Valentine’s Day 2019 Gift Tips!

On the 13th of February each year, you experience the same panic: You run around in a desperate hunt for the ultimate Valentine’s Day present. You need something to symbolise your love for your sweetheart, something to show how much in love you are - and something that fits within your budget. Little wonder that you most often end up handing over a hastily bought rose and a dusty chocolate box on Valentine’s Day. Not this year! Your sweetheart deserves better than that! Here is the only list you will need; it’s full of romantic and nifty present tips for Valentine’s Day 2019!

1. Gold Rose

Needless to say, giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is painfully lacking in imagination! Unless, of course, that rose is gold-plated! Roses and gold are a classic combination when it comes to romance, and our gold rose is a real rose that has been carefully decorated in 24 K gold. This beautiful and unique gift of love never withers - what better symbol for love can you find?

2. 52 Weeks of Romance

How about a Valentine’s Day present for the man (or woman) who has it all? Extend the romantic day to encompass an entire year full of love with the 52 Weeks of Romance game! In this game, you each receive 26 cards with romantic tasks to perform for one another - take turns in drawing one card per week so you have 52 cosy weeks filled with loving inspiration that await you. Picnics in the moonlight, passionate kisses and champagne breakfasts are just a few of the things that await you during your most romantic year together!

3. Chocolate Fountain from KitchPro®

Never mind getting a box of chocolate for your boyfriend; that’s about as exciting as a pair of socks! This year, get him a neat chocolate fountain instead for Valentine’s Day. Besides melted chocolate tasting much better than dry pralines, this chocolate fountain gives you a great excuse for preparing fruit, marshmallows and other tasty treats to dip into the chocolate. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are just one example of something really tasty to snack on while toasting with a sparkling drink.

4. 50 Ways To Lay Scratch Poster

Scratch and lay like never before! That’s right, even more inspiration for your love life can be found with the amusing 50 Ways to Lay scratch poster. This is where you and your spouse scratch to find fifty pleasant and unusual positions to inspire your bedroom activities. Scratch to find a new position each week, and enjoy the innovative grown-up pleasure for a whole year, or scratch all the squares at once and have a marathon session in the hay loft!

5. Message Pills from Spralla®

Small, handwritten love notes have a high romance factor - and with these cute love pills, you can really take your messages of love to the max! The colourful pills contain small slips of paper on which you can write your own love notes to your sweetheart. Wonderful memories, your beloved’s best qualities or things that you want to do together - these loving notes are limited only by your imagination! The fact that this cute pill bottle contains as many as 91 pills also makes this a fun Valentine’s Day present to last a long time.

6. Silver Rose Mini

Of course, roses are a classic gift to give on Valentine’s Day. However, nobody likes getting withered flowers - so why not give a lustrous silver rose instead! This miniature silver rose is made of a real rose that has been plated with sterling silver. This is the ultimate love gift that never withers! The silver rose is approximately 15 cm long and comes in a beautiful box on a bed of black satin.

7. Cozy Teddy Bouquet

Flower bouquets are pretty. Stuffed animals are cute. Together they form an unbeatably romantic present. The Teddy Bear Bouquet! This is quite simply something as ingenious as a sleuth of teddy bears gathered into a bouquet along with an affectionate heart! You can hear it yourself - this is immeasurably much more fun than ordinary flowers! The bouquet is more than half a metre long, comes in an attractive gift box and makes a perfect Valentine’s Day present for your girlfriend.

8. Heart Shaped Frying Pan

Breakfast in bed is a classic way to woo your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, and breakfast can be made a thousand times more fun and more romantic if you serve it with a heart-shaped egg! With this cute frying pan, you can make the most lovely eggs you have ever seen. One clear bonus with this present is that you can make a romantic breakfast and at the same time give the frying pan to your sweetheart, who can then turn around and surprise you one dull morning with a heart-shaped egg. Talk about a clever gift tip for Valentine’s Day!

9. Spralla® Gigantic Rose

You know, when you are really, really in love, you can’t contain your feelings inside, and your love takes on astronomical proportions! That’s why it just isn’t enough to give a plain old bouquet on Valentine’s Day! Well, instead, you should show off how enormously in love you feel by giving this gigantic rose! This well-grown flower measures an entire 1.7 metres long, is covered in soft plush and is a magnificent present for the one you love. Go big or go home!!

10. Undies for Two

A Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend doesn’t really need to be all that serious; it can still be really cosy! Undies for Two are underwear to share. You won’t find a front side in your Undies for Two, but there are two back sides and four leg holes. Your own front sides naturally turn toward each other...then the rest is simply up to you! At any rate, you waste no more time getting into each other’s underwear - you are already there! This makes for a great start to a naughty and undressed evening!

11. Love Is Art Kit

Paint your love! That’s right, Love is Art is the canvass you paint with your own bodies. Take off your clothes, cover each other with paint and have a good time on the canvass. The result is an irregular and beautiful pattern that you create in the heat of the moment. We’d like to say that this is a sexy, artistic and somewhat secret way to transfer memories of your intimate moments from your mind into reality. And naturally, it is both really hot and a lot of fun to smear paint onto one another!

You can see it yourself - with these romantic gift tips for Valentine’s Day 2019, the celebration of love will be something quite out of the ordinary! At CoolStuff, we have a galaxy full of fun and unusual gift tips for every occasion. Visit our website CoolStuff for more inspiration!

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