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Cat Window Bed

Don't let your cat take up room lying on the floor – move it up on the window instead! The suction cups can hold a weight of 10 kg, so even big cats can rest safely.

Cat Window Bed - Cat Window Bed
Cat Window Bed
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55 reviews

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What is this?

Does not what it promises

written by Ulle, 27/11/14

Cat bed that could withstand 10kg does not measure up. My cat (weighing 4kg) tore down the day1 and became terrified. Nothing good buy!

Cat LOVE it!

written by Catlover97, 27/11/14

When I first mounted cat bed on the window, there was none of the cats who would be in it, but when I put an old towel in it, they would suddenly use it. Because who are skeptical that the suction cup... Read more


written by Annelie, 02/12/14

Sits good, steady, as long as you attach the suction cups firmly. Have had my a while now and one cat has once worn by a suction cup, or else it sits in place even when both cats (total of 6-7 kg) are... Read more

Very happy!

written by Mia, 02/12/14

Bought this for my Maine Coon and immediately became very popular. Sitting as the mountain makes it too. Are highly recommended!

Cat Bed

written by Sofia, 07/12/14

Fun furniture for cats that do not take up any space. Easy to mount up and move on if needed. Good price on the product. The drawback in my case is that the windows are not big enough, so I had to ass... Read more

Did not get to sit

written by Charlotte, 15/12/14

Tried to attach it to the window, but the one suction cup would not stick. The other set in around 3 minutes before they also fell off, possible this is because I had not been fixed all, and that it w... Read more

cheap dung

written by Simone, 26/12/14

Unfortunately, the quality just as low as the price. Had however expected that it could withstand a little more. The pipes will gather with are too small, so they broke during installation .. And the ... Read more

Cat Bed for windows

written by Therese, 29/12/14

The cat loves it really! Instant success! But I miss cuddling with him on the couch ... He is better than in the window with me now.


written by ansku, 02/01/15

Our cats circled the first goal from the the bed, but after less than a week had passed since then both wanted it to laze. Suction cups are only a couple of times a detached, fortunately, when it neit... Read more

Unreliable with poor traction

written by P, 05/01/15

It attaches incredibly bad and seems not at all reliable. One of the suckers have several times released when I left the product ranking without load for a few minutes. Luckily none of the cats wanted... Read more

Could host cozy for your cat if it actually funka.

written by V, 07/01/15

Were inside the cool stuff before Christmas having to buy ein nonsense gift to my brother. Vart their andes on the website to see some different things, so did I a cat send one attachment to the windo... Read more

Does not stick

written by mightymouse1892, 14/01/15

Seems like ein ingenious idea, but will not stick. Says it can be difficult when it is cold but have tried for about 10+ degrees unsuccessfully. Is not recommended

Great alternative to cat rack

written by Thodor, 26/01/15

Had a little trouble getting it fixed, but now it sits properly! Theodor loves to lie on the bed and look out at the birds. There will also be some time for sleeping there :) Very happy.


written by Ulrika , 03/02/15

Bought this fully aware that it was too wide for our window. Where relatively easy to modify to a narrower window. Sits well on the window if you clean the box thoroughly happy with type methylated sp... Read more


written by Jazz, 04/02/15

Has rather low but keeps its promises. My cat will enjoy the new view ....

cat Bed

written by Trill, 12/02/15

This was shit, no matter how much I washed window, would not suction cups stick for more than a minute ....... Fortunately, none of my cats try it (before it came crashing down again). Right in the tr... Read more

Good idea ... but it is all there

written by Daniel, 27/02/15

Particularly poor, directly scary for the cat because the suction cups do not hold at all.

Could ended badly!

written by Lena, 02/03/15

Shortly after the set according to the instruction released one suction cup and the cat was about to fall out. It unfortunately stopped the case where the thin wire that managed to get tangled up in t... Read more

Pus crave this

written by Hilde, 06/03/15

Very happy with this. The cat loves to lie in it. The suction cups also sits very firmly, no indication that they will loosen.

cat Bed

written by Linda, 10/03/15

Absolutely wonderful, a Maine Coon and 4 other BIG cats, beds holder! have not loosened only once, and cats are super happy and quarrels about liggge there, Never thought something so cheap could be s... Read more

A true pleasure to see pus so happy

written by Monica, 23/03/15

In the beginning I was very unsure if pus came to like the bed when she thrives with cat tree sitting. After a few days, and some work from us, pus and window bed inseparable. She chooses either windo... Read more


written by Tarzan, 24/03/15

I sleep no other straits now, I. Love the new my bed. Good to be at the same time I have a full overview into the garden.

Pus very happy

written by Solkroken, 25/03/15

I bought the first one cat bed. It was mounted in the window of two months before one of my two cats decided to try. And now she lies no other place. Then came the other cat and will also sleep there.... Read more

Just okay

written by Peder, 27/04/15

Ok quality. One hitch broke fast so we have done some upgrades on all the parties so that they are slightly stronger.

