Living Room

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the living room is the brain. That is where we binge-watch our favourite TV series, read a good book, recline and cuddle on the sofa, eat popcorn while watching an exciting film, toast with our dear friends and drink tea with visiting relatives. Above all, the living room is also the place where we put the most effort into showing off our personal sense of style! Here you will find funny, goofy, practical and cosy gadgets for that very purpose. Quite simply, every thing you need to set the atmosphere in your personal living room.

Frameo Digital Photo Frame


Newton's Cradle

Wall Clock Safe

Vooni® TV Lighting

Embroidery Kit

Skull Ice Bucket

Bottle Light

Dice Light Lamp

Retro Letter Board

Harry Potter Lamp

PyroPet Candle Cat

Foot Hammock

The Good Book

Hand Candle

Magic Egg

Pac-Man Lamp

Mermaid Blanket


Unicorn Nail Dryer

Buddha Board

Smiley Pillow

Cinema Light Box

Mood Book Lamp

Tassen Emotion Vase

Balloon Lamp

Pusheen Cushions

Unicorn Candle

Bottle of Death

Super Mario Lamp

Book Safe with Lock

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