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Bath Basin for Adults

Enjoy a relaxing bath, even if you don't have a bathtub! The bath basin for adults has room for a lovely bath. You can sit comfortably and get the water up over your otherwise cold knees. The compact bath basin, featuring a storage basket and drain, even suited to those with smaller bathrooms. Certainly, you want to take a bath!

Bath Basin for Adults - Black
61 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Bath Basin for Adults - White
44 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Bath Basin for Adults - Green
98 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Bath Basin for Adults - Cerise
37 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Bath Basin for Adults - Yellow
8 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Bath Basin for Adults - Blue
24 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Finally a really good option for the bathtub!

written by Susanne, 30/05/17

Absolutely wonderful product. Have missed a bath and get crawled in skim hot water and just relax. Canon quality, still and easy to move. With a little extra electrical tape around the coupling on the... Read more

Bathing bowl

written by Sasja, 09/06/17

Super good delivery and well wrapped in good service sour it is a good place to shop to shop on your site igeb

Love it !!!

written by Mirre, 09/06/17

It was delivered right to the door which was a big plus. The bar is light and the whole family loves it. It takes a small place but holds a thick mother as well as hot boys and mothers long, narrow sp... Read more

So lovely to swim

written by Audi, 13/06/17

Very nice to swim again. Minus to balja is big and unmanageable. For some reason, I thought it was collapsible ... It's not! hehe

Perfect fit

written by Eddy, 13/06/17

Good with colors And it was fun to have it in a small bathroom. I bathed with my girl they were doing well. My husband loves them. I have bought a grona And they fit really well with grona. Good head

Good solution

written by Beate, 19/06/17

Used a lot. Just missing a slight back, and a snake stuck when the bowl is emptied. Now only the hose drops.

Pools Balje

written by Vita Madsen, 19/06/17

On the advertisement a man appears in the cart. He has to sit very constricted when I measure only 150 cm and weighs 53 kg just can just screw me down into the barrel. The drain pipe drops quickly. It... Read more


written by Hytteliv, 24/06/17

The bath tub is solid, surprisingly good and can be used wherever you wish! Genuine product! The yellow color is absolutely amazing!

water drain

written by Helle, 30/06/17

Is fond of the actual bar. But the hose to the drain is a little worse: - The hose is jumping all the time so the whole floor sails in water and it is made of very thin plastic, which I think breaks a... Read more


written by Sara, 01/07/17

The drain leaks a bit! Had the tea to pour to make that ice cream leak! But otherwise a good stamp! Could be a bit softer at the bottom ..


written by Jenny , 03/07/17

I get into the vessel easily, is 1.62 and weighs close to 100 lines, but that's not even a problem, the water reaches all the way! However, it's a little harder to get out of the tub if it&#39... Read more

Bathroom Joy

written by Minix, 04/07/17

Perfect bath tub to have in the cabin or if you do not have a bathtub, yet dreaming of sinking into a warmly delicious bath tub. It is solid and steady, and is larger than one first thinks. The kids l... Read more


written by Gerda, 05/07/17

Unfortunately, the first bath was exhausted and it was really bad because it was a huge box that was being replaced. Fortunately, there did not go a lot of days and came a new one. It is close and a r... Read more


written by Eva, 07/07/17

Just right to say goodbye to one who missed a bathtub since 2005! That's how it goes with less liters of water than big bathtubs .. satisfied

Good investment

written by Luna, 11/07/17

So far I'm very pleased with the bathing ball! And I'm looking forward to finally swimming again, despite my little bath. I have actually been looking for something like this for several years... Read more

Shower Curtains

written by Piet, 12/07/17

The Zuber is qualitatively neat, the process works perfectly. The extension piece I would not have brought, but it is ok. For people over 1.8 meters, it is probably too short to sit comfortably. Under... Read more


written by Lena, 25/07/17

The rescue at the bathroom renovation! Fits well in the laundry room where there is a well. However, the drain hose is no elevation, close the well near the well.


written by B, 27/07/17

I thought initially that one could not sit comfortably in that room, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is. I'm 173 cm high and when there is water in the pool I can also sit on t... Read more


written by Anett, 07/08/17

This bath tub was perfect for my needs. I chose pink, which was a beautiful color. I'm under 1.60 so I have enough space in the pool. I had an inflatable pillow for a bathtub with suction cups whi... Read more

Badbalja for adults

written by Nettan, 08/08/17

Hi. Is really giant happy with my turquoise nice bath ball. :-) It's stable when the water is in. Easy to move when it's empty. Perfect for those who only have a shower but love to sleep, list... Read more

Badbalja for adults

written by Nettan, 08/08/17

Hi. Is really giant happy with my turquoise nice bath ball. :-) It's stable when the water is in. Easy to move when it's empty. Perfect for those who only have a shower but love to sleep, list... Read more

Holy King

written by Steinar, 10/08/17

Kjempe product. Now we finally got a bathtub, which we really did not have room for. the wife digs it, kidden digs it and i dig it :)

