Sex Game

Tassen Emotion Mugs

Ukko Schnapps Shot Glass


Ice Bottle Cooler

Cat Hat

FiberFix Repair Tape


24K Gold Rose Mini

Unicorn Nail Dryer

Tile Bluetooth tracker


Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box




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