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Clone-A-Willy Kit

Make a perfect cast of your willy! Perfect for games in the hayloft, long-distance relationships or as a decoration!

Clone-A-Willy Kit - Clone-A-Willy Kit
Clone-A-Willy Kit
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Clone-A-Willy Kit - AA Batteries 4-pack
AA Batteries 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Clone-A-Willy Kit - AA Batteries 10-pack
AA Batteries 10-pack
57 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by sture, 21/08/13

Looked forward a small trophy but the operating instructions in English, and it was far too little of those jelly mixture dildo so could not cast the entire frog :(

Do not do it yourself!

written by Svantesson666, 23/08/13

Gave me to try to make a copy of me and believe me it can not be done anyway. In the description it says that it recommends are two that do it, and believe me that I recommend to ... It became too str... Read more


written by Katrine seider, 07/10/13

The only thing I am unhappy with is that you can choose to pay 39, - to bring the package home. Which I did, but since there is no home was when the package was delivered, we had Even so, even get it ... Read more


written by J, 13/02/14

Clone a willy'n was just like my guy, so now you do not have to play with someone else's (Willie) cast, top

waste of money

written by M., 08/08/14

This item is disgusting. The material is so disgusting that has flipped me at the sight of the stomach. In itself cool idea ne but when it's finished sieht's just not something from which one ... Read more


written by Villy Maker :(, 10/12/14

Product servant .. 2 My! You must have the wife to keep "Villy" up. Otherwise you can forget it.


written by Coolman, 12/01/15

Did it myself, was a little hard but managed to get a precise cast perfect for what I wanted, that I am a little disappointed that I did not get vibbratorstaven in the middle, but it lay on its side s... Read more


written by E, 16/02/15

It was the most stressful though we had read the instructions and watched the movie before type 3 times, so it was a mess of everything so we had to throw everything ..


written by Linn, 18/02/15

Fast and smooth delivery that absolutely made me happy! Unfortunately had the thermometer inside the package is broken, making it impossible to form the silicone was good then the degrees of the water... Read more

strangely recipe

written by Ludwig, 26/02/15

Followed the recipe to the point o the letter, the problem was just that when you poured the contents of the pan so it filled only about 30% as only the tip of the penis was avgjuten .. Recommend that... Read more

Too little silicone

written by Chef, 22/04/16

basically a festive concept, but it was too little silicone in the package, so the result was not good.

Low quality

written by Mort, 05/11/16

The molding powder quality is very poor, after 4 hours waiting time it has shrieked sidewise so the final mold of my manhood got flat-out. Even if you follow the hadde materials and final result are v... Read more

Goo could dry

written by Navi, 09/02/17

We would today make it, but the mud to dry just as well Ia into the pipe and the va exactly at 32 degrees, and they went in 15 seconds ... fun o add them money unnecessarily

Too few materials

written by McFail, 03/04/18

I can not say how good a copy of a good, genuine and functional penis would be, because in my own case the problem is that my penis is bigger than average and that this product is clearly intended for... Read more

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