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Cat DoorBell

Now you don't need to make a hole in the door for a cat flap. Get this cat doorbell for your pussy instead!

Cat DoorBell - Cat DoorBell
Cat DoorBell
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

Cat DoorBell - Battery 9V
Battery 9V
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat DoorBell - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cat DoorBell - Batteriers AA 10-pack
Batteriers AA 10-pack
64 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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338 reviews

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What is this?

Simply brilliant!

written by Christina, 18/04/13

Have only positive things to say about this product! Was very surprised at how well it actually works. Lets put the speaker anywhere in the apartment (walls) and it still works just as well =) Recomme... Read more


written by Myran, 18/04/13

When the clock flashes and sounds, I know that our cats want to enter. If any of them come in late I wake up bell and does not keep me awake. Additionally noticed it about others, not always "nic... Read more

Works flawlessly!!!

written by Ein Tierfreund, 29/04/13

Hi, this system works great! I am to be able to totally satisfied serve again with this opportunity my cat ... by I open the door for her: o) The different "tunes" are funny (except for A, w... Read more

bell to the cat

written by lise, 09/05/13

SUPER HAPPY, BRILLIANT PRODUCT, calling once kitty jumps onto my porch drop to to freeze

Chicks ringing now obediently :)

written by Julia, 17/05/13

I am passionate about these cats bell. Finally, I no longer have to look for the door if one of my chicks might want to clean every five minutes. It is very convenient that you can turn off the sensor... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by EDDY0053, 23/05/13

The cats bell is working properly and you need not only the cat gewöhnen.Licht mind and sound can be easily individually justieren.Auch the volume is einstellbar.Das device after inserting the supplie... Read more

Review Cat Doorbell

written by Nolden, 27/05/13

I have two hangover and did not have a cat flap. Just the evening and night to make both animals like to order one hour or two walk to gehen.Ich then put the sensor of cats bell next to the door. As e... Read more

Just awesome!!!

written by Susanne aus Berlin, 28/05/13

These cats bell is a really useful invention! Finally I must not constantly the patio door open to see if our two cats have come home. My husband was against the installation of a cat flap (theft risk... Read more


written by Monti, 29/05/13

Have the cat bell now since 14 days, am super satisfied. I can not installing a cat flap because for rent and new door. The cats bell is mounted on the patio door and when my cat comes home resounds: ... Read more

Ingenious part!

written by KuB, 01/06/13

The "Cat Doorbell Cat Doorbell" is just great, even with the different adjustment possibilities of sounds, or just to light signal. Unfortunately, I got just a guide in English and Swedish, ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by J. Breu, 05/06/13

Dear Cool Stuff team since now about 1 week, we have the cat bell and it is simply brilliant. Now, our cat, finally into the open air and we no longer need to leave the door open. Since we are only te... Read more

simply cool

written by Birgit, 10/06/13

The Cat Doorbell is just great. I know right now, if one of my favorites would in and not have to constantly look for the door.

Cat Door Bell Jingle Cats

written by Leslie, 10/06/13

A prime product. Have it on the doorstep and just next to it is their place to sleep for outdoors. My cat is surprised now that they will be let as quickly. The only downside, yesterday during heavy r... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by AR, 14/06/13

We find the cat bell super, you functioning properly. We have the motion on the patio door installed, but we even use in the summer often, however, we find it awesome that you can turn off the motion ... Read more

Excellent! Cat has rung! :-)

written by maja, 19/06/13

The Cat Doorbell is really great. We have our cat let out early in the morning and again put us to sleep. After about 1 1/2 hours. Resounded at once that we preset melody. So back to the front door an... Read more

Ring ... Ring ... Ring

written by FürdieKatz, 21/06/13

This thing is sometimes really "cool stuff" it works and our Peter (the cat) is ringing now at the front door with the Pink Panther theme !!! !!! Abgefahren Thanks to the inventor. And, the ... Read more


written by felix, 22/06/13

We and our cat are enthusiastic about the Cat Doorbell Cat bell. We no longer need to free up and see if the cat is already at the door, just great !! We can only recommend this product.

Cat doorbell

written by Ria, 24/06/13

the bell is great. Works flawlessly. Beson Dern the 10 different ringtones are great.

Cool Stuff

written by Dicker Hund, 27/06/13

Our cat Jimi can not believe that as soon as he stands at the door, is admitted immediately - thanks to the Cat Doorbell! We have already recommended, the absolute hit!

completely satisfied

written by Jürgen, 03/07/13

Article sent immediatly receive. It is fully compliant with its description and also like cats. Thank you!


written by Monika Loewe, 12/07/13

NOT more 50 race times to the door, because the "cat family" ALWAYS is not the trip back. For those of us who have no cat flap, but the Tiger trozdem love roaming the Wild ...... ABSOLUTE ti... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by tierfreund, 15/07/13

The bell is always worth the money. Cat and man are happy! Finally no unnecessary back and hergelaufe the door more. When the tune of "Pink Panther" runs, we know who's here :)!

