Gift for dad

Check out our ideas below if you’re planning to buy a present for your dad. Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday or Father’s Day, we’ve got gifts that men will appreciate! Everything we sell is in stock and dispatched immediately once you place an order, so you get your present to dad quickly. And you can return the item within 90 days if you change your mind!



The Small Viking Axe Game


Sushi Bazooka

Tie Flask

Metal Wallet

Hidden Animal Mug

Mini Fridge

Sneaker Socks

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Pocket Hammock

Hot Dog Maker

Jedi Robe Deluxe

Stand Out Suits

Thermal Vest

Mouse Rug

Smart Self-Watering

Sugru Repair Moldable Glue


Memory Cards


Star Wars Spatula

Minipresso NS

Scratch Map XL

Scratch Night View

FiberFix Repair Tape


Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets


Retro Letter Board

Plants in a Can


Beard Master

Beer Briefcase

Vooni® TV Lighting

Wall Clock Safe

BioLite CampStove 2


Money Gift Box

Buddha Board

Yeti Ice Scraper

Kelvin.36 Multitool

Nessie Ladle


LED Beanie Cap


Vooni® Stone Power Bank


Bike Balls

Guzzlers Wine Rack

Lékué Pizza Mat

Garden Igloo

Bottle of Death

Foot Hammock

Potty Piano

Gift for Dad

Are you looking to buy a Gift for your dad, but your mind draws a blank? Are you tired of getting your dad dull and mediocre presents and you would rather win a prize for the world’s best dad-gift? Don’t worry; here at CoolStuff we can help you find the perfect gift for your father. No matter whether you need a gift for the barbecue master, beer lover or a gift for the motor-home owner, we have what you need. We have a wide range of unique, smart and entertaining gifts that will definitely make your father happy.

Your father deserves a unique gift

After all, it’s important to honour all the cools dads out there. You dad is your greatest male role model and has given you the finest gift of all - the gift of life. He has taken care of you for a great portion of your life and has helped to shape you as a person. This is no small task, so surely, he is worth celebrating with a really great gift. No matter whether you are looking for a birthday present for your dad or a Father’s Day gift, he deserves something unique.

If you have been desperate looking for good gifts for your dad, now you can relax. You’ve come to the right place! So, set your worries aside and look through our product range above. For more inspiration, you can also take a look at our Gifts for Him and Father´s Day Gift.


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