Sneak Peek

Here you can take a Sneak Peek at some cool things that we have purchased, but which are not yet in the warehouse. You can sign up to make sure that you are first in line when the products come it! Then the product page will be even cooler with new or supplementary images and texts.

You can also get a Sneak Peak at some things that we at CoolStuff have considered whether we should purchase or not. Often, our CoolStuff HQ is divided into two camps: some of us try to convince stubborn purchasers that “sure, we can certainly sell this product!” In such cases, as a sneak peeker, you have an opportunity to decide the matter. Enter your e-mail on the product’s sneak-peek page and that will help us to convince the purchasing department! If you have any more ideas for more fun and unusual items, please give us a tip!

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