In all decoration stories there’s a lot of talk about cushions this and textile that - and that’s of course due to that cushions make a big difference for your decoration in your home! Exchange your old pillows with fun 3D cushions, or give your living room a nice disco feeling with sequin cushion covers!

Our body pillow from Zenkuru is perfect for the bedroom - this ergonomic pillow gives you wonderful support when you’re sleeping, reading or just relaxing. The u-shaped pillow is also a perfect maternity pillow and pregnancy pillow that makes it easier for the mother-to-be to sleep. And yeah, it’s a very huggable pillow of course!

Pusheen Cushions

Smiley Pillow

To find the perfect cushion is not that easy. But you should look for something fun or practical! Here at CoolStuff we have cushions and cushion covers that are something else. Are you looking to update your decoration at home you can have a look at our sofa cushions and scatter cushions that have fun motifs and cool effects. How about a cushion with animal motif or a colour shifting sequin cushion?

Are you instead looking for something for the bedroom you can have a look at our practical and ergonomic pillows, as our best selling body pillow from Zenkuru. Regardless what you’re looking for we have a fun or practical alternative that will make you smile. So forget about having a dull and boring home, get yourself a new cushion today!

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