Absolutely perfect: D

written by Jack og Tingeling, 06/05/15

+ Perfect view from the window. Bought only one of it but now "fighting" my 2 cats on who should be there. So reckon I best compilation 1 to - Seems the cats to lie on each could better lyin... Read more

Haha, crappy quality

written by dortis, 18/05/15

The one cord to the suction cup smoke in fixed when I hung it up ... The construction is really simple, even kjipere than it looks in the picture. Got tied rope on a show, but the kitty is not rave mo... Read more

cat Bed

written by Torhild, 11/06/15

Pus like cat bed, nice views. Easy to install, secure. The cat who uses the roads 6 kg, no problem. recommended :)

Very pleased!

written by Ems, 15/06/15

It works super and the cats are happy. It's their new favorite place! The assembly was super easy and I think it seems to keep really good. It holds up to our heavy weights cat (do not know is wha... Read more


written by moa granberg, 14/07/15

hello my cats love Window Beds precisely why I had to buy them home some Ekstrand ... ooo they were very happy because there are indoor cats who need sun light ooo someone else to meddle oo be left al... Read more

Worked very well.

written by Bjørn, 27/11/15

Very easy to set up, and has not dropped a single time in many months. The cat was a little unsure at first, but now this has become favorite lie Square. Recommended. :)

cat Bed

written by Jonas Northug the Cat, 30/11/15

Cat bed quickly became a favorite and favored currently above mistress his lap. Here I list everything happening both inside and out.

Window bed for cats

written by Heidi, 14/12/15

Excellent nice bed to hang on window so kitty can monitor what is happening Is it to withstand up to 10 kg but with me so have only one cat. 3 kg tried it still sits on the window

Ok for the price

written by Amigo, 14/12/15

Slightly weak parties, could have been a little thicker steel, and a poor suction repeatdely on reattached. Katta is well pleased

Cat bed to window

written by Marita og Pusi, 14/12/15

Bought two cat beds to the window. Was pleasantly surprised at how well those sitting in the window after reading them most review of these about how badly they kept and just fell down. Has 3 cats, bu... Read more

decent enough

written by Elimor, 15/12/15

OK quality, but I had difficulty getting it to stick on the window.

Cat Bed

written by Sanna, 28/12/15

Otherwise good but lasted unbroken for two minutes, after correction is now in use ... parts are of poor quality and the fabric is like tarps, price / performance ratio is not quite kohdillaan ...

Yes, it is!

written by Crazy Cat Lady, 04/03/16

Was a bit worried about the durability of this product after reading several of the reviews. But! I followed the instructions and made a clean window really well before. Even the cups got a round bed,... Read more

cats best place!

written by Therese, 11/03/16

This is rarely empty home with us. We have two exotic shorthair who loves to sit in it and watch the birds in the trees outside. It is also a truly excellent sleeping. Sometimes, it's almost fight... Read more

My cat loves that cat bed

written by Kaisuliini, 29/03/16

I put on a throw kitty. My cat loves that cat bed. It is all the time lying or sitting on it. Between my cat just lying on your back in it. it does not go on if the blanket is not in it. Suction cups ... Read more

The cat's new favorite bed

written by Annika, 18/04/16

My indoor cats love these beds. Bought two pieces o made steps. Easy to assemble and easy to move. Is very satisfied.


written by Jessica , 25/04/16

Set up two cat beds according to the instructions and I and my partner was super happy when we got the cats to start using them. Added towels on top of that it would be enjoyable. We have beds on a co... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Linda, 27/04/16

My cat did not care much about the bed the first couple of weeks it hung up. But eventually fell to the taste, and now he lies in the look and often. The suction cups adhere well to my cat of 6 kg. Se... Read more

A little hesitant

written by Jojo, 30/08/16

Was a little hesitant because of previous reviews, but it was cheap so thought I try anyway. It is actually really good! A bit plasticky and looks pretty frail, but once you have it on (WASHED) window... Read more

Just the splendor of shopping!

written by jaana, 05/09/16

Went to a couple of days the cat is thinking, but just to have taken as their own! I highly recommend. Very remains the suction box, the cat hypätessäkin :)


written by Linda, 12/12/16

This here is the second cat bed I buy of you and Super happy ... Has one in each living room window and cats fighting actually about getting lying there ... The first I bought 3 years ago and they are... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Amanda, 13/12/16

Sitting as a mountain! If you follow the instructions and clean the screen thoroughly before so there is no problem at all! Smells of plastic make it but a washing machine solves it, and then the cat&... Read more

best purchase

written by Synne , 20/03/17

My cat LOVES this bed! Got a favorite with even the came in the house :) Recommend this! Cats can be relaxing in the window and just enjoy themselves

Kjempefin to kitty

written by Benedicte, 28/03/17

Fin cat bed which adhered challenge good window! Would have liked to with instructions on installation, but the product itself is a big favorite with my 2 puser! Would buy again;)

Nice for the price

written by Dennis, 27/05/17

My cat has finally not begun to use the bed after hanging on the patio door for a week. It was simple to assemble and seems like some quality for the price.

Genuine product!

written by Aosuper, 03/10/17

Very pleased with this product, not to mention the cats. Solid bed and optimal suction cups !!


written by Kissa, 03/10/17

Cat litter was a disappointment. Material all is time-consuming and the suction cups do not stay in the window. Compared to its price, it is a pretty sad purchase.


written by Frida, 12/12/17

Took me 5 min to put together, and the cat is very satisfied. He is a small bowl (5kg), but he is perfectly fine :)

cat Hammock

written by Felicia, 17/02/18

The cat pussy loves it and lies there about all the time. Just remember to vsask the window first :) Should have been written by you

Sunbed to beech

written by KS, 06/03/18

Works just as well for small dogs as for cats! Have a little dog who loves to sunbathe so I hung up the bed in a window with good sun conditions. Very satisfied!

Bad quality

written by Madde, 10/09/18

The material felt cheap and the bed was badly sewn. The stitches in the sides went up straight and the two holes as the wire goes through sludge as soon as my little kitty of <2 kg jumped up. The s... Read more

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