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Constructive Eating Utensils

Clearly the kids should eat their food with a fork-lift truck fork, a wheel-loader spoon and a bulldozer scoop - all with easy to grip handles to fit small hands!

Constructive Eating Utensils  - Constructive Eating Utensils
Constructive Eating Utensils
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Constructive Eating Utensils  - Constructive Eating Utensils + Plate
Constructive Eating Utensils + Plate
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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71 reviews

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Good product, but a bit too expensive ...

written by Kath, 22/04/13

Have just had the cutlery in a few weeks, but it is very popular with three-year-and seems like it is of good quality. A bit expensive for plastic cutlery is my only objection ...

4 weeks have passed and the package has still not arrived.

written by I "väntans" tider, 06/06/13

Ordered by Coolstuff for 4-5 weeks ago and the package has still not arrived. Unbelievably bad considering that the amount has been deducted from my account. It is unfortunately the last time I order ... Read more

COOL stuff is just initial

written by Anita, 09/07/13

I should have a gift for my dear granddaughter of 4 years and this was just great. He ate like a "man" and thought it was extra attention with so cool plate and cutlery - A PROPER WINNER. Be... Read more

Surprise was a success

written by bjoern, 20/08/13

was a birthday for a 5-year, arrived super! I can only recommend it!


written by Lizzie, 20/08/13

It was very successful. I do not know if the parents were so excited, like all of us. But we thought at any rate it was well made up. And so they can be washed in the dishwasher. Then you know that it... Read more

Good but expensive

written by Elin, 20/09/13

The cutlery was appreciated by my son and he plays with them even outside the meals. But with shipping, they were a bit too expensive.

Super Funny Part

written by Corinna, 17/10/13

Super Article - my grandson was completely thrilled and even the adults had fun watching him eat and try it!

I like it.

written by Mädelmaus, 23/11/13

I bought the product as a Christmas present for my 3 year old nephew and therefore naturally Rate No ratings. But as for the supply and service I can only positive things. Personally, I find the cutle... Read more

Popular for both boys and girls.

written by Ingrid, 10/12/13

Bought these bribes to my little sister, they were popular when we eat. Now I have purchased them again to my aunt-young (boy of 3 years). He will also play with the outside kitchen ... They were very... Read more

very happy

written by Emma, 13/12/13

Very happy! Ordered both cutlery and plate. The product was ready for pick up at my local supermarket the day after I ordered. My nephew is going to be very happy with this gift :) Recommended !!

Everything worked super

written by SU, 21/12/13

My little nephew (2 years) is a very fussy eater but a "giant" Car Fan.Deshalb I immediately thought that this colle children cutlery certainly a great Christmas gift would be ... I hope thi... Read more

Great idea

written by Sebastian, 30/12/13

The cutlery has arrived totally good. Looks satbil out, first wash in the dishwasher survived. My son is excited.


written by mari, 23/01/14

Super nice cutlery .. I also bought plate and both did great joy. Maybe a little expensive: -) .........

children's Cutlery

written by Jojo, 28/01/14

everything supiiiiiiiiiii great for the child :)) I can only recommend many thanks super fast delivery

fun gadget

written by json, 11/02/14

Alfred, 2 years, with the "Large equipment" as favorite TV programs, was of course thrilled at these! IOF used not so much in the dietary intake jewel we had hoped for - but maybe it will! A... Read more

It should be fun to eat!

written by Jojo, 13/02/14

Much appreciated by my son! I myself think that it is not only my son gives additional interest to eat, but also that he is practicing fine motor skills where he gets the best of everything, let your ... Read more

Constructive Eating Children Cutlery

written by Matka, 26/02/14

Since our 3 year son is very fond of excavators, lorries and Co. and we often have to lure him to eat, this cutlery was as called for him! He loves it and wants since only eat it! Besides, he also use... Read more

Constructive Eating utensils

written by Linda, 15/03/14

SUPER DISHES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. It is designed as small workstations with a handle to hold on when children should eat. It's fun and different. It just makes great happiness in eating situations.... Read more

Plate and cutlery

written by Helbos, 20/03/14

These products, I gave away the christening o was estimated at 100% They are not tested yet because the baby is too small yet. But really fun idea


written by Anette, 12/05/14

Great fun cutlery which became an instant hit with 2 year old! Also bought dish to, which was also a success. Recommended.

