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The Blowpipe is easy to use. Everyone can have fun with the Blowpipe, because there's virtually nothing to learn, plus the major challenge to continually improve your accuracy!

Blowpipe - Blowpipe
48 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Blowpipe - Accessories Blowpipe Mouthpiece
Accessories Blowpipe Mouthpiece
20 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Blowpipe - Accessories Blowpipe Darts
Accessories Blowpipe Darts
9 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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18 reviews

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Purchase of blowpipe

written by Dennis, 17/06/13

Fat product and fast delivery. Fat product and fast delivery great product and fast delivery

Robin Hood

written by Alexanderkehn, 02/08/13

It is good to make a Robin Hood (Arrow through arrow) When the arrows do not break it. And so it also affects very precisely, but it is not a toy and you have to be really careful to hit someone with ... Read more


written by utu, 19/08/13

Really good, and a heavy-duty gaming, I ordered at the same time from one movement for another blow pipe (pretty decent game / hunting store) tube there was more expensive and quite lousy, really happ... Read more


written by Crazy mom, 30/09/13

Bought a blowpipe with their arrows for my son who was 14 Fine quality but was nevertheless surprised arrows quality. They are definitely not for children and super sharp. Can strongly recommend that ... Read more


written by malin, 11/01/14

very enjoyable pastime. tube feels plastigt and weak, but still works very well. cheap entertainment, but the arrows you buy to feel dyra.roligt to give away as everyone can use it.

Feedback blow pipe.

written by Harri Karttunen, 23/06/14

Delivery was completed according to plan. I am happy with the product. Price / quality ratio is correct.

Feee ...

written by mawola, 17/09/14

Slipper my inner kid in the garden and amuses me to hit a dartboard - it created a total success since we were a bunch of some wine which enjoyed a summer evening in the garden - highly recommended!


written by Karinca, 06/03/15

In the family, we have already 2 blowpipe so this will be a happy surprise as a gift for a young couple in summer


written by Justus, 20/03/15

Incredibly good quality shoot incredibly hard and has a great shooting skills. The only thing is that if you do not purchase additional arrows are only 12 and it feels a little bit arrows. Luckily, I ... Read more


written by irene Larsen, 27/10/15

as it was a birthday gift. I can not say other than it did very happy and it was immediately taken into use. My grandson really like about it. blowpipe also really great. Would like to recommend it to... Read more

How fun!

written by Rolf Axel, 10/03/16

Better than my high expectations. Samples fired at a cornflakes packet at home, full of flakes, and the arrow went straight through! Amazing to sniping at darts. The only small downside is the few arr... Read more


written by Ralf, 08/06/16

Blåsröret pilar fungerar med mycket bra. Lätt att ladda the arrows denna på modell. Lätt to keep the level DÅ man Blaaser iväg the arrows.

Awesome streak!

written by teiska, 10/10/16

The device is a good little playing for club and game. If you still should care because of the small pipe clips, which can each be used oneself, then this would be perfect.

Good entertainment - delivered quickly

written by Alice Jensen, 27/01/17

Great entertainment for both adults and young people. Low possibly your own butt on the cardboard box. Remember to close the box when the arrows can be shot through the box. The product was delivered ... Read more

work perfectly

written by Joachim, 08/03/17

Fast delivery, everything works as it should, and it was easy to assemble and get started. The arrows are a bit violent, so we use chickpeas, which works really well.

Surprisingly good

written by Stixi, 27/03/17

Surprisingly good and accurate. It really is not a toy, so can not be used in children under 18 years of age without supervision.


written by Johan, 28/06/18

Fun stuff to compete with on a regular piano! Extra plus that you can remove the pipe and the arrows are really easy! Can shoot from several meters distance even outdoors!


written by ASj., 02/07/18

4/5 stars. the product exactly what I expected. The only minus laying up of the pipe, which was awkward, and the instructions for laying down left no room for interpretation.

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