Cat doorbell

written by Käddsche, 17/07/13

Super fast delivery and our cat finds the bell absolutely super. Would definitely recommend

Both product and Cool Stuff

written by Jens Nøhr, 22/07/13

The product was 100% up to my expectations and corresponded to the description. The operation of Cool Stuff lived more than 100% up to great expectations.

I am very pleased

written by udeve, 23/07/13

A good produckt I would not hesitate to order again, our cat now know exactly what you can enter without mewing

It works!

written by Manfred, 29/07/13

The Cat Doorbell is an ideal thing when the hairy friend is not on the cat flap. Until now, the part is working properly, only the appeal of 9-V battery in the motion detector is a little difficult. M... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Simba, 06/08/13

mounted this without great expectations, but this actually works amazingly well. Mounted on the terrace door and receiver are in the basement one floor below. Can be recomended.

Cat Doorbell

written by Bislet, 16/08/13

Happy with everything, both the product and the company CatDoorBell Coolstuff! Nice not having to think about having to arrange a cat door ...

works great

written by Kr, 19/08/13

This works very well and has a decent price. Coverage of the sensor is approximately 1.5 meters and it captures the cat in a good way. The indoor unit has a long range and gives decent signals. Recomm... Read more

Cat Doorbell - indispensable nowadays!

written by Ann-Marie Brundin, 22/08/13

I have had my Cat Doorbell approximately 5 months, and do not know how I would do without it now. I put a piece into a square tin can (to shield the "field of view", otherwise know it more t... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by B. N., 25/08/13

Sensor does not work reliably. You have to make several movements at the front, so that it strikes 1 times. On the other hand, it also proposes to talk to, if nothing moves. I rely as before on my eye... Read more

Perfect! Reliable! Class!

written by Grit für Lea & Laila, 26/08/13

I have deposited the cat bell for a few days on the doorstep and I'm thrilled! They reliably reports the arrival of my favorites! Now I have even at night no longer stay up for hours, the bell let... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Risbert, 02/09/13

Works perfect no longer have to run and check on the cat sitting outside and waiting to be let in. Kanonbra that you can choose if you just want light or loudspeaker signal or both, is very happy with... Read more


written by Julia, 05/09/13

As I have been looking and looking for something that can help my cats to get in without a cat flap in the door. Perfect alarm clock when you do not want to put the cat a transmitter or something simi... Read more


written by Nelis, 21/09/13

I must say I felt it was a little too good to be true, but after I got fitted it up yesterday, I am very pleasantly surprised. Was somewhat garbled manner, but probably most of the assembler: P Put th... Read more

satisfied cats

written by Josefine, 27/09/13

Very pleased with the product, now sleeps two cats inside at night when we can open the door when they want to enter late at evening.There is our absolute best buy this year.

Cat Doorbell Cat Bell

written by Melusine, 28/09/13

Great device works absolutely reliable! Cat let out, close the door and when Cat reappears, it must not only long nag until it is heard! We are happy cat well and a lot of money saved, because the ins... Read more

The Cat Doorbell is awesome ...

written by Christina Ugé, 30/09/13

... I myself have become aware in a magazine on the "Cat Doorbell Cat bell in May, it was published in an advertising! I then ordered me immediately, and as promised they arrived on time at the a... Read more

just great!

written by B.Kause, 30/09/13

Finally I hear it when my cat sitting in front of the door and want to be left in. The sensor detects the cat (or visitors) and ringing, barking, meowing or making music.

Affordable and time saving!

written by Ann-Sofie, 02/10/13

Before we had Cat Doorbell so we were very often check if our cat was standing at the door and wanted in. It will not we do now, it's just to check if it is flashing! The disadvantage of Cat Doorb... Read more

brilliant idea

written by Rasmus, 02/10/13

Calling time for cat is ein brilliant idea. Ho piles ein little melody each time your cat moves past the sensor and stands in front porch our door, and she has not betrayed so far. It appears that the... Read more


written by Kirsi Koskinen, 07/10/13

For us to come tupsahta kulkijakisu.Halusimme that fur ball can be reached easily in the cold weather alkavat.Olipa easy to find this awesome product, googletus and there it was in front of the nose. ... Read more

Much better than a cat flap!