Appreciated gift to his son

written by Alexanders mamma, 14/05/14

Constructive eating utensils are highly appreciated by our 19 month old son. It is a bit difficult to eat with them, but it is fun and inviting to eat. No meal without constructive eating utensils!

cool cutlery

written by Suss, 23/06/14

The cutlery was my granddaughter who is completely crazy about anything that has wheels and right now it is very fronlastare, dumpers and the like. I got a movie from my son when he opened the package... Read more

Cool for the little ones

written by Jane, 06/11/14

Cult cutlery for children, everything was good to eat;) So you have young children themselves, or aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, ran to buy


written by Uvoo, 21/11/14

A product of higher quality. Dishwasher Good. For food the children even foods that have previously not been touched. Great gift!

Just right for boys

written by Katja, 01/12/14

A great eye-catcher for boys, vehicular or construction site fans, so the food will make the little fun, function not checked

Very popular

written by Sonnichsen, 02/12/14

Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery. Super motivational cutlery.


written by wotan2000, 11/12/14

Goods and delivery were fully satisfactory. Great idea for small, tech-savvy boys. Even the matching plate is awesome.

Poor quality for the price, children makes it fun

written by Eric E., 28/12/14

Fully Plated price for this quality. The children makes it fun! So it comes to no more boredom at the table. Reminiscent cheapest chinaware.

just an eye-catcher!

written by sabine, 05/01/15

Very nice! Super fast! Prima, the products are as described! The delivery was quick and easy!


written by Sabine, 08/01/15

Very good quality. The price is so neat, but eventually it can use the kids every day. Beautiful gift, even if it should be something to play.


written by BootcampEllen, 12/03/15

Kids eat everything with these cutlery. It will be fun for them to try skoopa up peas, spetta broccoli, carrots and spoon in the mouth. Fun for both 1-year-old and 4-year-old.

That brings children's eyes light

written by Bine0473 , 21/04/15

I ordered for my little nephew the silverware including plates. Fast delivery, good quality and bright children's eyes. Everything was great!

cool children's cutlery

written by Diana, 26/04/15

A great children's cutlery, super class. I bought it for my two sons, they are excited and want Hochauf only eat it. Great fun factor. The cutlery is light and easy to clean, the material, excelle... Read more

Easy, fun and painless

written by RB, 27/04/15

Cutlery kit I bought as a christening gift. The set brought smiles of the adults and the child's father just had to look twice on the set with an approving nod and blink of the eye;)


written by Camilla , 29/06/15

My daughter of 4 think it's really fun to eat with, and when she uses it, it is allowed to play with your food

Since older children have fun with

written by Chris, 04/08/15

I bought the cutlery with dish for my 17monatigen nephew. He also wanted the same with play / eat. In the evening had to be the same 5-year-old brother so dinner. Plates and cutlery are not just there... Read more


written by Bussi, 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery

Just great !!!

written by Bussi, 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

Again and again

written by Oma, 19/10/15

The product has just met the description. In addition, it comes from the US, so definitely no problem for children for the purpose of toxins in the material.

Funny idea

written by milos, 23/10/15

Allet chic with the goods, the recipient has since also very happy about it, even though the child was just born again and will probably still eat for a while without cutlery ...

Super joyous reception

written by Pernille, 01/11/15

My nephew 3 years old found the cutlery to be the best in the world, so I regret not having bought the plate also

Too expensive

written by Epi, 23/11/15

A nice and special gift to a beginner diners, but the money does not face. Became Evil purchased.

Fast, easy and cheap

written by Sara, 30/11/15

Did this amazing gadget gift for gudbarnet. Everything went quickly, easily and painlessly. No problems with payment and fast delivery, so now is the first Christmas in space! Thanks Cool Stuff


written by bine1110, 11/12/15

"You do not play with food!" That is also my opinion. But if a child refuses knits certain foods (vegetables, ..) here and there, the caterpillar comes roaring up and "SUDDENLY" is... Read more

Funny Construction cutlery

written by Martha, 11/12/15

The cutlery and the right plates are very well received by the grandchildren. The cutlery and plates can be easily cleaned. Is relatively expensive, but worth the price.

