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Automatic Wine Preserver from KitchPro®

Place the automatic wine preserver onto the bottle and it automatically removes the correct amount of air. The pump is reactivated if any air gets back inside

Automatic Wine Preserver from KitchPro®  - Automatic Wine Preserver
Automatic Wine Preserver
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Automatic Wine Preserver from KitchPro®  - Coolstuff Batterier AAA Alkaline 10-pack
Coolstuff Batterier AAA Alkaline 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Automatic Wine Preserver from KitchPro®  - Coolstuff Batterier AAA Alkaline 4-pack
Coolstuff Batterier AAA Alkaline 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Super product also works in the fridge for white wine.

written by Joachim Møller, 16/11/13

Do as it says in the description and has been operational for over 2 years. A little behind in the notification, I know. Not using the batteries particularly quickly (I use rechargeable for everything... Read more

Just as expected!

written by Sverre, 02/08/14

This hadnt been on my wishlist Lady in a long time. Finally I found an ad for a vacuum pump and my mistress man could collect some ektekspelige bonus points. That certainly is worth taking with them w... Read more

Ingenious wine "cork"

written by Jo, 09/08/14

Absolutely super simple matter, which keeps the wine airtight. Finally, I agree not HAD drinking up the wine bottle in two days, just because I'm afraid it will lose themselves. With this I can ta... Read more

In Vino Veritas

written by RealRebel, 15/12/14

Quick delivery. Struggled a bit of inserting the batteries are installed correctly. The labeling was a bit small and indistinct for old eyes, but it went fine in the end. Vinpumpa seems to work well, ... Read more

smart and nifty

written by Lone, 31/12/14

This pump is easy to use and takes up little space. Is a good idea for when there is a remnant of a good wine that you would drink the next day. and cheap money.

Does not work as intended.

written by micj, 31/07/15

Vinpumpen actually works well, as it pumps the air out too often (it may well not end tightly around the neck of the bottle) with the result that it uses batteries very quickly and then you are the ri... Read more

bad stuff

written by Børge, 13/08/15

Kork're under pressure in the bottle and starts up automatically if the vacuum is too low. Smart I thought, the only problem is that this vacuum pump cap is not even close to be close. Therefore i... Read more

Great wine Fully automatic pump

written by NSchw, 17/08/15

The fully automatic wine pump works great and is a real eye-catcher, when it begins to pump the air for about 30 seconds. Simultaneously, the wine temperature is displayed. Great!

Fun gift, but shows unfortunately not the right temperature

written by Eva, 21/09/15

Vinpumpen's funny because it's fully automated. The pumps air out of the bottle and it becomes vacuum, thus completely tight. The display will include display temperature, but this works unfor... Read more

Works well on

written by Sissel, 05/12/15

I just watched it on the bottle, and was a bit skeptical / tense as some here wrote it could dure in one. Fortunately there quietly for a while, so for now I'm happy with it. Like display showing ... Read more

Super wine pump

written by Hans, 16/08/18

It works great. Probably best with rechargeable batteries. Simply put the white wine bottle in the fridge with the stopper.

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