written by F. Schilder, 08/10/13

We are now one week in possession of cats bell and are very satisfied. It works in our EFH even in the bedroom upstairs. Unfortunately, the two rascals sometimes stay away a little longer. Then we tak... Read more

Really Practical!

written by Liatovisen, 14/10/13

Fantastic product! I have one at home and in the summer house. Now, my pee does not stand outside and freeze anymore and we do not need to run to the door all the time to check if they want to enter. ... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by juyvä, 15/10/13

Thanks Yes, it works nicely .We have an outdoor cat runs and is also a lot of kuiternkin sisällä.Hyppää always wants to come to the window sills sisään.Nyt can be reached very soon sisälle.kun light i... Read more

Cat Doorbell. First they laughed!

written by oehi, 16/10/13

The tip was in a newspaper, issue: "Can you so need something?" It was clear, but yes! When ordering, I had only concerned about the method of payment. Invoice -> (? Schufa etc., because ... Read more


written by Beerboy, 18/10/13

Finally, avoid the small cats sit and freeze doorstep. It works well, and the range is quite okay

Spot invention !!

written by River Edén, 21/10/13

Do not let the cat sit and freeze in the winter cold! I got this even though I have a cat door, and hell huh fun it is! Placed Furthermore it in a way to ring in both cat and my own guests will! Have ... Read more

Review of "Cat Doorbell"

written by Anne Berge, 23/10/13

Cat Doorbell has fulfilled my expectations. It is exactly what it promises. I have already cat flap, but wished me a sensor as well, and then the product is spot on. A cat flap has flimmehår which may... Read more

"Cat Doorbell"

written by Sarukka, 30/10/13

Cat doorbell works pretty hyvin.Kun cat jumps on the window sill in style, the door bell will alert light or voice on the matter. The volume can be adjusted if necessary so that it wakes up, so to wor... Read more

Ingenious gizmo!

written by Durazell, 30/10/13

Genial chime to Pus ... it can also be used for Halloween scare, just putting høtaleren outside .. with forexample elephant sound ... works like crazy;)

Lightning Fast Delivery

written by Mlindman, 30/10/13

Cat Doorbell ordered and delivered instantly. Easy to install, good range and impeccable function. Both I and the cat very happy.


written by elza, 03/11/13

The bell for cats is perfect. Works perfectly. It also shows if any person comes to the door / window etc so you can use it to "burglar" for those who want it

outstanding good

written by Malin, 08/11/13

It is not just for the cat in the house, it is also perfect for the dog! We do not guard the door. Damn good feature. We had it screwed to the wall first, but the sun was disturbed enough sensor when ... Read more

Kissallemme better service

written by Sipe, 08/11/13

Our cats have been able to pass freely throughout the summer inside and out (the vestibule window ajar and the inner door so that it will open its paw). Now the weather becomes colder, had to think ab... Read more

OK - with weaknesses

written by Ina, 12/11/13

The doorbell works quite well. it would have been if had been there for the price batteries Schön. It is not so easy to align the transmitter correctly. Unfortunately, there have been some false alarm... Read more

very good product

written by Raija, 18/11/13

I ordered Cat doorbell works really hyvin..Meillä is soon to 7-month-old boy cat named Siiri .. (became a little confusing sex) but it does not hurt, Siiri is truly a wonderful and we try to take good... Read more


written by Camilla, 18/11/13

Absolutely fantastic product, now let kitty to be cold in winter :) Great with so many different sounds too! :)


written by Blull, 20/11/13

Very good for me to have hearing problems, could not be more pleased with this gadget. flashes very bright at night and when you wake up. Good that there are several music / sound options.

Door bell the cat

written by Anders, 25/11/13

This doorbell with infrared sensors and wireless transmission of the signal to the signal transmitter (bell part), was the answer to something I had intended to build yourself. I probably had not been... Read more

Super service!

written by Tina, 03/12/13

I had bought a cat ring bell which works perfectly when it is not possible to put a cat hatch I. Sadly the indoor receiver device to pieces after 1 year of use, but when I ringed the Cool Stuff Custom... Read more

The solution

written by ChrSt, 06/12/13

Finally do not have a constant watch over the door if our cat or dog wants pure. Great solution - to function properly. Above all, now that it is still quite cold, the patio door can remain closed unt... Read more

The solution to my problems !!!

written by ge.stein, 24/12/13

I may install any cat flap in the door of the apartment for rent and always had the problem that I, especially in the darker season, do not mind if my cat wants pure. Thanks to this cat bell can give ... Read more

does not work

written by ta, 29/12/13

poor device does not recognize cats, Chinese clear quality. Destination kaatopaikka.Osta cat food, cat likes it.

