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ArcSpark USB Lighter

Forget the old fashioned gas lighter you need to fill up and say hello to the rechargeable ArcSpark lighter. This USB lighter is your best friend when you have to fix a cosy evening by the fire or a romantic candlelit dinner. The lighter come in two sizes.

ArcSpark USB Lighter - USB Lighter Small Black
USB Lighter Small Black
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
ArcSpark USB Lighter - USB Lighter Large Black
USB Lighter Large Black
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
ArcSpark USB Lighter - USB Lighter Large Red
USB Lighter Large Red
35 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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40 reviews

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What is this?

Usb lighter

written by Peter, 26/12/17

Stylish design, fast to load, works out of anticipation and good to have no home at home to refill the lighter.

does not replace matches / lighters

written by Mannfred, 26/12/17

Quick Loaded. Smoothly without gas. Good to remember is that it does not get hot like a match so very difficult to light a unburned light that requires the stearin to melt to begin burning. Funkat can... Read more


written by Arvid , 27/12/17

Bought for my parents to replace their box filled with essentially empty lighters. It takes a little longer to light a whole new light but otherwise it will work very well. Can quickly load and seem t... Read more

Perfect size for your pocket

written by adress, 28/12/17

Works very well. Also has the longer version - with this one is perfect to carry in your pocket. Delivery was the fastest I experienced. Just plus

Neither good nor bad!

written by BE, 28/12/17

We have just tried it so far, and then it worked as it should. Otherwise, I have no comments!


written by HP, 30/12/17

Works better than I thought. A little different to light with a little arc. However, it is possible to light the small cubes to the fireplace in the fireplace. Remaining to see if it can light a fire ... Read more


written by Basse, 03/01/18

Working Gun! "Target" in the gap between the stearin and the wicket if the light eats new. Old light turns on immediately.


written by Basse, 03/01/18

Works great! "aim" in the gap between the week and the stearin we "new-ignition". Lighting directly at "ignition"


written by Bissen, 05/01/18

Top Fashionable! Feels like I'm first with it because nobody believes in its function. May be a birthday present in the future.

USB lighter

written by arne, 06/01/18

A nice lighter works well. Okay to light both candles and paper for a fire. Have not tried it for so long. How long is the battery sufficient before charging. There is no information about this

USB lighter ArcSpark

written by bl, 09/01/18

Hello :) After the 3rd time we used it .... followed the top with which conceals the "luminaries" ... so we can hold that part with your fingers while pushing out the "luminaries" ... Read more

Top Lighters

written by Bo, 09/01/18

Works really well. The short model is practical to wear in your pocket. The long fits well into light. Especially if they are in a lantern or the like when otherwise it can be difficult to access. No ... Read more

Great lighter!

written by Nisseghandi, 09/01/18

ArcSparc is a really good and easy-to-use lighter. Just dropping the constant gas refill is super. Also feels safer to light without an open flame. Can only warmly recommend this product!

Schysst product

written by Steff, 09/01/18

After single ignitions, however, the nozzle loosened up at the flame but could easily be glued with male son clippings.

Delivery good

written by Scott, 09/01/18

Men den lighter er ikke så god, det kan ikke lukkes og blir blokkert med voks, samlet service og levering på varer var bra. I'll be back!


written by Lasse , 09/01/18

It worked about ten times to light with it then has the wreath that sits at the front so that it goes with me when I'm pushing the pins to light

Good product

written by Lisan, 09/01/18

A great product. Works great. However, it emits a very tough noise when using it when the tension arc appears. But you have to live with that.

Interesting and useful but think about this

written by Marcus, 10/01/18

Definitely an okay buy and works to use most of the time, even to light things like the grill, though it may be a good idea to take a little piece of paper or something to light and then throw in it. ... Read more

ArcSpark USB Lighter

written by rele, 11/01/18

Absolutely top product, why is nobody coming with this before. The most reasonable I have bought for a long time.

