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Bacon Air Freshener

Fill the air with the aroma of bacon! In the car, in the tree, at the office!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Perfect for a bacon lover

written by Sussi, 08/08/13

Gave this gift to a good friend and he was very excited. A good buy for anyone who loves bacon :-)

Smells like bacon

written by Robin, 07/10/13

Yes, just like when you open up a package of bacon, then you know the vacuum smell. It does not smell like new fried bacon smell. I did not like the smell. I thought it would smell more like new fried... Read more

Tilpads disgusting .... but fun

written by Louise Nielsen, 12/12/13

ar bought this for my girlfriend in the package calendar .... To "fresh" smell in his fishing car up ..... And then again ... comfortable disgusting, but mega fun. There are many fun and gre... Read more

mmmm Bacon

written by Bacon lover, 24/01/14

Hærlig smell of bacon, does not fit all when Bacon smell is VERY forward needy and slash :) All in all good experience :)

prompt delivery and good service - every time!

written by Simone Heneiksen , 18/12/14

All the times I've shopped with Cool Stuff I have received my order about 2 days after booking, smoothly, and without a lot of beating around the bush. The experience you do not often! The service... Read more

Bacon, fun gift

written by Anna, 25/02/15

When my boyfriend loves bacon so was this a fun gift to have in the car. It really smells bacon, affordable fun thing

distorted smell

written by Lisa, 26/08/15

It is fun, but it stinks something as toxic, and not even the plastic bacon, but it has such a powerful, poisonous smoky haze. A fine hate gift

always my pleasure

written by otto157, 26/01/16

I just get up BACON. And I can not constantly have on the plate, I want to taste at least. Of course, lets the air freshener according to about 3 months, but this is completely normal. However, you wa... Read more

Does not smell bacon

written by Andrea, 26/02/16

Fun product but unfortunately not smell the bacon. It smells more like a smoked sausage. If you want a whiff of smoked sausage in the car instead, this is the product for you!

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