Super product. Works as expected :-)

written by Jonas, 30/12/13

CatDoorBell. Super product. The sensor works flawlessly - actually the VERY sensitive. But that's fine, you just is urging the sensor so that it does not pick up anything else. The receiver is als... Read more


written by Carmen, 06/01/14

Just awesome. We have no Katzerntürchen, so this bell is perfect. Once our cat sitting in front dek window comes the melody 'pink panther'. Impeccable.

Cat Doorbell

written by folke, 08/01/14

Works very well. Now we do not have much running to see if the cats come home. The next step will be a film camera to be sure it is one of our cats come.

Happy Cats! A little sad son ...

written by j:son, 08/01/14

In addition to his son, 2 years, is almost terrified of the indoor receiver - it starts the sound and flash, but he understands why - this is the wonderful gadget! Especially the older of our two cats... Read more

Happy cats

written by Kajsa, 11/01/14

The cats got this for Christmas was very happy, even if their owners are not always as lucky. It has good preision and high volume which is fine during the day but sometimes awakens the owners at nigh... Read more

great device

written by Ludwig Löwenzahn, 17/01/14

Commissioning and operation very easy. Biggest plus: No outlet needed. Works perfectly so far, the cat is reliably announced. Not all selectable ringtones are useful because some resonance noises caus... Read more

Now the cats will not have to stand out there and howl in the cold!

written by Björn, 21/01/14

The first one I got sent home did not work as it should, but it solved Coolstuff by sending a new direct! Is increased the lead cat doorbell, now we will not have to run and check on the cats waiting ... Read more

The cats give the highest rating!

written by CB, 21/01/14

So nice not having to run and check the door in case if there is a frozen cat there who want to come in and warm feet .. Now signaling doorbell that it is actually a cat or the like outside, and they ... Read more

Cat Clock

written by Janne B., 27/01/14

A wonderful product. I have for many years been opening the door to see if my cat is outside, waiting. Now I just need to wait for the light starts flashing and let him in. Clearly affordable!

Doorbell for katthttps: //

written by Cec, 27/01/14

A perfect clock that tells you when dogs and cats want to enter. Flaccid make ugly hole in the door or wall. Do not have to be worried that they sit outside. Easy to install. Did not even wait for the... Read more

Super product

written by Jonas, 27/01/14

After in-law saw our cat doorbell had she and her neighbors also have one, so they have now. Have had our in 5 weeks time now and it WORKS PERFECTLY. The sensor has not provided false alarms so now Sm... Read more

funny bell

written by Pia, 28/01/14

The idea is great, and fun. But unfortunately, the quality of the bell worse. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Backlash perhaps? However, it is very nice to know when the kitty is about to enter.


written by Jürgen, 28/01/14

A good product. A star I subtracted because the on / off switch is attached to the motion detector (outside). Would be great if the from the receiver and a switch possible ist.Alles in all, the produc... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Lisa, 05/02/14

This is a super product. As soon as the cats approaching this, flashes and / or provide an optional tune. This need not be to the cats. My dentist has it at the door when they hear when someone passes... Read more

Simplified our lives tremendously!

written by Johanna, 06/02/14

Oh how I wish I knew about this time a long time ago! It has simplified our lives immense because we do not have to run and open the door every 15 minutes to see if there is a kitty there in minus deg... Read more

My life has just become a little easier!

written by P2, 08/02/14

Can only say that this product is worth his money! Works just as good as you wanted it to do! It had been 5 stars if the fixture had been a little better (maybe just my copy) One can not really fix it... Read more

Works as expected

written by Renée, 11/02/14

A bit plasticky quality, but the feature is there nothing wrong. The sensor alarm properly with a few "false alarms". I'm happy but does not give full marks because the "bell" ... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Dodo, 13/02/14

Super, we had a lot of pleasure. The motion detector is directly over the front door and announces to the tune of "The Pink Panther" not only our Billy, but also every person who is there. O... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Sabine Witt, 13/02/14

A really good idea! Small and compact, but shows us when one of our chicks is around the corner and in want. Highly recommended!

Ingenious cat alerts!

written by Bongen , 14/02/14

Having two young cats who like to go out short trips, OFTEN! Sometimes one little busy cooking or watching something exciting, and there are cat and freezer .. sensor on cat Notifier works well and th... Read more

thanks for the delivery

written by L.Raue, 19/02/14

We are very pleased with the Cat Doorbell and witch hazel. It was delivered very quickly, the bell is already in operation, we have found that there are other cats use the entrance. The witch hazel is... Read more

Just great!

written by Nuri, 20/02/14

The Cat Doorbell Cat bell works perfectly. We are very happy and our cat also. Would they buy at any time.

