Gifts for boyfriend

You’ll find masses of fun, unusual and romantic items here, perfect as a gift for your boyfriend! And you don’t even need to have a special reason to give your boyfriend a present, the more unexpected it is, the more it will be appreciated. Remember that! If you’ve got the boyfriend, we’ve got the present!

Love Is Art Kit

Hand Candle

24K Gold Rose

Beard Ski Mask

Zink hAppy Printer

Potty Piano

Smiley Pillow

Watermelon Keg

Nokia Steel HR

Brass Knuckles Mug

Skull Glass

Jelly Bath Spa Gel

Star Wars Metal Models


52 Weeks of Romance

Beer Sheriff

Mini Fridge

Fidget Spinner

Dare Duel Sex Game

Beard-care Products


Money Gift Box

Bedroom Battle

Sushi Bazooka

Metal Wallet

Aussie Cans

Zepp Football Sensor

Nessie Ladle

Beard Master

Stand Out Suits

Star Wars Spatula

Bike Balls

Foot Hammock

Penis Pokey Book

Veggie Twister

Rubik's Cube 360

Cinema Light Box

Vooni® TV Lighting

The Small Viking Axe Game


Wild Dining Plates


Beer Briefcase

Hashtag Mug

Cozy Teddy Bouquet


Fuji Instax Mini 9



Gun Alarm Clock

Skull Beer Glass

Plants in a Can

Silver Rose Mini

Undies for Two

Wine Bottle Glass

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