Cookbook mission

written by René Bonaria, 14/12/15

Top service from Berlin! After a quantitative incorrect broadcast the remaining consignment was perfectly complements expeditiously and with apology. That's Seevice!

great gift idea

written by Stine , 25/12/15

Super cool gift for children who do not eat much and are happy for cars. Super cool combination! I bought them for my nephew for Christmas and he loved them

Super great

written by Max, 23/01/16

Tolle Ware. My son will be thrilled, because he is an absolute fan excavators. Many thanks for everything

Fun o super appreciated

written by BM, 25/01/16

The cutlery has become a matter of course at the dinner table for my friend's children. Moreover, it is much more fun to eat.

Tut and run

written by Julia, 02/02/16

This was a super thing! 4åringen mine is not heavy prompted anymore when it comes to dinner :-) It's actually fun to play with your food!


written by E.S., 02/03/16

The child cutlery is manufactured super and is a real eye-catcher. Our little was thrilled.

A complete success

written by Raphi, 10/03/16

This children's set is a hit on the table! Even the worst eaters wanted suddenly look! The purchase was a complete success! The fabric has convinced me! Absolute buy recommendation!

great success

written by Steff, 21/03/16

the silverware was a gift for my nephew for his birthday. Had some concern whether it is with 5 possibly too old ... but was well received: even the evening Brotstulle eaten currently so =)

fun eating because make

written by Petra, 14/04/16

Delivery was fast since. Plates and silverware came in the child as well as the very large child (Papi) to super :-)

great Cutlery

written by cigdem, 17/04/16

This cutlery was very well received with my children. Qualiät and treated very well and dishwashers geeignet..ich kanns only friend.

Great gift idea

written by Yve, 22/04/16

We were looking for a creative gift for a boy to be baptized. Although he can use it immediately, but the parents and the little visitors baptism the gift was very well received.

Finally fun food

written by Super toll, 21/06/16

Our fidgety son will now remain a few minutes longer at the table and the food is fun again great product even dishwasher safe great fork is slightly thick so that the pick hard otherwise top


written by Jackie, 18/08/16

As a gift to the 2nd birthday of the Pops! We ordered the cutlery with plates together and our son is soo excited. I also sink everything in the machine so far without problems :)

Great product and fast delivery

written by Lisbeth, 16/12/16

The product looks really good, did not open it because it is a gift. But seems to be a good product. Is impressed with the quick delivery.

Great product and fast delivery

written by Lisbeth, 16/12/16

Also bought this product as "Constructive Eating-plate" also looks really good. This product I have not opened because it is part of a gift. But it seems to be really good quality too. Enorm... Read more

Very orginell

written by Hughahey, 28/02/17

My grandson, 2 years, eating incredibly happy with this cutlery. Even things which he otherwise do not like to eat will :-))

Son loved them!

written by EH, 06/04/17

Our 2,5åring has had an extremely fussy period regarding food (like so many others in the same despite age) But what a difference it been since he got the cutlery! He has probably never tasted like go... Read more

Everything great

written by Ich, 11/05/17

Fast delivery good quality Everything super. Anytime again but write reviews with at least 100 characters stupid when 1 word is enough

Constructive eating cutlery

written by Kerstin, 26/06/17

Everything great. The cutlery is really cool. My grandson has seen it and dragged away squealing for joy .. Happy again.

Constructive eating children's cutlery

written by Jürgen Hübner, 25/08/17

This is really a funny idea and the quality is very good ... so the statement of the gifted parents of the "Essanfängers". There is nothing more to expect. Even as a gifter, I found the idea... Read more

Eating Children's Cutlery

written by Daggi, 09/01/18

Great gift, arrived great with the 3 year old boy! Joy was great! Stable and sturdy, fast shipping. I'm completely satisfied!

This is how eating with cutlery makes children fun

written by Pguehmann, 09/03/18

The heart of every boy beats faster when he sees construction vehicles in action. When they drive over his plate, there are no more problems with the food.

Super good for the price

written by Manley, 15/03/18

Bought a children's cutlery and he was super pleased. So super service and fast delivery Can be 100% recommended

great idea

written by Konny, 30/03/18

The cutlery was great with my nephew! There even tastes vegetables :-) The article is in perfect condition. Fast delivery and the fair price speak for the provider. Order again!


written by Trine , 22/08/18

It has simply been a huge success, the cutlery is super good quality and the boy of almost two desires to use it for other cutlery. He loves it.

tractor Cutlery

written by Sanne Kjær Hansen, 22/08/18

It's an incredibly nice design, but I thought it might have been a little bigger (longer) my granddaughter is four years old

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