Cat doorbell

written by emabella, 25/02/14

I am thrilled by the bell, it is working properly. I have many cats that use a cat shelter - one does not go through the door - and is on the doorstep .... and ringing. The product is highly recommend... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Nisse, 03/03/14

Works well, shall be notified immediately when the cat arrives at the door. Installed above the door (about 3 meters) is the transmitter from the receiver corresponds to approximately eight meters.

The doorbell never stops ringing

written by Bruz, 03/03/14

This bell was unfortunately pretty useless considering that it starts to sound the slightest movement. It allows other words constant. Want to return it.

Cat Doorbell

written by, 11/03/14

I bought "Cat Doorbell" as a gift to a cat-owning family who live out in the country. The cat must go out and go as it pleases the year, but the cat flap has never been an issue because even... Read more

Better is not!

written by christin, 13/03/14

My cat and I are thrilled.! The window where my Mausi always sitting, I can not see from the sofa. So, get up and check every few minutes if the kitten would enter. Now you will hear a meow or Wau Wau... Read more

That I've been waiting my whole life, 13 years.

written by Vili-kisu, 17/03/14

The nice thing, now I have to sit and wait behind the door that whether there will be someone to open the door for me and kuinkakin after a long period of time. Mistress says that the doorbell is beau... Read more


written by Kissankarva, 25/03/14

Just awesome widget! Cat out of yourself and back to bed. Pink Panther sound when the cat wants back in. This is our family has longed for and sought elsewhere.

Cat Doorbell

written by Gash, 26/03/14

Simply the. Works perfectly! Plays a tune when the cat wants to get into and you do not run and look after her.


written by erika, 26/03/14

The offer is super cool and for all cat owners a super Alternative.Die bell can be placed over all and also for rent available.

Super Cat Doorbell

written by sony, 03/04/14

I have two cats, one is very anxious and want in unknown noises quickly back inside. This Cat Doorbell they need not wait long for happiness. Very advantageous over other cats ringing is that you can ... Read more

Works as described and expected

written by Blue Angel, 06/04/14

The Cat Doorbell I ordered for my parents because the cat always emerges through the conservatory door to feed. If allowed to stand, the seizure but my parents come other cats and eat it to. So my mot... Read more

The cat doorbell

written by Arne Kindefält, 07/04/14

Cat Doorbell is an excellent device. Our cat often goes out and he'll never have to sit and wait to be let in. We have for many years had a similar clock. It was now after all these years to work ... Read more

cat door bell

written by Aila, 07/04/14

Really a great invention, works well. Radiators consumption I can not say, the device was in use aikaa.Meillä little cat comes to the window or in front of the door, the machine will take both. The on... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Micella, 08/04/14

We are very pleased: This works perfectly! We live on a farm w / 20 acres fenced field, so one thin frozen whippet and 2 SMALL strafing Chihuahuas are closed out for "self-venting" when they... Read more

The cat would be ....

written by Birgit, 16/04/14

.... Because she finally has its own bell! Works great and is just great when the cat with the sound of the "Pink Panters Red", we have chosen. announces!

Cat doorbell

written by Helmut Schacht, 25/04/14

A cat flap came to us out of the question because we want neither strange animals in our house, even drafts and cold through leaks. The alternative ....... a stone bell ....... Simple installation, fl... Read more

Cat Clock

written by Yngve och Frasses matte, 13/05/14

Immediately when the cats come up in the balcony, I hear the Pink Panther theme flowing from the speaker. Simply the thing!


written by seijavarpu, 21/05/14

Just a great product +++ 10 Cat quickly learned to use! Thank you very much makes life easier when you know when to kissaneti Mirri is no need to back of the door, the door itself to run constantly lo... Read more

Super "cats ingesting clock"

written by Tinuviel, 28/05/14

Have had this before and bought now new. There is ein fight straightforward way to know when your cat will enter. I have meet my sensor above the porch door and it has no problem with sei outstandingl... Read more

Cat or personlarmare

written by ricki, 10/07/14

Works well as larmare when the children are on their way from the ground floor to the upper floor. It may well be that we just then (the parents) is included in intimate activity !!

Absolutely brilliant!

written by Emis, 28/07/14

Cat Clock is absolutely to recommend: D Puss groom themselves by the door bell rings and flashes properly: D Do not have to fly to the door 100 times during a night, now I know exactly when they will ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Niclas, 29/07/14

We are super happy with cat doorbell. We had a late before, and now bought one for a friend who has cats. It works like clockwork, have nothing to complain about at all. The service when ordering on c... Read more

9 noise of 10!

written by Jolly the Roger, 06/08/14

Pink Panther theme is the only acceptable melody! Both in terms of quality and hurricane endure hearing in the long run. The product does not fully comply with the picture, but seems to have been made... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Karin, 18/08/14

This device has already proven super, no longer has to wait for the evening at the door. With mewl and light game I'm made aware that my dearest purely wollen.Super idea !!!

