Going away gifts

There’s nothing wrong with giving a bottle of wine, bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates as a leaving present. But wouldn’t it be fun to give something different, entertaining or even a bit crazy? A leaving present that will be genuinely appreciated?

Of course it would! That’s why this page is dedicated to our top selection of leaving presents!

Giant Wine Glass

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets


Ice Ball Maker

Blow Monkey

Potty Piano

Horror Masks

Hand Candle

Ice Lantern


Twilight Bird Table

Ice Lantern Star

Plants in a Can

Brass Knuckles Mug

Ice Shot Glasses


Smiley Pillow

Khet Laser Game 2.0

Giant Microbes

Guzzlers Wine Rack

Cyber Clean

Heart Warmer

Scratch Map XL

Scratch Night View

Kitchen Safe

Guzzlers Wine Rack

Sausage Guillotine

Skull Candle

Addict-A-Ball Maze Ball


Magic Egg

Skull Beer Glass

Ice Bottle Cooler

Melon Slicer


Sky Lanterns

Mystic 8 Ball

Racing Grannies

Unicorn Teapot

Wine Bottle Glass

Beer Tracker

Skull Glass

Nessie Ladle

Metal Wallet

The Good Book

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