Good lighter if it holds.

written by Per, 11/01/18

I will return immediately with a complaint because the lighter stopped working. More details on the complaint.

great thing

written by Leseratte, 12/01/18

Works great! Was a bit skeptical at first, but let me convince. Can only recommend it!

Does not work

written by Bella, 12/01/18

Unfortunately, please report that the product is not working. Has uploaded, but does not seem to take charge .......


written by pow, 15/01/18

The igniter sparkles once after charging, then it is dead. Lousy. In addition, the reviews can not be less than 100 characters, it will be difficult when fully described with four characters: shit.

Simple and environmentally friendly lighter

written by Anders, 15/01/18

USB igniter feels like an environmentally friendly option - and you do not get angry when the ignition is over or ice-cold gas runs along your hand when refilling! Very pleased with the frequent use o... Read more

Good for the environment - But bad for sensitive ears.

written by Thomas Jönsson, 15/01/18

Very practical and good. The gray plastic bite on top was loose when I got it but was easy to glue it again. By contrast, sounds in a very high tone when you turn it on, which is actually a bit uncomf... Read more


written by Jan-Erik, 07/02/18

Works perfectly.No gas or gasoline. Lighting candles without problem. Great format. Nice to look at. Have not checked how many lights you can light on a charge.

I'm probably coming with a complaint.

written by Per Nyström, 09/02/18

The igniter stopped lighting for a couple of days. I try to charge it, the charging lamp lights briefly when connected to the computer's USB. Turns off, which means ready-to-load, but no ignition.... Read more

Works flawlessly but keep in mind ...

written by Johan, 25/02/18

My works great. Have tested it in all weather because I'm smoker and work outdoors daily regardless of the weather. A little warning to those who have nervous ticks (like, for example, click on in... Read more

Arcspark lighter

written by Pelle, 02/04/18

Super good lighter to light, etc., nice and avoid gas lighter. Highly recommended. Small smooth only positive

Good for the environment but worse for the ears?

written by Henrik, 02/04/18

Easy to upload with USB and easy to light, but when you press the button to start the lighter comes a beeping sound that sounds like you have tinnitus! Just so annoying so you can hurry to light the l... Read more

Nice thing

written by Kirschblüte1988, 03/04/18

A practical alternative to ordinary gas lighters that suddenly stop working and deteriorate in quality. It arrived very well as a present and so far it works really well! We are excited about the part... Read more


written by Fire in the Hole, 09/04/18

Just as promised! I said the light was bright and it understood and got stuck. What a bow - thin blue and hot!

USB Lighter

written by RolfO, 01/05/18

Good lighter and seems to keep charging for a long time. Unfortunately, it has a high-frequency sound, which is hard for those who hear all the audio frequencies and probably even for pets. Without th... Read more


written by Ingvar Nilsson, 21/05/18

Works just as promised and delivered within the specified time I'm completely satisfied. Greet Ingvar Nilsson

It even sounds CoolStuff!

written by Bohm, 29/05/18

Equally easy to use as smooth and reliable. There is no risk of burning if you put it down in a candle holder. The noise is a rather tricky but what does it take when it takes only a second to start t... Read more

Cool, but sounds bad

written by Palle, 13/06/18

Cool lighter, but unfortunately it sounds unbearable with a high frequency when using it.

Good lighter

written by StingerSWE , 03/07/18

Very good and smooth lighter. The top does not need to be filled with gas. Easy to just load.


written by Ki, 01/10/18

It works as it should, so are happy with it. But when it lights up, there comes a sensible beep sound that cuts in the ears and head.


written by TOMMY HORNEMANN KROGH , 08/10/18

SMART invention - ordered 3 for 2's price - only one worked - advertised over this - the day after, 2 new ones appeared that seemed impeccable. Fantastic good and fast service !!!!. You have amazi... Read more


written by TOMMY HORNEMANN KROGH , 08/10/18

SMART invention - ordered 3 for 2's price - only one worked - advertised over this - the day after, 2 new ones appeared that seemed impeccable. Fantastic good and fast service !!!!. You have amazi... Read more

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