Cat doorbell.

written by L.S., 29/08/14

This was the best possible solution for us and Zorro.Nu do not need the door open for him, and we know when he wants in.Perfekt.Kan highly recommended.

For all cat owners

written by Brutus, 31/08/14

Perfect, cats need never sit o wait or freeze. Should be a must for all cat owners regardless of housing


written by D, 01/09/14

Works great !! Did not think it would work as well as it did. Can really recommend this !!


written by Tone, 01/09/14

Really super happy with my Catbells, works like crazy! Therefore bought one for my mother too! :) Catbells records all standing at the sensor, and it has many ring tones, and can also be set on silent... Read more

Super purchase!

written by Miriam, 02/09/14

Works flawlessly. The receiver also reaches further than 6m! Excellent! We especially like the Pink Panther Ringtone :). Only the motion is super sensitive and also responds to a few insects ...

Super Help!

written by Susimaus, 06/09/14

Now I am no longer on three times in the night to perhaps let in the puss. Now it is ringing and she stands there ... Just great!

very convenient!

written by Anja, 12/09/14

Works wonderfully! Incidentally, when. The sensor outside hinSTELLT, it is not necessary to tighten it somewhere We have addressed a small shoe rack on the terrace, on the sensor is on the spot in fro... Read more

Cat Clock

written by Stefan, 15/09/14

This is my second clock, which works very well. Should be sold to pet stores, as most do not have this product yet. The first time I was given a gift, and it took some 30 nedrivningar from height in t... Read more


written by May, 15/09/14

cat doorbell perfectly good ovh fun !! would like to have several pieces .I have several but want even more sooo good

good product

written by harry264, 22/09/14

I'm very satisfied with the cat bell. The motion is in a clear plastic (Wetterschtz) on the windowsill, reacts with precise alignment really only when someone sits on the window sill, usually my c... Read more


written by m, 26/09/14

The product is the time of a frail quality and arrived at the post office for any reason toiminut..tai thus work too well, it did not stop playing ollenkaan.Olisiko banged mail in the ointment or the ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Thomas, 28/09/14

Lief very well, fast delivery. Bell works very well and the cat is always listening.

Cat Door Bell

written by Maarit, 03/10/14

All outdoor cats to owners of an exclusive product. Works when you need to and a fun product !! No longer need to wait for the cats at the front door and wait for someone to find them. The bell rang, ... Read more

Very nice to have ...

written by Victor, 06/10/14

It works well to detect when the cats or anyone / anything else is outside the door (it reacts to the door itself too). It is not waterproof. For us it started alerting constant after it rained. It wo... Read more

cats bell

written by Lotte 14, 06/10/14

The Cat Doorbell worked right away without any problems. However, one should look at the habits of the cat closely at first. This facilitates mounting of the sensor which serves in place. So you can a... Read more

Good for both the cat and the dog

written by Tord, 07/10/14

Since I live so that I dare to let the dog out on my own, I have the support of cat watch when he comes home too. When the cat at work, it is very practical and good. But the quality could be better. ... Read more

chime to cat

written by hege, 12/10/14

this I would recommend d strongest. I mounted outside the front door, I would not have cat flap so this is perfect for those who do not want cat flap.

Works very well!

written by Hege, 13/10/14

We were initially a bit skeptical, but the chime works like crazy and pus realized the drawing really fast! Recommended absolutely!


written by Kattson, 14/10/14

fast, accurate delivery. Ordered one day sent the following day and went to fetch the day after. Will probably hire Coolstuff more to come.

A great choice!

written by Schlosa3, 15/10/14

We have become just happened to stumble on this product, but the existing customer reviews have equal convinced us. We searched for a long time a solution to, notice the arrival of our two Stubentiger... Read more


written by Ena, 18/10/14

A wonderful help for the coexistence of man and cat. Cat comes, ring and is left clean. Perfect.

Super Genial

written by Steffi, 21/10/14

I am absolutely thrilled, it was above my balcony door mounted :-) easy commissioning, works great. Many different sounds great. Just a totally ingenious invention which can only be recommended!

a super part

written by Sabine, 24/10/14

Did my mother's cat bell purchased because it can attach any cat flap. Now awaiting her cat not for ever before the patio door but is left entirely in quickly. The alarm is loud enough so that the... Read more

cat doorbell

written by erika, 27/10/14

It is a great invention for my cat and me !!! Thus, I do not have to look constantly if he is not ... Before all things the evening in the dark :-)

Cat Doorbell

written by Tian, 27/10/14

Quite amazingly functional clock, our cat loves to "call" so he can go when he feels like it. Absolutely perfect alternative to the cat door.

