Fun Christmas gifts

Socks and vases are all very well, but here at CoolStuff what we really love are fun Christmas gifts! Crazy, unusual and cool items that are a bit different from the rest. And we’ve got a particularly good selection of Christmas presents that people will genuinely appreciate!

Below are a few suggestions, but if we’re honest, any of the items we sell here at CoolStuff would make excellent Christmas gifts, so have a good browse!

Himitsu Bako Puzzle Box


The Small Viking Axe Game


4D Cityscape Puzzles


Big Enter Key

Potty Piano

Scrubba Wash Bag

Sneaker Slippers

Hot Dog Maker

Sushi Bazooka

Poo Head Game

Sneaker Socks

Newton's Cradle

Giant Wine Glass

Santa´s Flask

Beardo Viking

The Good Book



Skull Beer Glass

Hashtag Mug

Ice Shot Glasses


Giant Microbes


IQ Box Puzzle

Veggie Shapers

Wine Bottle Glass

Undies for Two

Beer Belt

Gummy Candy Maker

Book Safe with Lock


Unicorn Candle

Mystic 8 Ball

Wild Dining Plates


Smiley Pillow

Penis Pokey Book

Unicorn Slippers

Funny Masks

Horror Masks

Beer Sheriff

Clone-A-Willy Kit

Pineapple Peeler

Geek Mug

Prosecco Pong

Mermaid Blanket


Chow Crown Game

Scary Peeper Deluxe

Bike Balls

Skull Wineglass

Metal Model Kits


Gin & Tonic Pong

Licki Cat Brush

Magic Toy Truck

Unicorn Nail Dryer

Skull Glass

Skull Mug

Banana Lamp

Tie Flask

Floaty Pants


Rubik's Cube

Cat Hat

Rubik's Speed Cube

Camera Lens Mug

House Clock

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring


Fun Christmas Presents

At this time of year, many of us are looking around for fun Christmas presents to get each other. After all, Christmas time is the season of joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful both to receive and to give something really light-hearted, but at the same time so cordial and fun! What more could you ask of Santa Claus?

A fun Christmas present for each and every one

These days, we face so much pressure on how we should be and how we should look. We also show it off on social media too. Why can’t we just have a little fun? Here at CoolStuff, we are convinced that a good laugh prolongs life and that not everything has to be taken so darn seriously all the time. All this hysteria about perfection is just an empty filter anyway. So put on your cosy pants and let the child inside you take over! And what could be better on Christmas Eve when you are already spending time with those nearest and dearest to you, who all feel just the same as you?

Clever Christmas presents and tricks and crafts

Of course, fun Christmas presents don’t need to be frivolous in nature! What each of us defines as being fun can vary greatly from one person to another. Those of us who love manuals, brain teasers and other tricky challenges may find puzzling Christmas presents to be the absolutely best entertainment you can buy. These days, it is hard to promise a White Christmas. We have no power over the forces of the weather, but a neat Christmas present can make for a great Christmas anyway. And that’s what we all want, whether or not our roofs are covered in snow. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a fun Christmas present for a friend or tricky Christmas presents for your more patient friends. On this page, we have gathered plenty of fun tips for anyone looking to give away a fun Christmas present.

But it doesn’t just end here. We have plenty of Christmas present tips for children and for adults, unexpected Christmas gifts and smart Christmas gifts. Or why not a Christmas present that a dog or cat-owner can enjoy with his four-footed friends? Certainly a dog would like a fine Christmas gift of its own! Looking for a little more inspiration? Check out our other pages for Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him , Christmas gifts for children och Unexpected Christmas gifts.

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