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Batman Projection Light

You don't need to live in Gotham City to signal Batman. This cool lamp projects the Batman logo onto a wall or ceiling. The lamp rotates and tilts, and has a range of up to 8 metres.

Batman Projection Light - Batman Projection Light (EU Plug)
Batman Projection Light (EU Plug)
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Pestle Tough!

written by Bodø ActionHall, 19/09/16

Much more powerful light than expected. Provides a stylish Batman logo on the ceiling / wall. We love this! The lamp has a decor itself.

Good luminosity. The logo is very nice to see

written by Reni , 03/10/16

The lamp is made of plastic and does not look very high. Switched logo is but great to see. Depending on the distance to the wall then larger or smaller. As decorative nightlight or very appropriate.

Dust the lamp?

written by Sandra, 10/04/17

It looks like there is dust in the lamp, and the light is not satisfactory. It does not emit a complete sham.

The top

written by Emelie, 25/10/17

Small and handy and therefore easy to place a little anywhere without bothering it. Easy to direct and provide a nice light against the wall / ceiling. Spent my time at a party and it was very appreci... Read more

A must for Batman fantasy!

written by Helene, 20/03/18

I highly recommend this Batman lamp! The light is atmospheric and raises the room's softness factor to 100%. Equally strong light source with a clear Batman log that makes it easy to change direct... Read more

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