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Colour-shifting Sequin Cushion Cover

Make your sofa sparkle - turn your decorative cushions into cool sequin cushions! These magical cushion covers are also called mermaid pillows and they change colour as you stroke your hand over them! Choose from between several different glittering colour combinations!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

That's what you ordered.

written by Danny D, 10/05/17

Heavy cushion case that fits both as ornament and toy. The cards can sometimes turn around and create uneven patterns. But quite easy to turn back. It is satisfying to put your hand over the pillow an... Read more

If you have your own sewing skills

written by Nelperi, 12/06/17

It's a joke, but really poor quality. I ordered a cushion cover as a gift and immediately sewn the seams. I did not want to return the product, but I had to sew myself up.

Fun and entertaining pillowcases

written by Tilo, 11/07/17

Very fun and entertaining pillowcases, everyone sitting on the couch begins to play with it automatically. I just regret that I have not ordered more. Can be recommended for all age groups.

The granddaughter loves it

written by Mormor, 31/07/17

Very good and fun product, which the grandchildren get stuck with and pays for as long as possible and I've also played a bit with it too. I'll buy more colors and the car so you can drive in ... Read more

The safe gift hit

written by Brit, 24/08/17

The pillow case is perfect as a gift for both small and big, cool and cute girls. Be sure to buy a pillow as well.


written by Ellie, 15/01/18

Fine colors and great function in making patterns and writing or drawing in the sequences. Slightly sluggish zipper, but it's almost never used.

Very pleased

written by Jonas, 26/01/18

Sent it as a gift to my niece living in Finland when she was 19 years old. She was very pleased.

Fine cushion cover

written by Aht, 10/09/18

Seems these were very nice and special. Many nice colors to choose from. Recommend these. Is something unsure about the quality and how long the palettes are stuck, but it will be a quick one after a ... Read more

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