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Book Safe with Lock

Hiding something in a hollow book is the oldest trick in the book! But having a book with a metal box that unlocks with a key, that's really clever.

Book Safe with Lock - Large
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written by Geli, 23/08/14

Super solution for all who want to know something safely hidden. The roommate not quite trust or jewelry do not want to do so openly.

was well received as a gift

written by Gisisun, 31/12/14

The Book-safe was a Christmas present for my sister. You actually thought at first it was a book. She has gefeut about the surprise.

great Christmas gift

written by agnes, 31/12/14

I bought directly five pieces and given away as a Christmas present. All were exceptionally impressed by the "Book Safe - secret compartment" !! Can the part only recommend Thanks

solid work

written by Ior på nätet, 02/01/15

Gave it away for Christmas and it was received with joy. It is stylish, the right size OCN with a title that will get everyone to believe that the holder is a bore of rank, which is perfect. Nothing t... Read more

good idea

written by Tante Trulla, 02/03/15

Deceptively real is this "book" on the bookshelf. There is sufficient space to hide some treasure, cash or other odds and ends. I bought it for a half-grown and it was very well received.

Book Safe Bogskrin

written by Bertel, 25/05/15

I am extremely pleased with the delivery and the product. It came quickly and it corresponds well to its promises.

Lots of space, very discreet

written by Leo, 07/09/15

The small safe, hiding in the book really provides plenty of space to store valuable items in it. At first I was skeptical about how genuine looks the book and am pleasantly surprised. One hardly reco... Read more


written by jørgen jensen, 23/09/15

we hope it is good to keep on pengene.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lllllllllllllllllllll

A small safe.

written by Sara, 22/12/15

It blends in among the other books in the bookcase. Do not look to be made of metal. Perfect to hide valuables.

Top things

written by Muckl, 27/12/15

good idea that was well implemented. Hopefully the safe is not too successful, otherwise look where thieves soon as the first to ;-)


written by Joel, 06/01/16

Very good service, quick handling out of order. The product I ordered was as I expected. I will shop here again. Highly recommended.


written by Barbro, 16/02/16

Satisfied that I bought the little bokgömman. As a paperback solid thicker. Very fine workmanship. Simply stylish. Gave it to a teenage girl having some fun stuff in and some candy. Estimated.

Be a hole / tear in the back of bokgömmat

written by Thomas, 22/04/16

The item had been ok if it was not broken, my being had a hole / tear in the back and then the gömmat meaningless. Gidder not pay 50: - bucks to return a 119: -kr. To pay the return, it must make itse... Read more

Super arrived !!

written by Silke, 24/04/16

I gave away the book for Confirmation & it arrived super ... The best was the view of the sister, with the motto, "toll" a book when she was shown what it is she too was thrilled


written by Ak, 29/04/16

Unfortunately not so good, all 3 books had scratches! Since we but 1 day later, the books needed as confirmation gift, the bill was of course already been settled, we have not complained !!! Schade an... Read more


written by Kirsten, 07/06/16

It is quite nice. Is satisfied, have nothing to complain about and it will be used nicely on the shelf ..

secret things

written by RdM, 24/10/16

Such a great book that you want to read it several times ....... No hiding place is perfect, would have liked to have it in other colors as well so that you could choose the one that fits in among the... Read more


written by Matze, 01/11/16

The safe is more stable than I had imagined. He really is around the inside of metal with the book cover outside. Of course, there are just simple key. He also has a bit of air out at the beginning. T... Read more


written by Taina, 13/12/16

A surprisingly weighty "book". Mighty karkkipiilo. Children when sleeping, to open the book and read the contents: D I bought a bigger book, and it is the right size and lifelike book. I giv... Read more


written by Anders, 02/04/18

Very nice and practical. Once you've seen one, it's very easy to find out if there is such bookshake at home with someone else, you would like a large variety of covers to choose from.

Good gift idea at money gift

written by Maj Britt, 07/05/18

Bought the product for konfirmander, thought it was a bit more fun with a bookshelf for the money, as all the konfirmanders would like :-) It would have been even more fun if the book existed as the B... Read more

student Gift

written by Mormor, 18/05/18

Filled with chocolate and golden 5kronor for a happy student !!! Highly recommend to a real surprise!

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