Bernd Bönig

written by Bernd Bönig, 27/10/14

Very good product, we are all very to peace, vorallen, the cat !!!! I will recommend the Cats Jingle Cats all friends.

Cat Doorbell ok

written by PeggySue2509, 30/10/14

The Cat Doorbell is very convenient. My cat always thus announces that they want in and "man" has feeling guilty because Katzi yes no longer had to wait long. Bell worked with us in the next... Read more


written by Karin, 30/10/14

This fits well with our cats. But you can have it in other places when you want to know if anyone will.

All good

written by Birgit, 30/10/14

The Cat Doorbell is a great product, my pets do not have to be cold outside, but "ring" when they want to be in and then allowed to promptly clean. Unfortunately, the first bell has only 1 y... Read more

cat Bell

written by Majsan, 31/10/14

Fantastic. Now think my little female cat that is so much fun that she can run in and out all day. Moreover, it seems "evil cat" getting it right when it is flashing and stand directly. So i... Read more

Works great

written by webBett, 03/11/14

The cats bell is working fine. The outdoor sensor erfässt very good. So reliable, in a good radius. We first attached him, the position is not so, as indicated in the instructions, but he locates the ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by Karin, 04/11/14

The Cat Doorbell can I only recommend! Fast delivery, easy installation. A downside, unfortunately, the receiver for the house has no off switch, theoretically I would always when my outdoor cats are ... Read more

Everything great

written by Michaela, 09/11/14

The cats bell was delivered very quickly and works flawlessly. So the children can in any weather quickly into sweet home :-). Can I really recommend it.

Wind Vulnerable

written by Mn, 13/11/14

Works fine, but unfortunately even in windy conditions. So it rings even when the cat is in the house, but you can yes then also turn off.

Cat DSoorBell

written by MR, 13/11/14

I'm full to peace, with the cat bell. In this weather I do not have to leave the door open, but the bell indicates to me if my cat is coming.

Ironically, practical products

written by grummli, 18/11/14

Good product. Solid processed and keeps its promises. Transmission signal is (with us) over approximately 10 m and by 3 walls.

Does not work at all!

written by pw, 19/11/14

Thank you for the opportunity to review product Cat Doorbell! Looked forward to help "keep out" the cat but the doorbell does not work at all. Regardless of mounting and setting an alarm box... Read more

So cool!

written by Jess, 20/11/14

It works absolutely great, so awesome :)

Do their job well

written by Pax, 27/11/14

The product is good and easy to install and do what we wanted, so now time no uninvited cats get in.

Buy recommendation!

written by roger-2013, 27/11/14

Prima help this Cat Doorbell Cat bell. But the second! So now we know where and when Tiger is around the corner. Especially during the cold season very practical. After various alarm sounds are made, ... Read more


written by eeng, 28/11/14

Best invention, I tried! You do not have to freeze to death when the cat want to be out there! Ideal for those who live in rented when you do not always get put into cat flap! Super satisfied!

Finally own doorbell!

written by Gråtass, 01/12/14

Like other pus in the family, I have the opportunity to go into the flap at the main door, but I prefer to go in and out terrace door. Previously, I had to sit long and wait and wait until my staff fi... Read more

Suuuper bell !!!!

written by Michaela, 02/12/14

want Can Cat Doorbell only empfehlen.Kein läßtiges wait more ... Folds I Super.Würde repeatedly Kaufen.Bin excited :) and for any cat lover who does not every 5 minutes from the door peep thank you &q... Read more

Everything for the cat'

written by Tarantoga, 03/12/14

To allow our cat even in winter the beloved clearance without being then quite long to wait in the cold, we bought the cat bell. The motion depends at us through the door of the conservatory, the rece... Read more

Top Gadget !!

written by Matte, 04/12/14

Wow, what a disappointment this was top! Too bad we have not discovered this before. Now it is over to go up several times a night, and check for small Linus sitting out and freezes. Now he calls only... Read more

Cat / bell

written by Lise, 05/12/14

Very pleased with Leah ringeklokke.Føler a little "stupid" when standing on the stairs and cries out for cat sin.Ringeklokken works perfectly as notice that your cat will inn.Anbefales.

Good buy

written by Miauuu, 05/12/14

A is an awesome invention! Cat can not let safely out of the morning even three, if it so wishes and this allows you to hear when the cat wants to go back inside.

