Kids Parties

Arranging a kids party? Check out these fun items and ideas to make your children’s party a little bit different! Also check out our other products, like toys, if you want to arrange a treasure hunt with fun gifts for a kids party!

Vooni® CityRocker

Spikeball Game

Kinder Egg Maxi

Talking Hamster

Melon Slicer

Jumbo Squishies



Aerobie Pro Flying Ring


Brownie Maker

DIY Straws

Cake Candelabra

Orb Beadiballz

Orb Bubbleezz

Hot Dog Maker

Nutella 3 kg Bucket

Magisso Cake Server

Magic Snow

Unicorn Teapot

Veggie Shapers

Harry Potter Lamp

Zen-Sand Jumbo

Color My Bath

Teddy Bouquet

Aussie Cans

Poo Head Game

Gummy Candy Maker

Orb Slimiballz

Super Mario Lamp

3Doodler Start

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