Dressing Balje

written by Hilde, 10/08/17

A perfect bathtub for the cabin

Badbalja for adults

written by Christina, 16/08/17

Have bathed twice and it worked very well. Should I complain about something I do not get it with the drainage of the water .... without releasing it straight out which also works. Great to have then ... Read more

Super hot bath tub

written by Daniel, 02/09/17

Got a really good service and already received my bath ball the day after. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks

Swimming pool for adults

written by Kine, 05/09/17

The product was in the expectation, the hose for emptying was somewhat fragile, so fear this may eventually break. A little disappointed that I got black box when I ordered yellow, but all in all I&#3... Read more

Enjoy bathing in the baljan almost every day

written by Badankan, 05/09/17

beautifully shaped in the back, good depth and width, which compensates for the length of time. Many who get a laugh when I'm in the baljan splashes

Badbalja for adults

written by Lily, 06/09/17

Very happy with my blue bath ball! Beautiful with foam bath, every now and then. The canopy is easy to move around, if desired. My balja takes place in the shower enclosure (the shower walls are almos... Read more

Dice box 6.

written by Mammaka, 13/09/17

Have wished for a bathtub for 11 years, but with a tiny bathroom, it has been with the dream ..... until now. Finally, I can lower my 175 cm long body into water. Thought that this balja was not going... Read more

Good balja, but bad hose

written by David, 15/09/17

The badbaljan itself works just as I had imagined. Perfect for those who do not have a tub at home, yet want to crawl down and warm us a little during the winter. However, I never got the drain hose t... Read more

Bath tub for adults

written by Heidi lauritzen, 25/09/17

It is a very claustrophobic bathtub. Not the greatest pleasure. Hard to get rid of again. My 9 year old daughter thinks it's nice. I think more about it to legs or very short legs and super slim a... Read more

Nice bathroom - big tub!

written by Louise T., 25/09/17

I could easily fit into the pool - I am 160 and weighs 63kg. When my boyfriend wanted to try it, he could also be there - he is 180 and weighs 80. We can not sit together in that case - but we had not... Read more


written by Rebecca, 02/10/17

I just love it! Have had a tub in most of the places I've stayed at, but where I live now there was nothing. And if you have a partner who does not like to stand in a bathtub and shower, this is p... Read more

Good substitute for bathtub

written by Petra och Vendela , 03/10/17

We like it for relaxation etc. However, washing the hair is a bit difficult and then it's lucky that it is in the shower room.

Good idea!

written by Anna, 12/10/17

Badbaljan is a fun complement to the shower. I'm short-lived so I can fit it and can sit for it for a long time to keep the skin and the joints warm and soft. My husband is not allowed to seat in ... Read more

Adult bathtub

written by Rebecca, 17/10/17

This is a fabulous bath that is surprisingly strong as it is thick has plastic, rather a thin one. Enjoying a laid-back bath that I have not been able to do for a long time.

Superfin ball

written by Gugu, 28/10/17

Arrived very quickly and is superfriendly. I am 173 and weigh 65 kg and I can be nice with it, with good space, really caress senselese, even if you are sitting more than lying. I gave the snake a sma... Read more

Convenient tub

written by Julia, 02/11/17

Many years waiting for a bath. True rescue for smaller bathroom and transferability. Great size, rescue in cold evenings :) Top product for us! As a matter of fact, the package will be sent to the nea... Read more

A suitable sized tub for a studio in a small bathroom

written by Janne, 03/11/17

The bat came in the mail in a fast-paced cardboard box that just fit into the back seat of a normal passenger car. The color was much pinkish red than I imagined and the plastic glittered more. I have... Read more

Badbalja for adults

written by Yvve, 13/11/17

Best I bought in a long time. Very smooth and easy to handle. Gets space in my shower so it takes no place.

Why did not I buy this before?

written by Pennan, 13/11/17

Ordered on Wednesday and on Friday I premiered. Wonderfully! So luxurious with a private bath again-forever. Is 180cm and was really comfortable. The son and I have bathed 5 times this weekend, not at... Read more

Best investment ever!

written by Line, 16/11/17

I have dreamed of owning a bathtub for many years now and because the prospect of moving in a house with a bathtub has some long prospects, I decided to invest in the bath tub - and it's worth all... Read more

Very pleased.

written by Jennifer, 06/01/18

I'm 172cm tall and weigh 85kg, so I thought it would be super tight and I would have my knees above the water surface. But I fill the baljan so the knees are under the water / bubbles. :) That it&... Read more


written by Viljo, 09/01/18

A great tub and easy to move under the louvers. But not with family adults but with teens! Good quality, light and durable.

A bath tub for adults

written by SE, 30/01/18

Wonderful! A great alternative if you only have a shower, but would like to dive. The material is also great, better and more stable than an inflatable or collapsible bathtub. Deep enough, it is also ... Read more

Good tub!

written by S, 02/02/18

Run your case! The installation was easy, the bath is comfortable and will stay warm for a long time, it was both with my husband (very narrowly). Removing is otherwise easy, but the rest of the water... Read more

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