Cat door bell

written by Ann-Sofi, 08/12/14

Tillsvidare fungerar dörrklockan Lap. Hade dock till att Börja med svårigheter med att få upp en av batteriluckorna. Dålig of threads gjorde lid att inte upp gick. Fick tvång med upp till the slut Bat... Read more

Amazing little funny gadget!

written by Arabelle, 09/12/14

I am so happy with this cat's phone call. Now I know exactly when my cat guest comes. He'll be so surprised, I think - how can you know that I'm here ?? I have just flashing. It's enou... Read more


written by B.P., 11/12/14

I ordered the Cat Doorbell recently and for some time in use. It fulfills its purpose super. And all without socket. Hope the battery in the sensor lasts as long as possible wenns is colder. Shielding... Read more

Great product!

written by Hedde, 12/12/14

Cat doorbell works cleanly ;-) A little complicated assembly, however, the inner screw (nut) to the battery cover came off, but the cover is good anyway (with a bit of tape). Did not want to loosen th... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by bensez, 12/12/14

Long we were looking for a replacement for a cat flap, which was not possible with us. We came across the cat bell and it is perfect. Sensor range can be adjusted by covering, different tones and volu... Read more


written by KOMOREN, 12/12/14

We got recommended the product through acquaintances. These have the Catdoor-Bell in the house and are very happy with it. We have installed this item, stating: Class! But it would be even better if t... Read more


written by Elsie, 12/12/14

Worked only one day. Signals constantly periodically even after the sensor is shielded by. Unfortunately, I can not recomend it.

My balls will not freeze

written by Malin, 15/12/14

Works perfectly. The cats have learned that when it flashes red, then mum or dad direct and open. And I can sit in peace and quiet and do not need to run to the door all the time and see if they want ... Read more


written by sepe, 17/12/14

a good game, the cat will not be forgotten in the freezer at night either. I ordered two products, the second was wrong but the warranty played very well. One of the calls, and the matter was taken ca... Read more

Pity but also ...

written by Diana M., 22/12/14

At the bell is very convenient. Unfortunately, it does so only works properly in the house in the warm. When we put the motion to the door, the machine worked only at the beginning and after about one... Read more

Bell the cat

written by Tina, 27/12/14

Supreme good. Both cat and owner are very happy. It took two days for the cat to grasp that it is enough to step onto the stairs and someone will open for him. Math can keep on with her and still get ... Read more

Works perfectly!

written by micke, 29/12/14

The doorbell works great. You can choose whether to let, let, and flash or just flash. Now you do not Findus frozen :)

Cat doorbell

written by Lizzy, 30/12/14

Cat Doorbell works very well. A perfect tool when the cat wants to enter. The fact that it may have light alarm, sound alarm, or both at the same time one can not miss when the cat wants to enter. PER... Read more

A great thing

written by Ernesto, 31/12/14

First, it must be said that the entire process incl. Shipping, packing, phone service was very good. For Cat Doorbell Cat bell following. A must for every cat owner: no unnecessary running around more... Read more

Kanon thing

written by Josefin, 01/01/15

Perfect, cat understand immediately where to go for the door to open. However, our watches only kept one year (3rd time). If this does not survive the year there will be complaints.

Kanon thing

written by Josefin, 01/01/15

Perfect, cat understand immediately where to go for the door to open. However, our watches only kept one year (3rd time). If this does not survive the year there will be complaints.


written by LILLIS, 02/01/15

Has 2 cats that go out through the porch, saw this bell on coolstuff, it's perfect blinks when the cat wants in! The best I bought! Do not have to go and check, there is also sound, but then they ... Read more

Cat doorman ..

written by Spunk, 02/01/15

The first product did not work but then I got a new takulla and it works, but I had to limit the "eye" with masking tape, but now it sounds and flashing!

Not without our Cat Doorbell

written by Arne Kindefält, 03/01/15

We are very pleased with our cat-door bell. We have had a few paragraphs earlier. These have a few years of added or started to not work as they should. However, the elements of the tempt. Now we buy ... Read more

Cat doorbell

written by bjsch, 05/01/15

A really great thing! Finally, it has 1/4-hourly see if a cat sits in front of the door or not, stopped. The tone character "Rosaroter Panter" tells us now, which has arrived at the door of ... Read more


written by Anette & Tarzan, 06/01/15

No more cat Tarzan who are retired and have difficulty making itself heard to sit o freeze doorstep. Do not know how many times you previously opened the door unnecessarily. Now both Tarzan o I am hap... Read more

Cat Doorbell

written by Bert O., 07/01/15

Meets expectations and works very well! Easy to install and get started with. Very good range of mottagardosan that is easy to "move around" and ask where they currently think is appropriate... Read more